Jesus Will Supply All the Strength You Need

For years now I’ve been receiving bi-monthly newsletters from  Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship International and always look forward to the teachings and encouraging articles. I was especially blessed to see a message included in the most recent newsletter which I had read many years ago, written by Corrie Ten Boom. Even if you’ve read it before, you […]

Hedonists and Martyrs, and a thought…

I received the link to this short message written by Anton Bosch within an email today and wanted to share it. Before posting it I also wanted to share something totally unrelated. The person who sent this out had recently been in contact, via email, with an elderly man who had served in Hitlers army. […]

Israel Orders Deportation of Jews for Jesus Missionary

Christianity Today Messianic group worries legal precedent could be used to expel more missionaries. (MSN) An Israeli immigration judge has ordered the deportation of a Messianic Jewish man from England who was arrested last week for taking part in an evangelistic event in southern Israel. Barry Barnett, 50, a worker with Jews for Jesus UK, […]

Real vs. Fake Christian Persecution: how you can spot the difference

Loved this message… One of my biggest pet peeves in this world, is when folks in my tribe play the “persecution” card. On one hand, we can’t help it– we’ve been programmed to label any negative experience related to our faith in the category of “persecution”. However, we should know better– and should know that […]

Interview with Brother Andrew

Open Doors is a wonderful ministry. I first became involved with the work of Brother Andrew in the 1980’s while teaching sunday school.  A lot of topics are covered within the interview, all of them interesting, but I especially liked his response to this particular question asked by CP, CP:In my interview with Carl Moeller […]

Nigeria is becoming the new killing field

As the attacks on Nigeria’s Christians continued in full force this past week, a particularly grisly attack saw fifty believers burned to death at their pastor’s home, where they had fled for refuge from a terrorist attack. “Fifty of our church members were killed in the church building where they had fled to take refuge. […]

’60 Minutes,’ Israeli Ambassador Clash Over Story About Arab Christians (VIDEO)

Video Here  “60 Minutes” decided to pull back the curtain on a charged confrontation it had with the government of Israel over a story it reported about Arab Christians in the country. “We didn’t realize it would become so controversial,” Bob Simon, the reporter for the story, said on the show’s Sunday broadcast. The main […]

Jerusalem Christians are latest targets

Haaretz: Attack on Baptist Congregation marks the latest in series of attacks targeting Muslim, Christian and leftist institutions in Jerusalem over last two months. “Price tag” graffiti was spray-painted in Jerusalem again Sunday night, with vandals this time targeting a downtown church. The attack on the Narkis Street Baptist Congregation marks the latest in a […]

What Do We Say About This?

Rick Frueh at Judah’s Lion: What Do We Say About This? quote.. An evangelical pastor in Iran was arrested in October of 2009 and given the sentence of death unless he recanted his faith in Jesus Christ. He has been tortured, and in July of 2011 all appeals were rejected. In January of 2011 he […]

Preparing For Persecution And The Coming Of The Lord

Posted by SermonIndex – Zac Poonen, ‘Preparing For Persecution And The Coming Of The Lord’

David Barton and “Company”

Since first reading about the conference mentioned below I’ve wanted to post about it but frankly didn’t know where to begin. This type of stuff, which has become common-place in America today (and will no doubt only escalate before the next election) for me personally, is mind-numbing. One statement, made by potential Presidential candidate Mike […]

“Government should monitor what is said in mosques”

Can you possibly imagine where this kind of thinking will lead one day, concerning the true Church in America? Its something to think about…. From radio interview September 15th with Cal Thomas who is advocating for the government to monitor what is said in mosques; Thomas: I want them to be monitored I want there […]


A special report posted at Apprising Ministries can be read here. quote… Some may view Pastor Jones as a patriot. Using the Biblical standard, he is no pastor. His message and actions are unbiblical. Using the First Ammendment as protection for his unbiblical actions is defrauding the The Scriptures. A wolf in sheeps’ clothing. Congratulations […]

