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The Forbidden Topic…

A few days back I read a couple interesting news items back-to-back at Haaretz. The first one concerned how Israel is experiencing a time when their national unemployment is at a historic low (4.9%) – the second, on the same page, concerned how the US, is once again preparing to sign-off on a new MULTI-BILLION dollar “gift” […]

Jesus Is Coming Soon and “Hagee’s Four Blood Moons”

Before viewing the video at the end I hope you will read the recent message below, “Jesus is Coming Soon” by Stephen Sizer.  In July 2006, at the launch of Christians United for Israel, after recorded greetings from President George W. Bush, and in the presence of US Senators and the Israeli Ambassador, Pastor John […]

CUFI Fears it’s losing its Grip on Evangelical Christians

Interesting article in today’s Haaretz, and if it’s true, this is one Christian who won’t be shedding any tears… Support for Israel is weakening among evangelical Christians, prompting a new struggle for the hearts and minds of younger members of America’s largest pro-Israel demographic group. While hard numbers are not available, evangelical leaders on both sides […]

Hagee: Ukraine Crisis The Beginning Of The Last Days

Wouldn’t even bother posting this, but Michael asked if I’d heard of any-other “prognosticator” (besides Kim Clement) having anything to say concerning Russia and the Ukraine. So this one’s for you brother Michael… From false prophecy teacher John Hagee, we’re being told;  (The) Ukraine Crisis The Beginning Of The Last Days (with video)

Here a ‘blood moon, there a ‘blood moon’….

The internet has been ablaze for weeks with John Hagee’s book and predictions concerning “The Four Blood Moons”–the latest I see is an article at Charisma’s “Standing With Israel” section, in which we’re now told, these ‘blood moons’ are most likely “A divine sign for Israel“. Knowing Hagee is an ultra-dispensationalist and card-carrying Christian Zionist, […]

Saddest Statement I’ve ever Read

Perhaps you won’t see the same degree of tragedy in this statement that I did…but if you have a desire to see all come to Christ, this should at least give you pause. In a recent article posted at Charisma concerning John Hagee (who, the article claimed was “arguably the face of Christian Zionism today”) and his […]

A Plea To John Hagee: Let My People Know

When checking out recent “inner” activity at the blog I noticed one of the posts had been linked to a message at One For Israel. The message was,  A Plea To John Hagee: Let My People Know. You can check out the website to read the entire article, which includes a video. quote, To share or […]

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) – Where Your Donations Go…

Interesting article at Charisma: Where Your Israel Donation Really Goes  One of the ministries highlighted was John Hagee’s Christian Zionism organization, CUFI (Christians United for Israel), which surprised me actually, for Charisma has run articles and messages about and from Hagee for years. What surprised me was the article pulled no punches concerning “what” CUFI […]

Christian Zionism’s foothold in Nazareth

Heard about this last week through an email sent out by Hagee’s Ministry  From Jonathan Cook: The blog from Nazareth Nazareth has been arguing for decades that it should host the first Arab university in Israel. Successive governments have turned a deaf ear, fearful that an Arab university teaching in Arabic might make the local […]

John Hagee: His False and Demonic Teachings Concerning Israel! (Another Wake-Up Call For Deceived Christians)

Excellent message from Bill White at Soul Refuge. quote, The 2013 C.U.F.I. (Christians United For Israel) Washington Summit is over, and here is an appropriate article for such a time as this. There are certain preachers and teachers in the world today who  make statements sometimes, which I find to be simply mind boggling. John Hagee is […]

Oy Vey, Christian Soldiers: Protestants Borrowing from Jewish traditions

Many thanks to Steve for sharing the link to this interesting article which appeared in a recent New York Times. Oy Vey, Christian Soldiers Of all the surprises promised by the recent TLC reality show “The Sisterhood,” which followed the lives of five Atlanta preachers’ wives, the only one that truly amazed me was the Christian […]

John Hagee recommends putting Jewish kids into Jewish schools so they’ll never want to become Christians

Some things almost leave you speechless… From Following Judah’s Lion Hagee, a major Daystar supporter and on-air personality, has consistently affirmed that he will not proselytize Jews, although the network’s lineup also includes “messianic” Jews with long pro-conversion records. When Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz, head of the anti-cult Jews for Judaism, raised this issue with Hagee […]

Audio: Steve Strang Tells Christians to Fear Obama, Compares Him to Hitler

Jim Garlow’s Pastors Rapid Response Team hosted a conference call today with televangelist John Hagee and Charisma magazine publisher Steve Strang, where Garlow and his fellow speakers repeated the claim that President Obama’s re-election will lead to the end of America. Hagee told people to “vote the Bible, don’t get confused about Republican or Democrat,” […]

