Finally Read the Entire Book…

Please forgive further words and my own musings on this topic of Hagee’s book: In Defense of Israel. It may seem to some a ‘thrice beaten dead horse’, especially after all the numerous posts and comments made here on this topic over the past couple weeks, but only tonight did I get the opportunity to not only read sections from the book, but the entire book itself, thanks to a friend who dropped it off today; plus I had previously said that after reading it all I’d give my honest opinion.

I was honestly hoping that once having the chance to read it, there could be found some redeeming value within its covers–sadly, I found none. I have no intention of writing my own review of the book, for others like Richard over at Bible Wheel, have written good reviews and rebuttals to much of what it contains–they have the talent to do it, I don’t. All I want to do is say Yes, now I’ve read it and in my opinion its unbiblical, emotionally ‘tainted’ with anger & full of political propaganda.

No where in this 207 page book did I see where Christ was lifted up; instead John Hagee lifts up in all 12 chapters a people and a land. Along with this idol worship, he points out time after time, in chapter after chapter, that we better wake up and realize the debt we owe, not to Christ, but to the Jewish people–he even has one chapter devoted entirely to this, chapter 8: “Our Debt to the Jewish People“. To be frank, reading his words stunned me, even though I had read some things taken from the book before. This is a man ate up with zeal, not of/for God, but for a cause. Its actually kind of spooky.


1-Its 1938…again –In this chapter he unashamedly uses the horrors of the Holocaust, Germany, Hitler, Martin Luther, etc etc…Along with sections of his own speeches delivered at CUFI meetings to invoke fear and a demand relating both to the scripture in Gen. 12:3- And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

2-My lifelong Love for Israel

3-Sins of the Fathers–More emotional blackmail

4-‘One Single Night’ Becomes Many— In this chapter he begins by relating his delving into studying his Jewish Roots–and his journey which led him to organize CUFI and The Night to Honor Israel program. After reading this chapter, I can see how this man started down the path which has led him to where he is today–and how his beliefs have shifted.

5 – The Peoples of the Middle East–Bottom line, only one land good, all else evil

6- The Religions of the Middle East

7- Revolution and Radical Islam— In this chapter he high-lights many of the evils done by radical Islamic groups, plus ends with a call for all Christians world-wide, but especially in America to stand in support of Israel, against these groups, etc etc… because if they go after Israel this means they are coming after us, etc etc….

8- Our Debt to the Jewish People— This opens with pages of photos of Hagee with numerous Jewish leaders, both religious and political, down through the years. This is only one of many [if not all] chapters in which he tosses in the phrase ‘anti-Semitism’ a lot. He points out that without the Jewish people there would be no Christianity, then travels back once again, into the history of Hitler, etc etc…This is one chapter I wish could be posted in its entirety.

9- Honoring Israel Brings God’s Blessings— Again he misapplies Genesis 12:3. Tells how the gentiles have always been and are today blessed through the Jews….etc etc…

10- Answering Christian Critics — This is the chapter in which most who have reviewed the book have taken Hagees words to show how he has twisted and misapplied numerous scriptures, so I won’t even try to add to it. If you’ve not read any reviews, go to the link at Bible Wheel at the beginning of this post, or go HERE, HERE, or HERE.

11- Answering Secular Critics— Totally Political (Yawn….)

12- Israel Lives!— A wrap up of the book; but he did add one thing which was ‘new to me’..and that was using the story of the life of Joseph, which I’ve always heard used as a type of Christ or the Messiah, to say he was shown it was so much more then just that, as its also a ‘type’ or “prophetic overlay” [his words] which describes the future relationship of Christians and Jews. Quote: “The biblical story of Joseph is not just a foreshadowing of Christ, but of all that which is going to happen at the end of times as we know it. …its connecting the dots…”


My suggestion–don’t waste your money or your time on this book. It will only leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, and a sadness at seeing a man of God turned to idolatry. It will also leave you with the obvious conclusion that this man has been given a great opportunity to witness to a lost people about Christ and salvation, and has failed.

