Misinterpreting Scripture

Something to Consider on the National Day of Prayer

Charisma (where else?) has had an interesting post up the last few days concerning the “National Day of Prayer”, which if I recall correctly, started as an annual event during President Reagan’s time in office. The conversation which has taken place under the message at Charisma, “Intercessors Warn of 48-Hour Window to Repent, Choose Restoration”, […]

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas): An Example of Dispensational Theology & Christian Zionism’s Influence upon American Politics

From Nathan Pitchford’s article, The Threat of Christian Zionism If the phenomenal success of the bestselling Left Behind series indicates anything about the prevailing eschatological mindset across a wide swath of the evangelical landscape in modern America, then we would do well to pause and consider. Where is this fascination with the sensational, and frequently outright bizarre, […]

Christians helping Jewish settlers cultivate Illegally occupied land

Interesting… quote, Psagot, West Bank — It is a typical, even stereotypical, West Bank settlement scene: bearded young men pruning vines while enthusing about the Chosen People’s God-given right to this region. But in this case it is Jesus, and not Jewish identity, that animates these tillers.  For years, Westerners have flocked to the Israeli-occupied […]

Pastor Steven Andrew: Again…

Last week I posted quotes from articles written by this pastor Steven Andrew (Just Musing) and I see Christian NewsWire has a new article, by the same pastor, up today: Pastor: ‘God Says Romney is Accursed’ (Galatians 1:9) – Unite GOP with Santorum for God’s Economic Blessings I can’t help but find these (this one […]

Rush Limbaugh: A Crying Stone in Place of Mute Prophetic Voices

I’m not sure if this ridiculous article should make me laugh or cry.  By Wallace Henley, a teaching pastor at Houston’s 59,000-member Second Baptist Church  quote.. When the prophetic voice mutes itself the stones will clatter and shake. The sound is cacophonic and confusing, but the core of truth the prophets refuse to speak will […]

A Christian Terrorist in Norway?

Ligonier Ministries, Last Friday (July 22, 2011), a bomb went off in Oslo killing eight people and injuring many more. Soon afterward, a gunman went on a shooting spree at an island youth camp in Norway, killing 68 people. The gunman was arrested and later claimed responsibility for both attacks. When interviewed by the police, […]

Biblical Foreign Policy

Michael Horton has written a very good article, Biblical Foreign Policy. In light of the discussion in the post below (Is the President Inviting a Genesis 12:3 Curse?), sharing it seemed like a good idea. quote.. Last week (May 19, 2011), President Obama created controversy with his statement that any Israeli-Palestinian accord “must begin with […]

Is the President Inviting a Genesis 12:3 Curse?

I’d like to say stuff like this below, sent out by Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel, saddens me but I can’t. It use to, but now it just angers me. Its one thing to misinterpret scripture, but an entirely different thing to use that misinterpretation to manipulate others. quote.. President Obama’s actions undermining the nation […]

Hagee Says Dividing Israel Is Not God’s Will; Evangelicals Disagree

It’s astounding how misinterpreting certain scriptures (in particular, Genesis chapters 12-13) can cause  an individual to become so mislead. In the case of Hagee, he totally ignores the new covenant. As John A. commented below: The old Dispensationalist of the Scofield Bible was so patently unbiblical it began to abandoned by the 1960′s or so. […]

Help Israel with Bottles of “Living Water”

After spending the past few hours pouring over a number of ‘questionable’ items posted at various Christians news organizations, I discern the need of a nap in my immediate future. Case in point: quote.. Calls to boycott Israeli goods are gaining strength as Israel’s foes attempt to alienate the Jewish State politically and economically. Genesis Waters, […]

Documentary, “With God On Our Side”

In a previous post it was mentioned I would post my thoughts on the documentary (With God on our Side) after watching it. Its now been almost 2 weeks since sitting down early one morning to view it. During these past 2 weeks I have thought of what (more) I could add to Adam’s excellent […]

Does John Hagee Rob God?

