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Generals International: Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce

Yesterday, Cindy and Mike Jacobs of Generals International hosted a special webcast with Chuck Pierce on their website that focused primarily on claiming that the BP oil spill in the Gulf is due to President Obama’s poor treatment of Israel. Jacobs explains that years ago Bob Jones prophesied years that following the death of Oral […]

Chuck Pierce is a nut + the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

“Mary ‘activated’ Jesus… she ‘activated’ His Glory…and Father agreed with her..” – Chuck Pierce, Go Beyond!!! “You put your right foot in, You put your right foot out; You put your right foot in…” Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

Tag-Team ‘Prophets’

*Link fixed* Chuck and Keith Pierce

Buckle Up: Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs Issue Word of the Lord for 2010

These are always interesting. After reading about the ACPE council meeting, (APCE, as in “The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders”) I was pretty sure they would be issuing a combined ‘word’ for 2010. Can you imagine what these meetings are like? All those self-proclaimed prophets (and overinflated egos) in one room. From the desk of […]

Chuck Pierce’s latest

Rebuke me if you must, but some of the statement’s in Pierce’s latest post at Charisma left me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. The title is “10 Key Revelatory War Points” quote.. We must meditate on what God says until the power of that revelation enters our bloodstreams and cell […]

Chuck Pierce, walking in ‘the sound’

More of the NAR’s Chuck  Pierce and his ‘prophetic words’ Which make no sense…

Following the trail of the “Sound”

I’m still taking note of the frequent mention of  the word “sound” which continues to pop up in the teachings and prophesies coming from members of the New Apostolic Reformation, plus in the writings of other false prophets associated with them. (Also see previous posts: Chuck Pierce, “The Sound” and Latest from the NAR, “plus”..) […]

Chuck Pierce, “The Sound”

In a recent post, Latest from the NAR, “plus”.., I made mention of this thing the members of the NAR have been mentioning in many of their ‘words’ in the last few months; “sound”. I also pointed out the word “sound” has been showing up frequently in many of mystic Kim Clements ‘prophesies’ as well.  […]

Latest from the NAR, “plus”..

Thought I’d check in on the New Apostolic Reformation members today, just to see what their latest ‘move’ was. I noticed a new video clip up at youtube: Head of the Year 5770 Apparently they have some (quote) “blowout” scheduled for next month as they (quote) “prepare to cross over into the head of the […]

This and That

Something to chew on… This quote sure doesn’t lack pride, does it… Ramping into TheCRY will be a series of Canadian Oil meetings where generals of this movement of reformation and revival will be imparting the word of the Lord for this key window of time. Speakers at these meetings will be: Stacey Campbell, Patricia […]

Biblical anointing or Charis-Crazy anointings?

Good grief, how many anointings to these folks believe there are? Do they even understand what anointed or anointing means according to God’s word? The most common definition, biblically, for some thing/object or person being anointed is being “consecrated or set aside” for God’s use. (see Exodus 29:21). Under the old covenant Priests were anointed, […]

Dutch Sheets, the USAR, 7 Mountains, & Pride and Deception

This may interest you. I received a letter this evening from the Dutch Sheets group, once known as the USAA (United States Apostolic Alliance) which now goes by the USAR (United States Alliance for Reformation), concerning their recent conference. Two things struck me while reading it–one being the heavy leaning toward the 7 Mountains of […]

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