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The “Patriot Business Pages”

I’m sitting here laughing at this, knowing it’s not really funny… From Pastor Chuck Baldwin: CALLING ALL PATRIOT BUSINESS OWNERS quote Faithful readers of this column are very familiar with my call to locate a modern-day “Black Regiment.” The Black Regiment was a moniker affixed to those patriot preachers of colonial America who thundered forth […]

Replacing Godless Hollywood with Bible-Based “Cultural Dominion”

Interesting article whether you agree (or disagree) with the author. I personally like Kirk Cameron, so was taken aback somewhat to see his name in the same article with that of many well known Reconstructionists, such as Doug Phillips and Phyllis Schlafly. Nevertheless, a few quotes…. For anyone wondering what the “culture” would look like […]

GOP congressional candidate, Pastor Stephen Broden, says violent overthrow of government is ‘on the table’

What is occurring in this nation (and within people in general) is becoming spookier and crazier by the day. quote… WASHINGTON – Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden stunned his party Thursday, saying he would not rule out violent overthrow of the government if elections did not produce a change in leadership. In a rambling exchange […]

Why Do Glenn Beck’s “Fans” Hate Him So Much?

My O’ My….what an outstanding article this is! Why Do Glenn Beck’s “Fans” Hate Him So Much? By Rich Vermillion quote… An intriguing phenomena seems to be at work here. There are people who actually claim or allude that they are Christians — who also say that they “support” Glenn Beck and favor him and […]

“Et tu” Eddie? – Pastor Eddie Long Accused of Sexual Abuse With “Spiritual Sons”

Been watching this story develop, and still have no opinion on its truthfulness. Isn’t that sad?  We’ve watched so much of this type of behavior exposed within the Church in recent years that its difficult “not” to automatically believe these accusations against Eddie Long also. My prayer is asking God to reveal the truth of […]

“Government should monitor what is said in mosques”

Can you possibly imagine where this kind of thinking will lead one day, concerning the true Church in America? Its something to think about…. From radio interview September 15th with Cal Thomas who is advocating for the government to monitor what is said in mosques; Thomas: I want them to be monitored I want there […]

Another Nut Jumps into the Fray…

The problem with one publicity seeking nut gaining the media’s (and the worlds) attention, is there is always more nuts waiting in the wings seeking their own 15 minutes of fame. Or maybe the explanation is as simple as, “monkey see, monkey do”. quote… Bob Old of Springfield, TN told the The Tennessean that Rev. […]


A special report posted at Apprising Ministries can be read here. quote… Some may view Pastor Jones as a patriot. Using the Biblical standard, he is no pastor. His message and actions are unbiblical. Using the First Ammendment as protection for his unbiblical actions is defrauding the The Scriptures. A wolf in sheeps’ clothing. Congratulations […]

Mormons Say Beck Achieved 200 Year Goal of Getting Evangelicals to Declare That Mormons Are Christians

If time permits, read this latest article written by Brannon Howse. “I believe what happen(ed) over the weekend was a seismic shift within evangelicalism; an historic event that will go unnoticed by most Christian leaders. ”

Mormonism, “The Fourth Abrahamic Faith”?

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of […]

The Next Great Awakening. . . . or Great Deadening?

This looks to be a very interesting series of messages at Herescope. Part (1) Rallying Around the Seven Mountains Day 6, we toured Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the many sites associated with our nation’s founding. In the mean time, David [Barton] and I flew back to New York City to be on the […]

Wake Up! to the Real Dangers Glenn Beck Represents to the Church….

