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Todd Bentley to Rick Joyner: It Rained Gold During Our Revival In South Africa

My first response to reading any of these type of reports is to ask why? Why would God “rain gold”, glitter, feathers, etc. And how would this lift up Jesus, draw people to Christ, or even reveal God’s power?  The answer is always the same–it does none of this things. Sadly, all Todd has done […]

Republican-Linked Religious Right Leader Calls For “Military Takeover”

There have been a couple posts already on this topic of NAR Rick Joyner’s newsletter, but this one at Talk2Action is well-worth adding for the further info it offers. Republican-Linked Religious Right Leader Calls For “Military Takeover” (See here for updates and links referred to below) [For embedded video of the evangelist calling for a “military […]

Joyner Responds to Article Concerning Martial Law

Looks like Joyner felt compelled to respond to the articles and blogs made concerning his message about Martial Law being a necessity. As usual he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Case in point: He starts put by stating, “I am not advocating martial law” (in bold print) and then follows up with […]

Insurrectionist Rick Joyner asks God for ‘military takeover’ of Obama’s presidency

Sedition; (1) Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state – (2) Insurrection – rebellion. A Christian TV host this week called on God to consider a “military takeover” of President Barack Obama’s government because it could be the only way to save the country from tyranny. On his Monday Internet broadcast, Morning Star […]

Bakker’s ‘King’s Castle’ Being Demolished

A blast from the past, Demolishment has begun on a large symbol of a bygone era in 1980s American televangelism history located in South Carolina. “The King’s Castle,” the central building for the former Heritage USA Christian theme park in Fort Mill, once owned by the Bakker family, will be leveled. The removal of the […]

Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley: British MP’s Death From Cancer Is God “Removing Opposition”

O’ brother… From Barth Notes, Back in August, I noted opposition to a visit to Britain by controversial faith healer Todd Bentley. Malcolm Wicks, MP for Croydon, called for Bentley to be banned from entering the country, and this was eventually the Home Secretary’s decision. Wicks was at the time already ill with cancer, and he died aged 65 a few […]

Rick Joyner: ‘I’m Not Convinced That the Election Was Not Stolen’

quote, Yesterday, Rick Joyner dedicated his “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events” program to discussing the re-election of President Obama … which he is pretty sure was stolen. Citing a 2006 paper from Princeton University revealing that electronic voting machines could be easily hacked, Joyner declared that he has heard lots of anecdotal evidence about voting […]

False Prophet and Apostle Rick Joyner: ‘An Obama Re-Election Could be the End of Our Republic as We Know it’

Last evening I found myself pondering on the fact that all the well-known (American) false prophets, especially members of the New Apostolic Reformation, are pulling out all the stops, including fear-mongering, in their goal to defeat Obama: it has certainly given me something to think about. The truth is, it sure can’t be a coincidence. […]

Charisma’s Steven Strang, “I Urge You to Vote for Mitt Romney”….PLUS

Only surprise here is what took him so long With the election a week away our nation is at a critical point. There are many important issues including the enormous debt, energy independence, how to deal with national security and terrorism, and healthcare, to name a few. But as a Christian, it boils down to […]

Rick Joyner Hopes Romney will Fulfill the ‘White Horse Prophecy’

Rick Joyner…what else can I say that hasn’t been said already? He is a false-prophet extraordinaire Source: RightWingWatch Rick Joyner has been optimistic about Mitt Romney’s chances at winning the presidency lately and floated the idea that Romney may even be the fulfillment of the “White Horse Prophecy” during an appearance on Jim Bakker’s show.  After agreeing with Bakker […]

Rick Joyner Attacks Chief Justice John Roberts

Quote, As Kyle has been documenting, there is no shortage of rhetorical excess from right-wing leaders upset about the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act. But the response from Rick Joyner, head of MorningStar Ministries and the dominionist Oak Initiative, has to be among the most unhinged. Joyner is embraced by other right-wing leaders, […]

Rick Joyner: West Coast is Doomed

What gets me about these folks is this: The odds are when they keep “prophesying” an earthquake year after year, after year, (especially in an area already known for earthquakes..case in point, the New Madrid Fault Line) if or when one occurs, their followers will swear they were right and a true prophet of God. […]

Phony Ex-Terrorist Kamal Saleem at TheCall Detroit

Just last night I read an article from 2009 about this guy (The Three Stooges Coming to a Campus Near You). TheCall Detroit ended it’s 24-hour event at Ford Field last night. I watched about 18 of the 24 hours and will post a more extensive follow up article tomorrow (Monday). In an article posted […]

Joyner: Satan Behind Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Cain, Who Is Like Jesus, “plus”…

A few of this week’s on-going news stories have greatly disturbed me. We truly live in an evil world…  Anyway, moving on, it looks like Rick Joyner has changed horses in the middle of the primary race: Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries and the Oak Initiative has regularly provided his “prophetic” analysis of the Republican […]

Rick Joyner: Muslims Are Capturing The Seven Mountains!