God says: “You shall have no other gods before Me”(Ex. 20:3). Isaiah 48:11 For My own sake, for My own sake, I will do it; For how should My name be profaned? And I will not give My glory to another. Isaiah 42:8 I am the Lord, that is My name; My glory I give […]

Eschatology, Prophecy, and Foreign Policy

Joel (The Church of Jesus Christ) posted the link to an interesting story in the NYTimes: quote… HAR BRACHA, West Bank — Twice a year, American evangelicals show up at a winery in this Jewish settlement in the hills of ancient Samaria to play a direct role in biblical prophecy, picking grapes and pruning vines. […]

Basic Doctrine: Christianity 101

Two bizarre stories this evening caught my eye. The first from Bryan Fischer, Bible ignored, grandfather mauled by grizzly: History reveals that God’s covenant with an ancient nation suggests that one of the consequences for a nation which walks in his statues is that it will have nothing to fear from wild animals. “If you […]

Conservative Media Firm: Gaza Withdrawal Caused BP Disaster

First two items I come across today; Glenn Beck the ‘Mad’ Theologian and now this. quote… Several years ago, when reporting from John Hagee’s church, I was sitting with a woman who told me she believed that Hurricane Katrina had been caused by Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip (or the “Gaza land giveaway,” as […]

John Hagee wants to be the Comeback Kid

Interesting article at BuzzFlash: John Hagee Said God Sent Hitler to Hunt the Jews. Now He Wants to Be the Comeback Kid. The recent message by John Hagee, mentioned within the article, was emailed out from CUFI yesterday: Why Christian Zionists Really Support Israel a few revealing quotes… “As is the case for many Jews, […]

Janet Porter fights back

I have no doubt this woman feels she has been wronged: but I also have no doubt whatsoever she either, 1) has no understanding what dominion theology entails, or 2) has been taken captive by this false theology and is thus deceived. As she has been around for years and appears to be a smart […]

John Hagee: “Iceland’s volcano eruption resulted from Britain’s advertising standards”

I see false teacher and dual covenant theologian John Hagee is back in the news. Television and radio evangelist Pastor John Hagee believes the recent eruption of the volcano in Iceland stems from Britain breaking God’s covenant. The day after Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority said the Western Wall in Jerusalem could not be used in […]

An interesting case of misapplying Scripture

The old movie ‘Its a mad mad, mad mad world’ popped into my head as I read Chuck Baldwin’s bizarre reasonings for why State secession is biblical. quote… “The right of State secession is rooted and grounded in the Word of God” Did the Holy Spirit not inspire the New Testament writer to say, “Now […]

Christian Militia Among Targets Of FBI Raids

This was news in my part of the country today. ADRIAN, Mich. — The FBI said Sunday that agents conducted weekend raids in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio and arrested at least three people, and a militia leader in Michigan said the target of at least one raid was a Christian militia group. FBI spokeswoman Sandra […]

Is this man and the movement he represents who you want influencing Israeli and U.S. policy in the Middle East?

False teacher John Hagee has been on a personal crusade this week, since the reported dispute between Israel and the US broke in the news. I’ve received a number of letters from him through his CUFI organization, proclaiming outrage (and asking for $$). Chaplain Mike, at InternetMonk, has posted an interesting video clip from a […]

Sounding Off…(again)

Not only were his radio comments stupid, (I listened to the program) but more importantly he is making his argument by misinterpreting scripture: Posted by radio host Bryan Fischer, of American Family Association at the AFA blog: Focal Point: “a show that explores the intersection of biblical truth and public life.” I received a complaint […]

Waiting for Armageddon

Waiting for Armageddon America’s 50-million strong Evangelical community is convinced that the world’s future is foretold in Biblical prophecy – from the Rapture to the Battle of Armageddon. This astonishing documentary explores their world – in their homes, at conferences, and on a wide-ranging tour of Israel. By interweaving Christian, Zionist, Jewish and critical perspectives […]

Misinterpreting Scripture (Genesis 12:3)

Every Christian would agree that the misinterpretation of scripture[s] is the source of most, if not all, false doctrines and teachings. That is not to imply that we have to have our ducks-in-a-row 100% concerning all scripture–for, as long as we’re here on earth, we’ll be constantly learning and receiving revelation concerning God’s Word. It’s […]

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