Antichrist: One or Many?

Few words bring to mind such fear as those who look for an “Antichrist” to lead the forces of Satan against the Son of God in a great apocalyptic conflagration in the final days. The dramatists of the left behind religions of our day predict the terrible end of the world in a horrific battle […]

Left Behind? LaHaye, Jenkins, the Rapture and the New Testament

This is one of the more interesting reviews I’ve read on the theology surrounding the Left Behind books. It was written by Iain D. Campbell and can be found at Nollie’s blog: Doctrine Unites!  A few excerpts, Perhaps you are asking why we should spend so much time thinking about a work of fiction? It is […]

The Place of Israel

The past few days I’ve been following the on-going dialogue taking place at Adam’s blog under his post, Why I Abandoned Replacement Theology. And while the biblical argument concerning chosenness under the new covenant, and who is (instead of what is) Israel today and has been for the last 2000 years, can be a difficult one to […]

Why I Abandoned Replacement Theology

Bravo! Excellent message by Adam at Pursuing Truth, I once believed in and taught “replacement theology,” but no one ever accused me of it at the time. Since turning away from replacement theology, however, I’ve faced this accusation numerous times. What is replacement theology? Matt Slick, the president and founder of Christian Apologetics and Research […]

Spiritual Gifts

I’ve enjoyed the teachings of Sam Storms for years. If you’ve never checked out his website please do. He is a solid bible-based teacher and his numerous Bible studies and articles reflect this. See:  Enjoying God Ministries Below, an interview on the topic of spiritual gifts with a member of Desiring God Pod-Cast.

Quote of the Day

Peacemakers posted an interesting quote from George Mueller: George Mueller said: “My brother I am a constant reader of the Bible, and I soon found out what I was taught to believe (by Darby’s doctrine) did not always agree with what my Bible said. I came to see I must either part company with John Darby, […]

North America’s Left Behind History and Influence

John Piper on personal experience with exorcism

Renowned pastor and preacher John Piper shared about his “only and the most extraordinary” experience exorcizing a demon in his early ministry years, sharing details of dealing with a possessed female college student. The reformed theologian who recently stepped down as senior pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minn., shared “a rare story” from […]

Spiritual Gifts and a Question for you…

Back in August of this year I received the link to this article within my feeds. After reading the article I decided to hold on to it in the hope of posting it some day, along with a personal comment and important question. The gist of the article can be summed up with this extensive […]

The Kingdom of God (4)

Matthew 25 is an important chapter when studying the Kingdom of God. Its important for what Jesus tells us concerning gaining entrance into the Kingdom, and just as important for what He doesn’t mention as a requirement. Take a moment to read it. The late Keith Green performing “The Sheep And The Goats” live from […]

The Kingdom of God (3) Postponement Theory

Two preachings of this Gospel (the Gospel of the Kingdom) are mentioned, one past, beginning with the ministry of John the Baptist, continued by our Lord and his disciples, and ending with the Jewish rejection of the King. The other is yet future (Matthew 24:14) during the great tribulation, and immediately preceding the coming of […]

Evangelical Theology & American Politics in the Middle East (2)

Having ended part (1) with the influence of Cyrus Scofield, we’ll pick this up by looking at Arno C. Gaebelein. By the way, I hope you’re finding this interesting. When first digging into most of this stuff a few years back, frankly I was amazed at how ignorant I was. Conclusion, 7. Arno C. Gaebelein: […]

Evangelical Theology & American Politics in the Middle East (1)

This was received prior to the latest outbreak between Israel and the Palestinians and I held on to it to share at a later date.  Now seems as good a time as any. So lay aside any lingering remnants of dispensationalist theology you may possess (and believe me, if you’re an American Christian you’ve got […]

The Kingdom of God (2)

Has your mind or heart ever been so full that reining in your thoughts in order to express them coherently is difficult? This is how this topic is affecting me. For the last two years the topic (the Kingdom of God) and what the term expressly means when used in God’s word,  has been very […]

The Kingdom of God (1)

This is an introduction to what I pray will be a small series where we can look more closely at the important topic, The Kingdom of God: What it is, according to the bible’s definition, and how we, the Church in America have twisted the true biblical definition of that Kingdom. You may find the contents of […]

Theology: Christian Nationalism and R.J. Rushdoony

Read this carefully, 6 Things That Always Happen When God is Rejected By A Nation 1- An anti-Biblical military conscription will be instituted or enforced. 2- There will be compulsory labor battalions conscripted for state service. 3- The conscription will be of young men and women, and animals as well. 4- The state will expropriate […]

Jerusalem, AD70: The Worst Desolation Ever?

The website ukapologetics is a good resource. They cover a range of topics which include Christian Apologetics, Theology, Religious Studies, and Comparative Religion. You might want to check it out. Anyway, I wanted to pass on an article from the website which, if you’re interested in Prophecy and/or Eschatology, you may find of interest.   […]

Israel and the promises of God

From Part 3 in the series, Rightly dividing the word of truth, by Kevin Daly ‘The Old Testament promises a national salvation of Israel, it promises a natural restoration when the Jews will live in peace in the whole Promised Land, and nothing in the New Testament can cancel those divine unconditional promises, and if it […]

The Claims of the New Testament

From part (2) in the series, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, by Kevin Daly “A basic problem I see in your hermeneutical principle is you seem to use the New Testament to interpret what the Old Testament says, but I think that is the wrong way to go about it.”  ~ Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum Scripture […]

Israel and Theology – Two Opposing Views

Earlier today I read two very opposite views concerning Israel and theology and thought someone else might find them interesting.  Our first article comes from Rev. Malcolm Hedding, of The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem:  Quote, In recent years a new form of Replacement Theology has arrived on the Christian scene called Fulfillment Theology. Like Replacement […]

Why I Left Scofieldism

Cathy has posted a very interesting message by author William E. Cox. From what I found during a search, this was written in the 1960′s. Reading through it, I could totally relate to the author’s struggle, his need to “dismantle” his theology and rebuild it based solely on God’s Word.     quote… Breaking away from […]

Who are the 144,000 in Revelation?

It is not uncommon for people to believe the appearance of the 144,000 is something yet to happen in the future. I have met individuals who felt they were called “to train the 144,000″. One had purchased property in the desert for this purpose, another a large ranch in the mountains. Back in the early […]

What We Believe About Israel

Steve Lumbley (Apostasy Watch) has posted “What We Believe About Israel”.  I wanted to share it.   1. We fully support Israel’s right to exist and her right to defend herself from all foreign and domestic enemies. We also agree that there are many good political reasons for the US to consider Israel an ally […]

Who are the Jewish People? ~ Is God gathering Jewish people back to the land?

An excellent three part teaching is up at  Messianic Good News, The question of “Who is a Jew?” remains a contentious and unresolved issue, relating as it does to the ‘Law of Return’ and the nature of the ‘Jewish State’ as well as to the question of whether Jewishness is necessarily connected with either the […]

Does Jesus exercise His divine will upon the earth?

“God’s kingly rule over the hearts of men and over the world may be thought of as having a number of phases. The first is the prophesied kingdom, such as that foretold by Daniel. The second phase is the present kingdom, the one that existed at the time of John the Baptist and that he […]

What Will the Church Do With Such A Man?

Coming upon these two related posts at 5 Pt. Salt last evening, did cause me to stop and think… quote..  Suppose, for a moment, that there is a preacher who is teaching that after Christ Jesus comes again, you will have time for repentance and you can be saved from the eternal, and just, wrath […]

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