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Jerry Falwell, Should We Warn or Praise?

By David Cloud at Way of Life Literature Was the late Jerry Falwell’s (1933-2007) overall influence to the Independent Baptist movement good or bad? Falwell’s spiritual compromise and error was not late in coming and was not small by any measure. It was evident even by the 1970s that the man had made a 180 degree turn […]

Charisma and Michael Brown “Missed the Boat”

Viewers who hear plenty of right-wing religious voices on cable TV might be surprised to know that the biggest problem facing America in the minds of many Religious Right leaders is that conservative preachers aren’t being sufficiently political or aggressive. That gripe is a major theme at Religious Right gatherings, and is repeated in a […]

America’s Evangelical Christians Are Being Labeled As “Extremists” And “Hate Groups”? Why?

Interesting but as usual, a somewhat biased article. Are evangelical Christians rapidly becoming one of the most hated minorities in America? Once upon a time such a notion would have been unthinkable, but these days things are changing dramatically. All over the United States, evangelical Christians are being called “extremists” and evangelical Christian organizations are […]

Quote of the Day

Perhaps you’ll not see the humor in this like I did, From David French’s recent article in the National Review,  The Biblical and Natural Right of Self-Defense The Democrats — ever vigilant for improper mixing of politics and religion— opened yesterday’s news conference announcing their proposed “assault weapons” ban with a prayer from the dean […]

Charisma’s Steven Strang, “I Urge You to Vote for Mitt Romney”….PLUS

Only surprise here is what took him so long With the election a week away our nation is at a critical point. There are many important issues including the enormous debt, energy independence, how to deal with national security and terrorism, and healthcare, to name a few. But as a Christian, it boils down to […]

FRC joins with Church to ‘Actively Pray and Work for the Defeat of Barack Obama’

Right Wing groups like the Family Research Council, along with more and more Churches, have really stepped up their fight to do away with the separation of Church and State.  In their goal to “restore” America they are working hard to change America’s form of government from a Democracy to a Theocracy.  Rick, at Following Judah’s Lion, […]

Website Releases List of Top 10 Anti-Christian Acts of 2011

How many things listed hindered your ability to witness for Christ?  DefendChristians.Org released a list of its top 10 anti-Christian acts in the U.S. for 2011 and the majority relate to gay rights, abortion and religious liberty. The group asked its online members to submit events they saw as discrimination against Christians or religious liberty […]

Evangelicals Flocking Toward Newt Gingrich

Surprised? I’m not. (HT)  Like many evangelicals in Iowa, Steve Deace, an influential conservative radio host, is wrestling with the possibility that Newt Gingrich may be the most viable standard bearer for family-values voters in the next election. It’s a conundrum, he says, that many others are also grappling with. “Maybe the guy in the […]

“The church in America continues to bring water buckets to a fire…..”

Rick Frueh has written a very good piece; one which is surely needed as we gear up to watch the coming political circus.  quote… This weekend saw a gathering of evangelical leaders and presidential hopefuls. The men and women were “courting” the religious right in hopes of eliciting their votes next year. The main issues […]

The Kingdom Now

The Kingdom Now, By Anton Bosch Food and material blessings are some of the felt needs, as I discussed last week, and political empowerment is another. The people living in Israel in Jesus’ time had two priorities: The first was for material provision and the second was for political reform and to be liberated from […]

Half-Truths and Lies

Recently I received an email from a dear friend who has been a regular reader and commenter here at the blog. I’m not going to mention the person’s name but will reveal they live outside the United States. Of course, if they decide to let them-self be known, that’s fine. :-) The reason for sharing […]

Cindy Jacobs: God’s Mercy Depends On How We Vote In 2010

Dominionists, on the move… She said returning to biblical values and continuing to support Israel will cause the U.S. economy to stabilize and strengthen. As a result of prayer, she said God will send “supernatural solutions … that our natural minds could never reason, nor grasp and they will heal the land.” Jacobs’ 40-day prayer […]

Christian Music Fest Draws Fire Over Jim Wallis Invitation

quote… An annual Christian music festival has drawn unexpected controversy over one of its featured speakers – Jim Wallis. Though Wallis is among some 58 speakers this year at Lifest, some local Christians have protested his appearance and one sponsor recently pulled its support. For months, Lifest founder Bob Lenz has been in conversations with […]