Messianic Jews Lose Israeli Court Case

BEERSHEVA, Israel – Four and a half years after hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews disrupted a Messianic Jewish service, throwing chairs and assaulting some of the members, an Israeli court ruled against the Messianic Jews’ civil suit this week. “[It was] a complete miscarriage of justice,” said Howard Bass, pastor of Kehilat Nachalat Yeshua (Congregation Yeshua’s […]

Missionaries Call It a ‘Privilege’ to Suffer

God bless those who are called to suffer for Christ… Christian Post, Missionaries in training with Gospel for Asia have spoken of the “privilege” they felt in suffering for Christ after being attacked on their Bible college campus in Mumbai, India, earlier in the month. Seven students were seriously injured in the attack by suspected […]

The Christian Jihadist

Taking up the Cross in Evangelical Christianity: The Perspective of a Christian Jihadist The video game taking Christian America by storm is entitled ‘Left Behind: Eternal Forces’. Controversially, it encourages players to kill anyone who resists conversion to Christianity. As Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft battle it out for domination of the electronic game world, the […]

Resignation or Retaliation..or something else?

This is a very good message by Stephen Sizer. Two Sundays ago I didn’t make it to Church in Bethlehem. In fact I skipped the service intentionally. I wanted to spend the day with a Christian family in a village called Beit Jala, near Bethlehem. Their land has been confiscated. Their beautiful old olive trees […]

The Bethlehem Evangelical Affirmation

I see Brother Andrew of Open Doors has helped draft a petition, The Bethlehem Evangelical Affirmation March 17, 2010 Bethlehem We affirm the foundational truth that God loves everyone (John 3:16). We affirm that as followers of Jesus Christ we are called to do justice and love mercy (Micah 6:8), to be ministers of reconciliation […]

It Has All Happened Before And Will Happen Again

Joel has linked to two messages which are well worth your time to read. Both are excellent. For students of history, what Glenn Beck has recently provided is something that has seen before. I wanted to note something which hasn’t been talked about much… Please see, It Has All Happened Before And Will Happen Again

Jewish Christian in Israel Seeks Protection from Repeated Attacks

Interesting news item from Compass Direct JERUSALEM, December 28 (CDN) — A Christian of Jewish origin who has been attacked on the streets here four times because of his faith in Christ is seeking police protection. Jerusalem resident Yossi Yomtov said police have been slow to investigate hate crimes against him by youths wearing kippahs, […]

Israel lets 300 Gazan Christians travel to Bethlehem

Sad… Israeli officials have let few Christians from the Gaza Strip travel to Bethlehem to make pilgrimages for Christmas, while the Strip has nearly 3,500 Christians. CSMonitor The Gaza Christians allowed to travel to Bethlehem starting Thursday make up less than half of the 750 who applied for permits.. “Living here is like being in […]

War, Grace and Truth

An inspiring story From WAR AND GRACE – Short biographies from the World Wars, by Don Stephens. Throughout 1915 the First World War raged in both western and eastern Europe. In the German onslaught in the east against Russia, Paul Robert Schneider, an eighteen-year-old German soldier, received a serious wound in the stomach. For his […]

Persecution and Preparation

“[W]here are they that sincerely resolve and prepare to be followers of them who through faith and patience ‘inherit the promises’ (Hebrews 6:12) or take them for an ‘example of suffering, affliction, and of patience’ (James 5:10)?” Herescope The Discernment Research Group has been publishing warnings about heresies and the activities of leaders promoting heresies […]

The book of Revelation is not meant to be scary (2)

Youtube’s bzel333 has posted part (2) in his mini-series on Revelation. If you missed part (1) you can watch it here Part Two

Israel Charges Extremist With Attempted Murder Of Messianic Family

Happy to hear this young man is doing better. You may recall the story back in early 08 of Ami Ortiz, a messianic teen living in Israel, who opened a basket  left on his family’s doorstep which contained a bomb. I followed the story for awhile, but wasn’t aware an arrest had finally been made. […]

Do we really understand Persecution “for Christ’s sake”?

Let us address the issue of persecution. I realize that what we western believers call persecution is embarrassing when compared to others around the world, to say nothing of former and present martyrs. But I want us to meditate on Christ’s admonition on how we should respond to persecution. In His Sermon on the Mount […]

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