The ‘Public Face’ of the American Church: An Example of Redundant

The public face; what the lost sadly sees and wrongly believes is the Church of Jesus Christ in America. These public faces and unauthorized voices are working overtime in the hope of making the Church in America redundant: useless, superfluous, etc.  They are tools of satan and enemies of the Cross.

Case in point,

An evangelical pastor, famous for his support of Uganda’s so-called “Kill the Gays” bill, claims to have found further proof that President Obama is secretly gay. Scott Lively made the claim in an entry on the website for his Defend The Family organization. (source)

If you doubt what I say is true, browse through the comment section at the conclusion of this ridiculous article.

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4 comments on “The ‘Public Face’ of the American Church: An Example of Redundant

  1. If there ceased to be the sin of homosexuality some professing believers would have no gospel.

  2. I want to add something, perhaps confess something is more appropriate.

    There is nothing that makes me more angry then people like this Scott Lively…nothing! Not false teachers, prophets, or even unbiblical doctrines. Maybe im wrong for feeling this way but its the truth.

    I’m soo sick of these public faces and voices being held up as examples of the Church, Christians, and most importantly as an example of the character of Jesus Christ.

    Its obvious they “love” the limelight and the controversy they cause by opening their mouths as “Christians” or in this instance, as “Pastors”. They actively seek notoriety, for the sake of being seen and/or heard. And the internet has made them “stars”

    I’ve had this blog up for about 7 years, if im correct, and these folks, false Christians who have sadly become the “face of American Christianity”, and can’t seem to ever SHUP-UP, have become the thorn in my side!

  3. Yes, men like him are self righteous and an offense to the grace of God. However there are many smiling and accommodating men and women who have a much greater following and who are deceiving millions. Men like lively are easily identified while many others are not. A natural brute beast like Lively can be marginalized while the angels of light are much greater Trojan Horses.

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