John Hagee: Seeking a Theocracy

The words which fly out of this guys mouth (and heart) floor me. I was under the impression we (Christians) are to preach the Gospel to the lost, not tell them to either conform or leave our Nations. What happened to being “salt”? John Hagee is a saltless certified nut… *Video: Hagee Tells Atheists to Leave […]

Christian Zionism in America: CUFI Claims Over a Million Members

Quote… Pastor John Hagee…recently boasted that his Christian Zionist organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), had passed the one million member mark. “Six years ago Prime Minister Netanyahu asked me if we could unite Christians in support of Israel. I told him I didn’t know. Having reached 1 million members, I think the answer is […]

John Hagee with Benny Hinn: Praying For War in Jesus Name

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God (Matthew 5:9) Blessed are the peacemakers – Those who strive to prevent contention, strife, and war; who use their influence to reconcile opposing parties, and to prevent lawsuits and hostilities in families and neighborhoods. Every man may do something of this; and no man […]

Israel and the 2012 (U.S.) Elections

This morning I listened as a journalist made the statement that after last weeks speech made by  President Obama (at the UN), over 50% of all Israeli’s now firmly support President Obama. My first reaction was, ‘what does that mean?’. After all, only US citizens vote in American elections.  When did support (or nonsupport) by […]

Televangelist World: TBN & CBN

Just a couple items I found interesting..  This morning on facebook Jackie Alnor reported on TBN’s live coverage of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” event in Caesarea Israel, 7PM – Special programming from Caesarea with Glen Beck, Matthew & Laurie Crouch, John Hagee and David Barton: “Just watched the TBN airing of the Glenn Beck “Restoring […]

Inside CUFI’s 2011 Washington Summit

I always look forward to reading the eye-witness reports at JewsOnFirst, concerning CUFI’s yearly Washington Summit. It makes for some very interesting reading, if you bear in mind this is not a Christian organization nor is the author a Christian.  Inside CUFI’s 2011 Washington “Summit”: Our eyewitness report on Christians United For Israel’s annual Washington conference quote… […]

Is the gospel of Jesus the Messiah for Jews?

Peter Cohen at Messianic Good News sent out notification this evening of their latest post, Is the gospel of Jesus the Messiah for Jews? quote… We pose this question in the face of a growing lobby within the Christian Church that is repudiating missions to Jews on the basis that they do not need to accept […]

Birmingham Seeking to Block John Hagee Rally

Interesting. Birmingham England appears none too happy with John Hagee’s planned visit.    Birmingham Post Birmingham City Council leader Mike Whitby has been urged to cancel a planned rally led by a controversial American pastor. Richard Burden (Lab Northfield) has written to Coun Whitby asking him to confirm whether the rally will be allowed to […]

Beck, Hagee, and Lieberman Band Together to Fuel Armageddon Panic

Interesting article by Sarah Posner but no surprise here. Well maybe one, that Rick Perry’s name wasn’t included in the title. After all he now considers himself a “Prophet”. (See video: Rick Perry Suggests He’s A Prophet) quote… Piling on to Glenn Beck’s scheduled keynote speech to the upcoming Christians United for Israel conference, and his […]

Beck and Hagee, a match made…. “somewhere”

Since reading that Glenn Beck’s Fox show was coming to a close (thank God) at the end of 2011, I’ve been watching to see where the winds of deception would take him next. It didn’t take long for him to land … Join us in Washington from July 18-20, 2011 for our sixth annual Washington […]

Gingrich courts John Hagee

Interesting story… When Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) accepted the endorsement of Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee in 2008, the result was a PR disaster. But three years later, Hagee is once more involved in Republican presidential politics. Later this month, he’ll host former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a 2012 aspirant, at Cornerstone Church in San […]

Hagee Says Dividing Israel Is Not God’s Will; Evangelicals Disagree

It’s astounding how misinterpreting certain scriptures (in particular, Genesis chapters 12-13) can cause  an individual to become so mislead. In the case of Hagee, he totally ignores the new covenant. As John A. commented below: The old Dispensationalist of the Scofield Bible was so patently unbiblical it began to abandoned by the 1960′s or so. […]


I’ve been reading David Holwerda’s book, Jesus & Israel: One Covenant or Two, so this article concerning John Hagee, a dual-covenant proponent, caught my attention. (ht to Apostasy Watch). quote.. A Christian recently wrote to me asking for more clarity about John Hagee, whom I have called a heretic. Hagee has tried to defend himself […]

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