John Hagee to “re-write” a chapter of his book?

Is this true? I’m not sure but there  is an article tonight claiming it is, which is being circulated.  “If” this be the case good, but, and I do not mean to sound harsh, in my opinion after reading it, the entire book needs to be pulled from the book stores by the Hagee organization. Not just one chapter edited without any public explanation. Why do I believe some sort of open/public response is needed by Hagee, and a clear proclamation by him be made on exactly what his beliefs are concerning Christ, salvation, etc are?

Because even if he does re-write a chapter, and re-publish it, it may not address the many questions which have been raised, since the book hit the stores, on his positions on these imperative issues relating to salvation, (dual covenant theology), and the core doctrines of the Gospel: Also, his idolizing of a land and its people.

What about those out there who have already plunked down their $$ to buy the book, and have been influenced (possibly) by the lies it taught concerning Jesus Christ and Him not coming as the Messiah to Israel 2000 yrs ago?

‘Me thinks’ re-working one chapter is not the answer. John Hagee has done damage by the stands he takes in this book (and not just in one chapter), to the cause of Christ and, the Gospel…not to mention his own reputation as a preacher of the Gospel.

If anyone else hears anything about this, I would sure appreciate you commenting here with more information. Right now, I’m in a wait and see mode…


“Hagee Heresy” Update… Breakthrough and Answer to Prayer
by: Don Geraci

Since the writing of my commentary, “The Mystery of Lawlessness and The Hagee Heresy”, a significant development has taken place that must be both publicized and applauded:

‘The Hagee Heresy’ has been retracted!

Rev. John Hagee has agreed to rewrite the chapter in question in his new book, “In Defense of Israel” – i.e. the section of the book that made the clearly heretical claims about the Messiahship of Jesus.

Reference: “John Hagee Declares: “Jesus Did Not Come to Earth to Be the Messiah” – the Threshing Floor

That is good news and certainly an answer to prayer, such as I noted in the conclusion of my commentary. I exhorted us to pray for such a retraction from Hagee and deliverance from a spirit of delusion that prompted him to astonishingly deny the Messiahship of Jesus.

A noted and very reputable evangelical leader/scholar who had written a strong rebuttal of Hagee’s heretical teaching on Jesus’ Messiahship in his new book, ‘In Defense of Israel’, was recently able to dialogue with Hagee on this issue. The result of that dialogue was that John Hagee agreed to rewrite the chapter in question, submit it for scholarly review prior to publication and be open to future input on this issue. Certainly we can all rejoice in this good news and commend John Hagee for submitting to godly counsel and reproof. The fallout in both evangelical circles and the Jewish community could have been significantly greater without such a retraction.

Of course we will have to await the revised section in his new book before a final verdict on the whole issue. Hopefully, there will be no questionable statements or doctrines that resurrects any question whatsoever about the fact that Jesus IS – and always has been – the Jewish Messiah.

Let me emphasize that my commentary, “The Mystery of Lawlessness and The Hagee Heresy”, was critical of the Hagee doctrinal stance – not John Hagee personally. I am aware that there are many ‘fans’ of John Hagee in the Body of Christ (we should be fans of Jesus first and foremost – He never fails). My concern and contention was that, based on 1 John 4:1-3, every born-again believer – myself included and including leaders such as John Hagee – are subject to the delusion that prompted him to make such heretical claims about Jesus’ Messiahship. The alarm needed to be sounded to EVERY believer at this critical juncture in the eschaton!

Tragically, it happened to a very renowned evangelical leader with a large following in the Body of Christ. It could have happened to any other leader as well – and especially, as I noted, in the ‘Peacenik’ Movement which displays a clear pattern to avoid or circumvent the name of Jesus and proclamation of the full gospel in its ministry endeavor to ‘bless’ Israel.

By now we in the Body of Christ, in light of recent, tragic downfalls of various leaders, should recognize that NO man or woman is beyond scrutiny or above reproach. We look to Jesus and the gospel – not men. My concern was for the honor and integrity of the gospel and Jesus’ Name and not for criticism of any man (note how Paul – in Gal.1:8-9 – actually speaks in more judgmental language!).

I believe, as stated in my commentary on 1 John 4:1-3, that there is an important and larger lesson to be learned from this whole perplexing issue. We must proclaim the gospel and Jesus’ Name openly and unashamedly in these last days as the Bridegroom, Jesus, prepares to return for His Bride, the Church. To not do so is to our own peril since we will be subtly but actively vulnerable to the same spirit of antichrist that tragically – albeit temporarily (praise God) – influenced John Hagee.