 Can’t say why, but the title had me laughing out-loud   A few weeks ago we noted that Rick Joyner and Frank Gaffney had teamed up to fight Islam in America and said that we could probably expect to hear a lot from them as they moved forward on this joint effort. This week, the […]

It’s a Conspiracy Stupid!

Ah yes Mr Joyner, it was a conspiracy. All the other factors (the mortgage crisis and housing bubble, to name just two) had nothing to do with it… Years ago, while involved in a local deliverance ministry, I noticed a few people within the ministry began to report seeing demons behind every bush. Were they […]

This Weekend at Rick Joyner’s Oak Initiative Summit

Sounds like a ‘high ole time’ was had by all at this joy-filled frolicking dominionist event. I’m only sorry I wasn’t able to attend …. In addition to sharing a stage with Janet Porter, Rick Joyner, and Jerry Boykin at The Oak Initiative Summit, Alan Keyes was also a featured attraction on the main stage, […]

Rick Joyner: Jim Bakker is a Prophet, “Plus”…..

Joyner has recently been in over-drive when it comes to issuing his special video “bulletins”. Not since he used this same venue to routinely defend Todd Bentley and (ultimately) “re” promote Todd’s ministry, do I recall receiving so many email alerts linking to the latest video “bulletin”. The one mentioned below is the latest… Since […]

Rick Joyner: “Get out of California..”

With the track record this guy has plus his unbiblical theology, I’d never make any decision based on a warning from him. What? are there no bible-believing followers of Christ living in California today? Wouldn’t you think the Spirit of God  would be telling them personally… Oops, I forgot; God only speaks through or leads by […]

300: Religious Right Forming It Own Spartan Army

Kyle, at RWW, has come across further information concerning the union forming between dominionist prophets and the religious right. I must say the ‘joining at the hip’ of these two groups has been fascinating to watch unfold. quote.. For months now, we have been chronicling how self-described prophets and apostles have been merging 7 Mountains/Dominionism […]

Todd Bentley’s ‘restoration’ completed

Ha! I have nothing more to add…. Video: Rick Joyner update (HT)

Rick Joyner and The Oak Initiative

Joyner and the rest of these 7 Mountain dominionists don’t even try to conceal their true agenda anymore. And we know what their real agenda is… OK, moving on…. This caught my attention tonight at RWW, Oak Initiative Warns Democrats “We’re Coming After YOU!” quote A few weeks back, I wrote a post about Rick […]

Monday Morning Funny

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.. Two parts, one subject: From Slaughter of the Sheep, Todd Bentley: “The Global Church Lost Something When Lakeland Ended” In this video, Todd Bentley says that when Lakeland ended, the body of Christ around the world lost the momentum.  He says, “It wasn’t just the end of Todd Bentley, but when […]

Rick Joyner: “I like to keep a few demons in people to keep things interesting”

HT to The Grey Coats for pointing to this amazing testimony posted by Mishel Montague at Deception Bytes. If you need further proof of just how dangerous Rick Joyner (and others within the NAR) truly are, this should do it. I would highly recommend sending this to anyone you know who is caught up in […]

County urges morningstar ministry to ramp up renovations or else

Interesting news item. Of special interest is the idea Morningstar’s leadership asked it not be made public. Old PTL hotel owners face June demolition County urges ministry to ramp up renovations York County again is giving a deadline to the owners of the old Heritage Grand Hotel – who want to convert it into a […]

Has Rick Joyner caused a split….?

When adding the title I had Todd Bentley’s name instead of Joyner’s..but you know actually, if there are deep rifts forming within this group over Todd being placed back behind the pulpit, its Rick Joyner who’s behind it all. Without him being the catalyst, which I sincerely believe was for his own purposes & for […]

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