Around the Blogosphere

As is my Sunday afternoon habit, I’ve been traveling around the Christian blogosphere reading & catching up with what others have written or commented on this week. I love doing this, for it not only is enjoyable but it in many cases makes me think–

Here’s my favorites-

Heal the Land has an interesting quiz posted: What Kind of Christian Are you

(by the way, according to this I’m primarily a fundamentalist/reformed evangelical)

LUVVOM has a wonderful faith inspiring testimony posted today: Gods Faithfulness and Protection

Cathy, from over on PEACEMAKERS has a great post on Suffering and Consolations

Oxysmoron has posted the links to a 3 part series on Traits of a Pharisee

RoadWearyexPastor blog always has some interesting things to say.. (what the heck is that thing lying in the road?)

One that caught my attention earlier this week is posted on Cerulean Sanctum titled: Two Halves of the Whole Gospel

Over on a fairly new blog, Uriah Ministries, there is a very good post today: Confessions of a Runner, (I would encourage you to read this one in particular. Its from the heart, personal, but something you may be able to relate to)

Thanking the Lord for all the good ‘reading’ today. And, for all those Christian bloggers out there who continue to hold up the banner of Christ.

God bless…

2 comments on “Around the Blogosphere

  1. You scored as a Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan

    Funny Dear… I am amazed actually… I go to a church which began from Wesleyan and now I am not sure what it is… but it says… I am one. HaH@!

    Good articles posted today.

  2. Thanks so much for the link. I am blest that you were blessed by my blog.

    tim kurek

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