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The Subject Of Loneliness

The pain of loneliness for some is so sharp that they were willing to try anything for half an hour of companionship. The scourge of loneliness is something that hits all of us at some time in our life

Loneliness is a universal topic and something even Christians, those who love Jesus deeply, can experience at different seasons in their walk. If you have an understanding on the topic then you know true ‘loneliness’ is not always a condition brought about by necessarily BEING alone….what’s the old saying..“feeling alone in a crowd”? You can be a member of a large noisy family, or in a crowd of 1000’s and still be lonely. On the other hand, you can live alone and not be lonely at all!

There are times I believe the Holy Spirit will pull us away from people, things, etc. to spend time alone with God. I’ve come to recognize those seasons, and take advantage of the time spent only with the Lord. My phone will mysteriously stop ringing off the hook for a few days, no ones stopping by or knocking on my door; [I live in a huge apartment complex, so when this does happen, I get the hint pretty quickly! lol)

At other times though this loneliness is brought about by a heavy or burdened heart, deep sorrow, depression, despair, or hopelessness. Could even be brought about by some type of personal loss: but in many instances we don’t know WHY we’re feeling so low.

If we’re honest, being a Christian does not exempt us from these ‘feelings’…for if we sink low enough into any of these, we can even feel deserted by God too.

We know its not true! For Jesus said He would never leave us nor forsake us; and we know in our ‘know-er’ He hasn’t…but it doesn’t always stop the feelings of loneliness..the sense that we’re all alone.

How do we battle this? I don’t have the answers, but I know the One who does. Jesus.

I’d like to encourage someone today who might come across my little blog and read this post, with a link to an excellent word given by David Legge, the Pastor of Iron Hall Assembly in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’ve come to love this little Pastor and his messages over the past few years. This short message on the subject of loneliness is good. I pray it not only blesses someone, but will help anyone experiencing this to be encouraged. I know from past personal experience how hopeless a feeling of true loneliness and/or rejection can be.

I can tell you this: Looking back after coming through seasons of loneliness, I saw evidence of Jesus being right there with me all along. And I know He’s right there along side you as well.

I join with David Legge in his prayer at the end of his message:

Our Father, we pray that everyone gathered here today will know the companionship of the Master. O’ our Father, that they will not shut Him out in the midst of their loneliness, and be even lonelier; that they will not shut out the saints of God, and that we as the saints of God would be loving and compassionate, tender, and that we will minister to those who need to be ministered to.

We read so many times of our duty toward the orphan and the widow, but Lord we so seldom live up to it. We pray that as the body of Christ, that we will minister the love of Christ, and all of us will be recipients of that love, and that it will draw us closer to the Lord Jesus – and in some strange way, turn our mourning into dancing, for Jesus’ sake we pray. Amen.

*text and audio here:


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