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Interfaith Deceptions: Liberty University fines students for not listening to cult leader

I’m a little under the weather folks, but wanted to share this with you today. (HT to Steve at Apostasy Watch for sharing the link to this article) Liberty University invited Mormon Glenn Beck to preach to its students at its compulsory convocation last week, handing out $10 fines to residential students who didn’t have […]


The message quoted below appears at Charisma under the title; Christians Rediscovering Passover For Jews and Christians, the Passover season is a special time for reflection on the rich spiritual truths contained within this remarkable holiday. Indeed, we can all observe the command to remember the incredible Israelite deliverance from bondage in Egypt… For Christians, the […]

Taking a Stand For the Testimony of the Church

IN THE various crises that have occurred in the history of the church, men have come to the front who have manifested a holy recklessness that astonished their fellows. When Luther nailed his theses to the door of the cathedral at Wittenburg, cautious men were astonished at his audacity. When John Wesley ignored all church […]

“Pastor” Chuck Baldwin: The Gospel is not Enough…

According to Baldwin, if your pastor is only offering the Gospel, you need to walk away from your church.   In a day when one is extremely blessed to still be attending a Church where the Gospel is regularly heard and taught…because folks, these churches AND  pastors are disappearing, being replaced by apostate houses of worship […]

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas): An Example of Dispensational Theology & Christian Zionism’s Influence upon American Politics

From Nathan Pitchford’s article, The Threat of Christian Zionism If the phenomenal success of the bestselling Left Behind series indicates anything about the prevailing eschatological mindset across a wide swath of the evangelical landscape in modern America, then we would do well to pause and consider. Where is this fascination with the sensational, and frequently outright bizarre, […]

Ways the Prosperity Gospel Is Hurting Africa

Good message from Lee Grady. I’m not an African, but in 2008 some Nigerian friends gave me a Yoruba name (“Akinwale”) because I have been to that country so often. My visits there, along with trips to Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Egypt, planted a deep love for Africa in my heart. My first […]

How Nationalism Has Changed the Faith

I’d like to encourage any and all who drop by here today to read Rick Frueh’s post at Following Judah’s Lion.  How Nationalism Has Changed the Faith  

Ted Cruz’s Father Believes Son ‘Anointed’ By God as one of the Christian Kings to “Take Dominion”

There have been rumors that Ted Cruz may be one looking to run in the next presidential election. You may want to tuck this bit of information away in your mind in case that happens. Quote, Rafael Cruz proffered a sermon at an Irving, Texas megachurch last year announcing that his son was anointed as […]

A Quote: An Example of Heresy

This is an example of why I no longer hesitate in referring to dispensational theology/eschatology as heresy. New article posted at Rapture Ready –  Israel: God’s Prophetic Time Clock By Ray Smith The Bible contains approximately thirty percent prophecy. God, in His wisdom and mercy must have thought it was critical to include in His Word […]

John Hagee: His False and Demonic Teachings Concerning Israel! (Another Wake-Up Call For Deceived Christians)

Excellent message from Bill White at Soul Refuge. quote, The 2013 C.U.F.I. (Christians United For Israel) Washington Summit is over, and here is an appropriate article for such a time as this. There are certain preachers and teachers in the world today who  make statements sometimes, which I find to be simply mind boggling. John Hagee is […]

Republican-Linked Religious Right Leader Calls For “Military Takeover”

There have been a couple posts already on this topic of NAR Rick Joyner’s newsletter, but this one at Talk2Action is well-worth adding for the further info it offers. Republican-Linked Religious Right Leader Calls For “Military Takeover” (See here for updates and links referred to below) [For embedded video of the evangelist calling for a “military […]

Joyner Responds to Article Concerning Martial Law

Looks like Joyner felt compelled to respond to the articles and blogs made concerning his message about Martial Law being a necessity. As usual he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Case in point: He starts put by stating, “I am not advocating martial law” (in bold print) and then follows up with […]

Assembly’s of God Uniting with Mormons?

