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Judgment is coming

Excellent post at Mike Ratliff’s blog tonight. Hope you will take time to read it folks. When our Lord returns, and we know that He will because He said He would, it will not be as it was at His incarnation. He came as a suffering servant, being born as humble child to a common family. […]

This Nation…

“….if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch” “The saddest condition a man can be in on this side hell, is to sit under the most lively ordinances with a dead, stupid, untouched heart. To hear God’s Word, and see His providences, and yet not to understand and perceive His will, […]

2001: The Spirit That Strengthens All Things Feminine

Over the past few days, for whatever reason, this post has been on my mind (again). I hadn’t planned on re-posting it or even mentioning the fact (that) it had suddenly come back to me. But after someone stumbled upon it and commented, I thought to put up a link to the post. My prayer […]

How God Uses Heretics

Excellent message! One that reminds us of the truth; “God has His sovereign purposes regarding heretics and their heresies” quote… I was getting a bit upset recently regarding the explosion of heretics in recent weeks. For example, there was Mormon Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor Rally” in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. back […]

Paul Crouch and Zechariah’s Vision of the Flying Scroll

A fascinating post by Steve Lumbley at Apostasy Watch We received this email recently from a friend of the ministry, You mentioned the TBN praise-a-thon and I have to tell you this story of direction from the Lord. I was flipping through the channels and saw Paul Crouch. He had one of his people holding […]

Christian Legitimization of the Assassination of President Obama

Last week, as the sniper shot rang out mortally wounding President Obama, the country woke up to the historical fact that idle words are indeed the devil’s playground. History will long note  and judge those, who while the ambulance was attempting to carry the dying man to the nearest hospital, surrounded the vehicle, only to […]

Church Divided on Health Care

The choosing up sides by Americans concerning Health Care reform, has been pretty interesting to watch. Somewhat disturbing at times but interesting.. But what has been of greater interest to me is the same sharp division, on the same issue, which has occurred within the Church. Is there perhaps an underlying meaning in that the […]

I Was a Teenage Dispensationalist

It's the end (of the end) of the world as we know it...

Disrupting Culture

A blog by Dr. Jonathan Welton

Holy Spirit Activism

Salvation, Miracles, Peace and Justice

Fishing For Men

paul the slave humbly serving Christ Jesus the Great Fisherman

Gralefrit Theology

Trying to explicate the inexplicable


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