18 comments on “Finally Read the Entire Book…

  1. Thanks for the post pj. Please don’t feel that you are beating a dead horse. Hagee’s teachings are spread worldwide, and dispensational theology is taught in a multitude of churches. Then there’s the Scofied bible which propagates this error also. The mantra is repeated over and over and is well engrained in the Christian mind. We can’t cover this topic too often. Some dispensationalists (did I mention this before?) don’t even think the words of Jesus are for today’s Christian. So I say keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Cathy…

    Last night i hesitated to post my thoughts on the book, only because so much had already been said, and i didn’t want to come across as though i am bashing this man in particular. Believe me im not wanting to do that at all, but after sitting here thinking about it, i thought it only right to at least give my opinion, once laying the book down.

    I wanted to find something within it to help me understand why and how this man has come to the point in which he idolizes a piece of land and its people, and claims to love and defend them, but with-holds the Gospel of Christ from these people….I’m still not sure what or how this happened. ‘But it does appear to have been a part of his life for a long time, perhaps dating back to when he was a child.

    Hagee’s teachings are spread worldwide, and dispensational theology is taught in a multitude of churches.

    The book is a picture of what can happen to someone who gets into extreme dispensationalism, thats for sure. I’ve witnessed this type of mis-guided interpretation of scripture a lot in the last 2 years. Its scary. Its also why after studying the theology myself, i turned totally away from it. It appears to breed this type of extremism in many who follow its teachings.

    The mantra is repeated over and over and is well engrained in the Christian mind.

    Yes, it has been deeply planted into the teachings of the majority of Protestant Churches here in the US. Don’t you find that interesting: that after this form of theology became so popular that our churches and church leaders are falling like flies into apostasy now?

    “Me” thinks there may be some connection…

    Cathy, would you like to read this book? I was told to pass it on to you if you’d want to read it yourself. If you do, just drop me a note through the prayer section. I’ll mail it to you.

  3. Thank you for offering the book pj. i can pick up a copy, and you may be able to use it as a reference to share information within your sphere of influence. It has been my experience that people want to see things with their own eyes, or at least have a direct quote, before they will believe that someone mainstream and popular is in serious error (which is understandable).

  4. Hey pj,

    I think it was good that you took time to give an overview of the whole book because it sheds a lot of light of how a man who professes to love God’s Word could fall into such error.

    When you say you did not “see where Christ was lifted up” you really hit the nail on the head. Hagee’s book has a six page index that lists over a thousand words from Abbas to Zyklon B – yet not one entry for “resurrection.”

    That pretty much says it all.

    I’ll posting a link to this over on my forum.


  5. When you say you did not “see where Christ was lifted up” you really hit the nail on the head. Hagee’s book has a six page index that lists over a thousand words from Abbas to Zyklon B – yet not one entry for “resurrection.”

    That pretty much says it all.

    Yes it does say it all Richard…

    There was also such an over-all tone of threatening anger and condemnation within every chapter, pointed at Christians; it was as though the author himself was possessed of satan. Satan is the one who condemns.

    I’ve never read anything remotely like it, coming from the pen of one who claims to be a Christian.


    God is sitting on His Throne
    Tears are streaming down His Face
    For Lack of Knowledge, My people shall die
    How come you Believers are so shy?

    I gave my beloved Son that you may live
    live a life of Peace and Happiness
    On Earth as in Heaven
    Shout it to the World
    Let them see, let them hear
    I am a God of Love, I care
    Your prayers I hear

    Make JESUS CHRIST / Y’SHUA HA-MASHIACH your way of life
    HE longs to hold you, love you, heal you
    HE is the one who came back and is now A L I V E

    When I’M your GOD, your FIRST LOVE
    Then you’ll do MY will, then you’ll know TRUE LOVE
    Have Peace and Happiness all the days of your life
    As I love you always, even to the End of the Times
    inspired by God – first poem – by Monique – 9/21/96

    This poem seems to be very appropriate- even so I wrote it over 11 years ago. It was my FIRST poem – inspired by GOD – to give to an Orthodox Jewish man who had accepted JESUS as Messiah, but who “had fallen away” (his own words) after attending an Evangelical Church in LA for 12 years. My second poem was titled “Unconditional Love”, followed by “Son of Israel”, “Miracles”, “Old Testament Jonah”, “Present day Jonah”, “Isaiah 4:1”, and many more, some are on my website http://www.watchandpray.com.

