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The State of Israel: Exposing The Myth Of The “Holy Land”

As most of you know I attended Churches for years which believed and taught only dispensational theology. I was a bonafide, dyed-in-the-wool “dispy” for 25 years. Part of that teaching concerned what we refer to as the ‘Holy Land’. Having never been there I had this picture in my mind of what it must be […]

The Temple of the Holy Spirit

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” I Corinthians 3:16 O Brother, do believe that you are the temple of the living God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you ! You have been sealed with the Holy Spirit; He is […]

Will the Temple be Rebuilt?

(Forgive the delay in releasing comments this week and my absence. Its been one of ‘those’ type of weeks) Moving on to more important subjects… There have been a few messages already posted here on the topic of a rebuilt temple, but because its such an interesting and controversial topic due to the significance given […]

Ezekiel’s Temple and the outflow of living waters (conclusion)

This series has prompted a good discussion so far! I’m studiously reading your comments, and pondering on the many excellent points being offered… Part (1) – Part (2) *Read Acts 2 WHERE DID THE SPIRIT DESCEND AT PENTECOST? For the purpose of a better understanding of the foregoing prophetic vision of Ezekiel, and because, moreover, […]

A future rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem (research)

Today I came upon this when ‘house-cleaning’ my files and server folders and thought someone might find it of interest. The pro’s and con’s, position-wise, concerning a future rebuilt Temple has been discussed here before, but someone still may like this for research purposes. I’m sure that’s why I kept it. A future rebuilt Temple […]

Idolatry in the Temple & Babylonian Religion

Then said he unto me, Son of man, lift up thine eyes now the way toward the north. So I lifted up mine eyes the way toward the north, and behold northward at the gate of the altar this image of jealousy in the entry. He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou […]

A Temple of God Filled with Idols

“Every Christian is a living temple of the living God. God dwelt in the Jewish temple, took possession of it, and resided in it, by that glorious cloud that was the token of His presence with that people. So Christ by His Spirit dwells in all true believers. The temple was devoted and consecrated to […]

The Leprous House

Years ago I heard a sermon on Leviticus 14: 33-46, connecting it with spiritual leprosy, and have never forgotten it. You could say my eyes were opened to the very real corruption which comes when Christians, once washed in the blood, dabble in sin. In the message posted 2 nights ago, When will these things […]

The Falling Away, The Temple of God & Prophecy

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” – I Cor. 3:16-17 The Old Time Gospel has a very good message […]

The True Glory of God, When Heaven Touches Earth

This evening I was reading one of my favorite chapters in the old testament, 2 Chronicles 5, and once again found myself in awe.  Each time I read it, it never fails to stun me anew that this same power recorded in this chapter, is the same power that lives within me, you, and all […]

Prophecy Controversies..

This evening I was reading a post at Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion, which someone might find interesting. It concerns different prophecy views, even within the dispensationalist camp, on the end times and antichrist: Apocalyptic Christians Argue over Anti-Christ. This difference of opinion, within the same Eschatological camp, brought to mind an article I received recently […]

Left Behind (Part 10)

See: Previous Parts, One,  Two,  Three,  Four,  Five,  Six,  Seven, Eight, Nine “This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.” Acts 1:11 Jesus went to heaven visibly; the disciples had just seen him go into heaven. Would he […]

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