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Well, during last weeks trip around the blogosphere some gems were found, this week I feel I hit the mother-lode! Lot of good, interesting, and even a few controversial topics have been posted in the last week…

-Want to start off by HIGHLY recommending one of the latest audio offerings at The Threshing FloorOctober 24, 2007: THE THIRD DAY Show 178: The Seven Heads Of The Beast – Part 5 -Sue Patterson and Randy Maugans.

The Seven Heads Of The BeastPart 5 continues the trek through the literal and spiritual kingdoms which comprise the final formation called The Beast.
We also discuss: the latest developments in the rise of the Serpent-Scorpion juggernaut with disclosures about Brigette Gabriel and her American Congress for Truth (ACT), their linkages to both CUFI and Blackwater—and a surprising “spiritual signature” in a blog post on ACT’s website entitled The Eagles gathered in Brussels to oppose Islamofascism . More to come on Ms. Gabriel and ACT in an upcoming program.

*If you watched the Bill Moyers PBS Special on Christian Zionism, you may remember Brigette Gabriel. She made some, what I felt were disturbing comments, at the CUFI gathering which was high-lighted on the program: basically calling for a monitoring of any group or people who stood against or spoke out against CUFI or Christian Zionism. The Threshing Floor promises more to come on this in upcoming programs. Stay tunned!

-Dan, over at Cerulean Sanctum has an interesting post: The Cost of Blogging.

Last week, I received an e-mail from a reader that told a discouraging tale. The reader explained that the story might one day become a blog post. The reasoning? It might prove a cautionary tale to help others avoid a similar situation.

-Over at True Discernment, there are a few great articles posted this week–Though I must say I got a laugh at reading:  You might be a Charismaniac if…       While reading these, I almost broke out in song:  “memories,  like the corners of my mind….”

Healtheland has a wonderful video teaching posted by R.C. Sproul: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  R.C. Sproul is one of my favorite bible expositors today. When he teaches on the person of Christ, its as though I’m sitting live, right in the congregation myself. He makes me ‘see Jesus’.

-Cathy, from PEACEMAKERS, posted something which interested me personally, because of my own studying on continuity in the Bible: God’s Covenant With Abraham, the Question of Continuity.

Soul Refuge also touches on this principle in the post: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem.

*In my recent studies I’m still trying to figure out how many Christians today reach the conclusion that there are two people of God.

-This wasn’t found on a blog, but was linked to from Monergism.com: Moses or Christ. Thought it was a well written piece so wanted to pass it on…

OK, I’ll stop for now. Its impossible to post links to all the things I’ve read today which blessed, helped, or made me think & want to dig into the Word of God. This was just a few.

One very important thing has come from my studying the different ‘ologies’ this past year: that is, God through His Spirit has not necessarily given all truth to just one theological believing group, regardless of the name or title they ‘fly’ under. Wonder why that is? Could be because we need to pay heed to each other, that your portion of ‘truth’ needs mine and vise versa, to see the complete picture…the complete truth. Just a thought…

God bless you all today and in the coming week. May all we do, say, and post, bring Glory to Christ alone–being ever mindful to defend the faith at any/all cost. For its by this faith handed down to us, that we are saved.


4 comments on “Around the Blogosphere

  1. Thank you for taking the time to look at our articles and audio offerings on the Threshing Floor., and recommending them to your readers. I, in turn, am finding the materials on your site and others linked to it to be most edifying.

    Many Blessings on you for the work you do here in sustaining the scattered remnant “church” in a season of spiritual famine for most.

    God Bless!
    Randy Maugans,
    Producer/Webmaster-The Threshing Floor

  2. PJ,

    Thanks for the link to my post at Cerulean Sanctum on blogging. I pray it blesses your readers!

  3. Thanks Randy…for all you and Sue are doing to wake up the body of Christ.

    For a long time i couldn’t find anyone (Believers) “out there” who saw the dangers in the Christian Zionist movement and CUFI. One day while doing still another search, the Lord led me to the Threshing Floor—boy was i surprised to find other Christians had seen the dangers in this movement long before i had! The information on your website/blog has helped me a lot…

    My prayer is that the Lord bless and keep you (both) safe and on the air, spreading the truth to those with an ear to hear…


  4. Dan, your posts are always a blessing–you never fail to make me think.

    The one i linked to hit home personally for me. While i won’t go into the specifics, i will say your warnings should be heeded by all who blog or are active on boards/forums out in the world of the Internet. We tend to feel safe sitting behind these screens in our own home–but the enemy is just as active out in the blogosphere as anywhere else: in certain ways, more so.

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