    The LORD then directed my steps to an Orthodox Synagogue learning about the Jewish Way of Life and after one year I asked Rabbi Goldberger to accept Y’SHUA as Messiah by inserting his name into the story in Acts : Saul, Saul (Rabbi Goldberger) why are you persecuting ME?”
    Saul (Rabbi Goldberger) receive your sight. Accept Y’SHUA as Messiah”. His reaction was immediate: I was no longer allowed to attend Shabbat services unless I wished to be arrested. My writings to Rabbi Goldberger were extensive: about 300 pages in a 12 months period, always proclaiming JESUS / Y’SHUA as MESSIAH.

    Then the Holy Spirit guided me back to the Catholic Church where we pray for Peace to Jerusalem and the Holy Land DAILY – Psalm 122:6. Of course I keep praying for Kenesseth Israel Congregation daily as well and I keep in touch with Rabbi Goldberger with Greeting cards for Hanukkah, Passover etc. Shalom to the Jewish People with JESUS / Y’SHUA in the heart of all people: Jews, Christians and Muslims. I believe in my heart that the Jewish People will accept Y’SHUA HA-MASHIACh as MESSIAH in the days to come, thus may we pray fervently for the LORD to remove the veil and may JESUS CHRIST be revealed as LORD and SAVIOR of all people, including the Jews. “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO ONE (not even one) COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME (Jesus / Y’SHUA)”.John 14:6 – In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with GOD and the WORD was GOD. John 1:1. Shalom!

    May Pastors, Priest, Bishops stand up to the Heresy of “Pastor” Hagee and others like him and may they repent and proclaim JESUS / Y’SHUA as the ONLY WAY to Heaven as Jesus says in John 18:22: “And I have given them the glory you gave Me, so that they may be one, as we are one.” Amen!

  7. Hi!

    Please don’t misunderdstand, I’m not in any way shape or form defending Pastor Hagee. I’m just trying to understand a couple of your points in particular. Help me out if you will.

    First, I have to agree with what he says about radical Islam (I haven’t read the book, but I’ve heard him speak on tv). The evidence is all around us, the Islamofacist have never ever hidden their agenda with Israel and the Jews in particular, and the world at large. Pastor Hagee is not the only one who warns of this, there are respected (doctrinally sound) bible folks who say the same thing. Do you not agree? If not, why? I’m just trying to understand, please remember.

    Second, how do you feel he is misapplying Genesis 12:3? That scripture is quite plain and self explanitory. I think probably what I’m asking is to just clarify your point.

    I respectfully thank you in advance for your time.
    In Christ,

  8. Do you not agree? If not, why?

    I may not be understanding your question melissa. If you are asking if i believe there are radical Muslim groups, of course! I don’t think anyone could deny it. There are radicals in every religion or within any nation…If you are asking something else, let me know.

    What i don’t agree with Hagee about, is his war cry to eliminate all Muslims because of the radicals among them.

    Jesus died for the sins of all people–regardless of ethnicity. That includes those caught up in the false religion of Islam. What they need, is to be presented with the truth of the Gospel–and those like Hagee, who many outside the US look upon as a representative of what American Christianity is all about, does not understand that.

    Because Hagee is looked upon in the entire Middle East as the ‘voice’ of Christianity here in America, he has done great harm to the work of missionaries working to spread the Gospel in the Middle East.

    Second, how do you feel he is misapplying Genesis 12:3?

    2And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: 3And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

    In his books and on his website (here) Hagee starts out by writing:

    Everything Christians do should be based upon the Biblical text. Here are seven solid Bible reasons why Christians should support Israel.

    1-Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed.”

    Point: God has promised to bless the man or nation that blesses the Chosen People.

    He is wrong.

    Let me give you a few notes taken from but one bible commentary on these verses, this one happens to be John Wesley’s:

    I will make of thee a great nation — When God took him from his own people, he promised to make him the head of another people. This promise was. 1. A great relief to Abram’s burden, for he had now no child. 2. A great trial to Abram’s faith, for his wife had been long barren, so that if he believe, it must be against hope, and his faith must build purely upon that power which can out of stones raise up children unto Abraham. 2.

    I will bless thee — Either particularly with the blessing of fruitfulness, as he had blessed Adam and Noah; or in general, I will bless thee with all manner of blessings, both of the upper and nether springs: leave thy father’s house, and I will give thee a father’s blessing, better than that of thy progenitors. 3.

