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Losing Jesus

Profound message at Cerulean Sanctum, hope you’ll read it… Losing Jesus

There has never been a Palestinian “People”

There has never been a Palestinian people until Yasser Arafat and other Arab nations created them in 1964 I read the above statement within an article at Charisma today. Its not the first time I’ve read similar statements. Anyway, I recalled a video clip I had watched at youtbe some time back and wanted to […]

Israeli Settler talking to Palestinian Farmers

Fascinating video. HT Settler tells Palestinian farmers he is the son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and so their land belongs to him; further more, when Messiah comes they will be his slaves    

Rick Wiles: Obama May Declare Himself God in Israel

Well, well, well…haven’t heard about this nut in awhile. Last I heard about this wolf in sheep’s clothing he was pleading for $1,000,000 to start up a 24 hour Christian Patriotic news network and was “possibly” involved in some sort of controversy concerning a tent he collected money for. I say “possibly” because the truth of that […]

Dinner in an American 1950’s Home

As one who grew up on the 50′s in a typical middle class home, I can tell you this is a fantasy. :-) Family Date: Dinner in A 1950’s Home  

Quote of the Day

Perhaps you’ll not see the humor in this like I did, From David French’s recent article in the National Review,  The Biblical and Natural Right of Self-Defense The Democrats — ever vigilant for improper mixing of politics and religion— opened yesterday’s news conference announcing their proposed “assault weapons” ban with a prayer from the dean […]

Prophecy 101: Tel Aviv school offers to teach anyone to become a prophet

Sounds like these guys in Tel Aviv have been influenced by the bogus “prophet schools” in America. quote, TEL AVIV, Israel — Instead of long beards and robes, they wear track suits and T-shirts. Their tablets are electronic, not hewn of stone, and they hold smartphones, not staffs. They may not look the part, but […]

Disrupting Culture

A blog by Dr. Jonathan Welton

Holy Spirit Activism

Signs, Wonders, Peace and Justice

Fishing For Men

paul the slave humbly serving Christ Jesus the Great Fisherman

Gralefrit Theology

Trying to explicate the inexplicable

Pursuing Truth

Eschatology studies, discussion forum, and more


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