Let Him be Accursed…

(Yemi posted the link to the item on Liberty University’s website concerning Mormon Glenn Beck speaking at the schools commencement here) I had forgotten about the uproar at Pat Robertson’s Regent University in 07 after Mitt Romney was asked to deliver the commencement address, until seeing it mentioned at a news site. Some students and […]


Another excellent message offered this week from Herescope. POLITICIZING THE FAITH Cause célèbre for worldly evangelicals! By Pastor Larry DeBruyn In his book The Backslider, in the chapter titled On the General Nature and Differing Species of Backsliding, English clergyman Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) wrote that, “All backsliding from God originates in a departure of heart […]

Persecution and Preparation

“[W]here are they that sincerely resolve and prepare to be followers of them who through faith and patience ‘inherit the promises’ (Hebrews 6:12) or take them for an ‘example of suffering, affliction, and of patience’ (James 5:10)?” Herescope The Discernment Research Group has been publishing warnings about heresies and the activities of leaders promoting heresies […]

One reason your prayer ‘may not’ be answered

If its self serving: Lou Engle of The Call: “…we face a crisis that many believe could be the turning point from a society of free men and women to a society under the economic and moral control of a government hostile to Christian values…the healthcare bill..” “The Bible shouts to us across the ages […]

Christians Gathered in Jerusalem to Show Support for Israel

I wonder how many of the 5,000 sought out and encouraged Jewish believers living in Israel, who face discrimination and persecution from their own countrymen? Or how many sought out Palestinian-Arab Christians while there, in order to offer encouragement or prayer for them? I would be surprised to hear that any of them did. Especially […]

Something to add to the Patriot Bible or the Conservative Bible Project

I’m sitting here waiting for a title to come to me for this post. So far I can think of nothing. (Hopefully one will come to me before I finish). We’ve all seen the pictures of Jesus wrapped in the American flag…(They are distasteful) and a lot of the paraphernalia sold to prove America is […]


My teenage grand-children get a laugh when ole’ granny here has to stop and ask them what the heck they’re talking about when they toss out phrases and words which I’ve never heard. They think everyone should know what they’re talking about–much like my generation did I’m sure, when we used different ‘new’ phrases in […]

The Fallout: The Conservative Bible Project

Since this story was first posted by Polycarp (The Conservative Bible Project) secular news sources have picked it up. I saw reference to this transforming or ‘re-writing’ of certain bible passages by the ultra right-wing group Conservapedia, on at least 4 secular news sites today. What grieves me are some of the comments left under […]


Contrast: to compare in order to show unlikeness or differences; to note the opposite natures, purposes, etc.  – (Dictionary.com) If there was ever an example of the word contrast in relation to our Churches today, check out the two lead stories at the Christian Post: Evangelicals Urged to Heed Calvin’s Voice Hundreds of Reformed believers […]

Of Darkness and Warnings…

My children are all grown with children of their own now–and some of those are now themselves young adults. My oldest grand-daughter will graduate from High School next spring and be enrolling at Northern KY University. My point in bringing that up is to elaborate [a little] on a phenomena which must be common to […]

Disgruntled Values Voters Urged to Take Back America

The picture added to this story was just too “ironic” not to include. It struck me funny when I stumbled upon it, in light of all the “Take back America” groups today; for if any one group would have a right to make this call its the Native Americans. Christian Post: quote.. WASHINGTON – Political-minded […]

Confession of a Radical

Recently I was speaking with a pastor whose political views I would describe as “God and Country zealotry.” In the course of our conversation, which had taken its typical political turn, he said, “We must defend Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism in the name of Christ.” That is quite a claim. But is it true? Must […]

Christian Zionists – USA

This report, produced 2 years ago [in 07] by ABC Australia and distributed by Journeyman Pictures, includes comments by John Hagee, Rabbi Block, and Christian Palestinian Ambassador, Afif Safieh, which makes for an interesting clip for someone wanting a look inside Christian Zionism in the USA today: particularly Hagee’s organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI). […]

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