After hearing this on the air today, I searched around this evening for a clip or at least a link to share with my readers. The only one I could locate is the clip linked to below at youtube, posted by ‘The Young Turks’. I’m pointing this out to make it clear I’m not promoting […]

Right-Wing Christian Militia Vows To Protect Florida Church Burning Qurans On September 11

Good grief. quote.. Despite the city’s fire protection ordinances, the poorly-named Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL is committed to hosting “International Burn a Quran Day” on September 11. The church, which boasts an “Islam Is Of The Devil” message on a sign outside the church and as the title of its pastor’s book, insists […]

Todd Bentley’s ‘restoration’ completed

Ha! I have nothing more to add…. Video: Rick Joyner update (HT)

Quote of the Day, and Thoughts

Mormon Glenn Beck commenting during a radio interview with David Barton today, concerning his upcoming ‘8/28 Restoring Honor rally’, Beck: I think this is an opportunity to gather God’s people together and wake people up. And I just have this feeling that this is the beginning of something gigantic in this country, that it is […]

“Glenn Beck’s Divine Destiny”

Am I the only one who finds this downright spooky? You know, if Beck wasn’t a radio and Fox news personality but instead had appeared on the world scene as solely a Religious leader, he would have been looked upon as a certified cult leader/nut, by sane Christians (and the world) from the get-go. quote.. […]

Rick Joyner and The Oak Initiative

Joyner and the rest of these 7 Mountain dominionists don’t even try to conceal their true agenda anymore. And we know what their real agenda is… OK, moving on…. This caught my attention tonight at RWW, Oak Initiative Warns Democrats “We’re Coming After YOU!” quote A few weeks back, I wrote a post about Rick […]

Nix Vacation Bible School, now its Vacation “Liberty School”

(Big thanks to John A. for sending the link) When I read things like this, my thoughts go to my first Pastor Brother Trent, now with the Lord, and what he’d say. Vacation Bible School was a much anticipated program every summer in our little Church. It was prayed about very seriously. We knew neighborhood […]

Glenn Beck’s “Channeling” Charles Manson

I once knew someone who was always referring to “them” or “they”. No one could ever figure out who the shadowy “they” were which this guy always referred to. Beck does the same thing. Whats not funny is Beck’s continual fanning of the flames of racism. He appears to be channeling Charley Manson in this […]

Dominionism and The Religious Right: The Merger Is Complete

Another informative post from RightWingWatch: For weeks now I have been writing regular posts on the increasing intersection between the “mainstream” Religious Right and Dominionist prophetic intercessors like Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner and others. But I have always been careful to note that just because the more “mainstream” leaders have been joining forces […]

Beck and Hagee: Two peas in a pod

Won’t be long before we hear Glenn Beck has joined CUFI’s board of directors and John Hagee is teaching at (I kid you not) Beck “U” (as in University). A picture’s worth a thousand words (plus the article is very informative) Beck, Barton, Six Degrees, and Seven Mountains In case you doubt there is indeed […]

Seven Mountains: Set To Go VIRAL

This latest from Herescope is a must-read. The numerous links included at the end are a valuable addition for anyone’s research concerning (the) Seven Mountains teachings. Are the abhorrent doctrines found within the Seven Mountains teachings about to go viral? Frankly, I believe they already have. “In the mid 90s the idea of societal transformation […]

“Six Degrees” of Dominionism, Plus…

I believe you’ll find the most recent post at The Religious Right, informative. A few quotes… One of the things I quickly discovered when I started reading up on the whole Dominionism and New Apostolic Reformation movements was just how quickly you could slide into “Six Degrees of Separation” talk when covering those involved in […]

The Tea Party “Manifesto”

Yes, you read that correctly….someone within the tea party has written a manifesto. I dare say the year 2010 will go down in American history books (unless you live in Texas) as the “year of the manifestos”. Just to name a few, we’ve had the “Christian manifesto“, the Mount Vernon manifesto, and the “Manhattan Declaration/manifesto“. […]

Saint Sarah, of the Palin

Well, so much for presuming I was going to get caught up with the latest news today, AHA! (Company dropped by). Joel posted on the article written by Lisa Miller concerning Sarah Palin, and I must say his intro had me laughing. What’s NOT funny is as far-fetched as it sounds there’s a grain of […]

American Mary Group Unveils Design for World’s Tallest Monument

“(The) symbolism of goddess adoration is vital to understanding our society’s obsession with goddess worship and the occult in general. In our attempt as Christians to comprehend the roots of the New Age movement, we must be aware that Satan has tirelessly thrust the deities of ancient Egypt upon mankind for thousands of years. Ultimately […]

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