Guess you could say it’s so after reading this latest story. From Truth with Snares I did not expect to wake up to this wacky news brought to me by my friends at Stand Up For The Truth…. Assembly of God CEO forms ties of faith with Church of LDS “”God is playing a role in all […]

The Christian Right, Reborn: Analyzing the rapid growth and rising importance of the NAR

(HT) Long report but worth reading. Spiritual Warriors with an Antigay Mission: The New Apostolic Reformation By Rachel Tabachnick The New Apostolic Reformation, an aggressively political movement within Christianity, blames literal demonic beings for the world’s ills and stresses the power of “spiritual warfare” to deliver people and nations from their power. It is rapidly gaining […]

Absconding and Apostasy

NO mischief that ever befalls our Christian communities is more lamentable than that which comes from the defection of the members. The heaviest sorrow that can wring a pastor’s heart is such as comes from the treachery of his most familiar friend. The direst calamity the Church can dread is not such as will arise […]

The Israel-Romish Deception And The Suffocation of Truth

Very good message at Soul Refuge quote, Last year at the 2012 C.U.F.I. [Christians United For Israel] Summit in July (2012) at Washington D.C, the Jewish Senator Joseph Lieberman spoke to the gathering of people at that annual event. Here is an excerpt from a blog post at The Electronic Intifada by Alice Boch [7/18/2012] […]

Mike Ratliff: What Happens When the Authority of Sacred Scripture is Ignored?

Mike Ratcliff recently addressed a vitally important topic folks…hope you’ll check it out at the link provided 12 Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. 13 But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. 14 You, however, continue in the things you […]

Christian Zionism: The New Heresy that Undermines Middle East Peace

Very good article by Stephen Sizer. The only thing I might change is the title, in as far as calling it a “new” heresy.  From my reading on the topic, historically Christian Zionist’s have always, in defense of their personal theology, stood strongly against peace in the middle east…as it pertains to Israel and “whomever”. […]

Quote of the Day

Came upon this one-liner today. Regrettably I think the author is correct, don’t you agree?  “God has been reduced to a figurehead who rubber-stamps things decided by man”  

Charisma and Michael Brown “Missed the Boat”

Viewers who hear plenty of right-wing religious voices on cable TV might be surprised to know that the biggest problem facing America in the minds of many Religious Right leaders is that conservative preachers aren’t being sufficiently political or aggressive. That gripe is a major theme at Religious Right gatherings, and is repeated in a […]

A quick spin around the blogosphere…

 Well, a quick spin shows the nuts are still on parade, Glenn Beck claims when “he sees someone else step up to the plate” he’ll gladly go away. Sure he will…. not!: Posted Monday at RWW with video Glenn Beck spent most of his radio broadcast today continuing to rail against comprehensive immigration reform and urging […]

Thou dost suffer the woman Jezebel, who is calling herself a prophetess, to teach and to lead astray my servants

The mention of Cindy Jacobs reminds me of Jesus’ words of warning to the Church at Thyatira, `But I have against thee a few things: That thou dost suffer the woman Jezebel, who is calling herself a prophetess, to teach, and to lead astray, my servants to commit whoredom…’ (Revelation 2: 20 – Young’s Literal […]

Are We Seeing Signs of the Close of the Age?

Or, my question is have signs of the end been around, in one way or another, for the last 2000 years?  The Church in our time appears huge, but this is only in appearance. It is thousands of miles wide, but only a fraction of an inch deep. Much of what claims to be Christian […]

“Exposing The Dispensational Lie Of Giving Honor to Unregenerate and Unbelieving Israel” and a few quotes…

Bill, at Soul Refuge, has a good post up today.. How should a true born again, Bible believing Christian, view the modern day State of Israel, and the Jewish people in general? What should our attitude be toward them? Do the Jewish people, especially those who reside over in modern day Israel deserve honor, or […]

America in 2013: One Ear Hears it, Many Voices Repeat it…

Is there a specific term or actual word for someone who hears a rumor and without checking to see if it’s true, immediately repeats it as fact?  If there is, it would fit perfectly the season we’re living in today. You’d think in this era of instant news and the availability of thousand’s of resources, […]

Questioning the Atonement

The last two posts below were fluff when compared to this. The doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement is made quite clear in Scripture and has been affirmed by Christians throughout church history. In a recent interview with Drew Sumrall of The Harvest Show, emerging church leader and author Tony Jones, in typical postmodern fashion, seeks […]

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