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Its another catching-up day for me–browsing and reading around on the blogs. Do you ever need a day to just be encouraged in the Lord? I do..todays one of those days. God is good to encourage us not only by our own reading of His Word, (found myself in Romans this morning) but in sharing with each other.

Lee has posted on the blog, Blessed are the Pure in Heart, a very good word about Bitterness: *hard word brother Lee, but the truth!

Over on Truth Matters,  there are some wonderful videos posted, and links! I noticed Paul Washers video: I am not ashamed of the Gospel, is there too! The two part series by John Piper,  Entertainment Mindset, is very good…

Sermon Index isn’t a blog, but wanted to add it in today. They are, beginning this coming week, holding a Revival Conference. Dates:  October 23rd-25th, the first session being the “concert of prayer” at 1pm CDT. They have made it possible for those not able to attend, to watch it free daily here on Christian TV*thanks Greg!

I really enjoyed reading Dan’s latest post over on Cerulean Sanctum: 1oo Truths in 30 years with Christ. *may we all continue to learn God’s truth as we grow and mature in Christ.

I found this particularly of interest to me today, in light of this past week’s posts. There are so many today who are twisting and “pretzelising” the truth. Trying to make it say what they want it to say, to fit their own beliefs or doctrines, and denying there is one truth only. Daniel Chew has a good post today: An Answer to Christian Pluralism.

Well back to browsing…I like the time I get to spend just reading and lurking on Sundays.

God bless you all this day, and in the coming week. Keep the faith, hold the line. Some day we will look back at our time here on this earth…let it be knowing we did all we could for Christ & His Gospel!

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