    I will make thy name great — By deserting his country he lost his name there: care not for that, (saith God) but trust me, and I will make thee a greater name than ever thou couldst have had there. 4.

    Thou shalt be a blessing — That is, thy life shall be a blessing to the places where thou shalt sojourn. 5.

    I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee — This made it a kind of league offensive and defensive between God and Abram. Abram heartily espoused God’s cause, and here God promiseth to interest himself in his. 6.

    In thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed — This was the promise that crowned all the rest, for it points at the Messiah, in whom all the promises are yea and amen.
    John Wesley’s notes on Gen.12

    Hagee, using Genesis 12:3, from the above quote from his website says:

    God has promised to bless the man or nation that blesses the Chosen People…

    First understand he is promoting others to his cause which is CUFI and the financial support of political modern day Israel: so what he is doing is taking that scripture and saying that the ‘Chosen’ people today–God’s people, is the state of Israel, or at least a part of it, and the Jewish people who live there. (somehow he never seems to understand that in Israel today, there are other people from other ethnicity’s living there!)

    What he is actually doing is taking the promises God gave Abraham, who is the Father of all those who are in the faith of Christ today-:

    Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed.

    So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham…..And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise…..There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3

    He is misapplying it to only the Jews who live in Israel–not even the Messianic Jews, who are our brothers and sisters in Christ, but those who are lost, apostate and away from God, by their denying of Jesus as the true Messiah. In reality he is applying it to the state or land of Israel…

    Who are God’s people melissa? They are those who are in Christ!

    “and in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed.”

    What was God telling Abraham here…how was Abraham going to bless the nations of the earth?

    Through Christ! It was through the seed of Abraham that Christ came..(see Matthew chapter 1)

    God was actually prophesying to Abraham, of the coming Messiah…

    The bottom line is Hagee is misapplying scripture…trying to go back to the old covenant when God’s people were those Jews who believed and walked by faith, when now under the new covenant God’s people–or ‘chosen’ are all those from every nation and tongue who believe [on Christ] and walk by faith.

    He does this to garner financial support for his org. [CUFI] so that he can continue to help support certain political fractions inside Israel today; he has been doing it for years.

    Its bad theology, and its also one reason why many like Hagee, do not see the need to preach the gospel to lost Jews today…

  9. Thank you very much for your response! I see more clearly what you mean by his missapplying the Genesis scripture. You are absolutely right, through Messiah, we are all children of Abram. I never really thought of it that way.

    As for the Muslim issue, I heartily agree that we need to present them with the gospel. There are untold numbers of former Muslims who have converted, albeit at their own peril. However, I have come to the conclusion through years of research on my own, that even moderate Muslims (or so they claim, many of them present one picture to the masses and a different picture all together when in company with their own) when pressed with the issue (with or without a weapon pointed at their head or a machetti at their neck) can not and will not deny the Quran, including the violence against the infidels (those of us who are not Islamic). The vast majority of Muslims support in word, in deed, quietly, and/or financially, these terrorist groups. And while, thank God, many have seen the light, and converted to Christianity, most will not endure it, and in some cases have tried and sometimes succeeded in killing the one trying to minister to them. Radical Islamofacism is much much bigger than most realize, most people, especially Americans, are completely asleep about it. Proven by the fact that it appears we are about to elect a president who not only has ties and sympathies to the Islamic world, and the fact that some terrorist leaders have already given their “seal of approval” on Obama, and that is danged scary. All in all, Christ is coming! And He will settle these matters, I believe that Ezekiel 38-39 will take care of the terrorist problem for the world but I could be wrong. I guess my point is that while you are absolutely correct, we should as Christians, present them with the gospel, even in the face of danger, praise God for those brave enough! On the other hand, we should never ever turn our backs on the Muslim world, because as has been proven time and time and time again, they can not be trusted. They are masters of propaganda and distorting the truth, they are famous truce breakers, and their goal is to take the world for Allah, which includes killing all those who will not deny Christ and convert to Islam. Muslims generally do not cherry pick the Quran, as has been done to the Bible by so many “christians”. We’ve already been attacked once. Letting our guard down for even a second, just invites more attack. Even those former Muslims who are now Christians are warning us of this, they who know them (the terrorist and terrorist sympathizers) better than we ever could. To an Islamic terrorist, it most definatly is kill or be killed. And if the Lord tarries, it is most definatly a possibility, that at some point we too could be seeing suicide bombers in our own streets and in our own towns. We need to remember, there are 16 (the last time I checked) suspected terrorist cells in existance in America right now, and nearly 20 million muslims. If those 20 million people are forced to stand up for the Quran or be killed themselves, I think it’s pretty safe to say which way they would swing. How sad that our probable next president is a Jew/Israel hating terrorist sympathizer.

