The Muslims are Coming! Dust Off Your Bibles

Love the title of this post…and along with the mini-message below, it’s the quote of the day 

From Resting in His Grace,

This should serve as a wake up call for Christianity (Romans 13:11). All we need to do for this to continue is keep doing what we’re doing… harboring the gospel of Jesus Christ, rather than putting it to sea. If we refuse to share the good news, the bad news will prevail.

May I remind you, the Bible does not call us to go to war against the Muslim community… but to love them enough to tell them about Jesus, the Son of God! Regardless of where all this ends up, that is what we will give account for on judgement day. Solus Christus


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3 comments on “The Muslims are Coming! Dust Off Your Bibles

  1. Thanks for the re-nod. Blessings!

  2. It’s not the Muslim about which we should worry, it’s the hirelings and wolves.

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