    Thank you for this most stimulating conversation! And thank you for your take on the Genises scripture, much help to me. Keep up the good work till He comes!
    Even so come Lord Jesus! To Him alone be the glory.

  10. On the other hand, we should never ever turn our backs on the Muslim world, because as has been proven time and time and time again, they can not be trusted.

    You are correct in saying we must never turn our backs upon the Muslim world, but not because they cannot be trusted, but because they are in need of Christ and salvation found only in Him.

    We must also never forget that God can save anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus. That includes Muslims, Hindu’s etc.

    Today an enemy—tomorrow a brother or sister in Christ! The life of Paul is proof of this…

    When we as Christians, only see a people through the eyes of secularism or worse, fear and disdain, it shuts off the bowels of compassion by which we are to show the love of Christ to any and all persons.

    Hagee’s brand of fear mongering and hatred against a race of people–those born from the seed of Abraham also, through Ephraim, has caused many good Christians to forget this. This is how the world thinks–but its not the mind of Christ.

    may God forgive him…

  11. Hello,I happened unto your website being aware of Hagee’s questionable teaching on Israel. I agree with you that he is an extreme proponent of Dispensationalism/ futurism and needs to be confronted in a loving and intelligent way. One point of concern I have for you is, you state that the bible wheel wrote a good article on Hagees book ” In defense of Israel”, and I’m sure he has, but were you aware that he no longer considers himself a Christian and believes that the bible is filled with contradictions? He makes it abundantly clear that he is no longer a believer in Christ. I hope you will consider not using Bible wheel as a resource, due to this revelation. Blessings…Jack.

    • Hi Jack..

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m really sorry to read the administrator at the old Bible Wheel forum (and website) has fallen away from the faith. I will be praying for him. It’s been some years since visiting the forum or website, so i wasn’t aware. Though im not one who believes in once saved always saved, knowing it is possible to turn one’s back on the faith and Jesus and walk away, i do believe God does not let his children go easily. So if the adim was truly born again at one point, we can only pray and believe that like the prodigal son, he will ‘return home’ to the Father one day.

      As far as his article refuting Hagee’s book, it was excellent.

  12. Thanks for your reply, I have some friends who think Hagee is a wonderful teacher and they really recommend his new book about the blood moons, do you know anything about that?

    • Jack, i’ve read a few articles about his book and teachings about four Blood Moons, all which refute his analogy which supposedly proves it points to ‘the end’. Frankly i wouldn’t waste my time on anything this man writes. For more reasons then this comment space has room to get into, i consider John Hagee an apostate. This makes him a dangerous man where it concerns Christians and the Church. When he left the teachings of the bible behind for political activism on behalf of Israel, he became an idolater: someone to be avoided.

      The Berean Bible Church website has a response to Hagee’s newest allegations concerning “the coming 4 blood moons”…you can read it HERE

      Also see at Truth With Snares, There’s a Bad Moon Rising – Um… I Mean There are Blood Moons Coming!

      check out, The Blood Moons HOAX

      and, “Four Blood Moons” and a false prophet

      Perhaps you can pass one or more of these along to your friends.

  13. PJ, thanks for the links, I put the video on my facebook page, I will probably be called a heretic, but oh well. I agree with you that Hagee’s influence is a devastating torn in the side of the body of Christ, hopefully Hagee will see the error of his teachings…

    • You’re more then welcome Jack! And yes, you may find a few who will not like that you’ve shared this, but you can’t go wrong if you’re upholding the truth, right? I recently posted something on my facebook timeline. It says “I would rather please God and have a few people upset with me then please people and have God upset with me”.

      That’s how i feel…

      God bless you Jack

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