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10 comments on “John Hagee to “re-write” a chapter of his book?

  1. A ploy to make more money? Who knows.

    He could just rewrite it (all of it) and post it on a web site (not for sale) so that people can see for themselves.

    Political Agendas always reach for more contributions.

    We shall see.

  2. I would like to believe the Hagee’s offer to re-write this chapter is sincere and he recognizes his error. However, I cannot be sure that it is not as oxysmoron says above–a ploy to make $$$ or to promote some kind of agenda. We will see. The fact that he could make such a serious error and PROMOTE it is scary to say the least!

  3. Glen i agree…

    if this is true, there is some agenda here…money? could be, or it could be he is reacting to the out cry from many ministers/ministry’s over the content of the one chapter.

    Does that mean he has repented and turned from those beliefs? No it doesn’t. It could only mean he is seeing how its going to affect his bottom-line in financing CUFI.

    To be honest, i don’t trust the man.

    While yes, the outlandish proclamations he made in that “one specific” chapter have caused most of the outrage, i can tell you from reading the entire book, the book itself is an outrage!

    He condemns Christians, through-out the entire book, in every chapter, who do not agree with his beliefs concerning Israel, prophecy, etc…referring to them as ‘replacement believers’, anti-semitic’s, who are ‘doomed to hell’

    His twisting of scripture in relation to those God blesses, is complete error–

    “If” this story is fact that he intends to ‘edit/re-vamp’ one chapter in that horrible un-scriptural book, without evidence forth-coming that he has repented and turned from his false teaching, and puts a stop to his political war-mongering, no amount of ‘editing’ is going to change my mind concerning this man: He is a hyper-dispensationalist who is falsely teaching the body of Christ, from ‘another spirit’…

    He is dangerous.

  4. […] 6, 2007 by pjmiller Since nothing more has come out concerning Hagees recant: John Hagee to “re-write” a chapter of his book?- I see today that Randy Maugans, at The Threshing Floor, has written the author of the article […]

  5. Yes pj, he is putting the sheep in danger.

  6. The LORD Jesus plainly told us that “out of the heart a man speaks”. So is this a “rewrite” out of conviction and true repentance before The Living God while asking Jesus to save his antichrist soul or is it what we thought might happen once Hagee’s apostate heart was known publicly…..merely a grasp on his part to hold onto his monies, etc., that he so luxuriously lives on from the monies of God’s people?

    Hagee’s secretary, Terri Babbit, had sent us two “explanations” from Hagee (mass-produced, of course) of his apostate assertion that Jesus was not The Messiah while here on earth and we told her to cease from sending such trash from an apostate to our email address. Her last letter to us was sent on 11/29/2007. Hagee sure has done a sudden “turn-around” in the past 9 days!

    Denouncing Jesus as The Messiah is the spirit of antichrist. How does one simply “rewrite” a chapter of one’s antichrist belief? Falling down before The LORD Jesus in true repentance and asking Him for salvation is the only option for one who is antichrist…….NOT merely “rewriting” a chapter in a book.

    An antichrist rewriting a chapter filled with a “forced” admission that Jesus is The Messiah (even if it is for personal gain) will still serve to be used by God to proclaim His truth about Jesus as The Messiah. While Hagee’s “rewriting” of a chapter may not really be what is in his antichrist heart, God will still use God’s truth to speak to the hearts of souls….including the many lost souls of Jews. Let us praise God for this.

    Sincerely in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ,
    Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie

    Living Hope In Jesus

  7. The LORD Jesus plainly told us that “out of the heart a man speaks”.

    So is this a “rewrite” out of conviction and true repentance before The Living God while asking Jesus to save his antichrist soul or is it what we thought might happen once Hagee’s apostate heart was known publicly…..merely a grasp on his part to hold onto his monies, etc., that he so luxuriously lives on from the monies of God’s people?

    The Holy Spirit in me, has me to believe its the latter…that this re-write is his attempt to soothe his followers.

    What has surprised me [which i don’t know why it has..it should have been expected] is the response i’ve seen to this ‘re-write of a chapter’ on many Christian boards/forums.

    For instance:

    This is great!!

    I feel so much better now.

    Praise the Lord!

    This just shows the power of prayer.. many were praying for him…..if a teacher is in error or apostate ,please pray for them; GOD will send correction.. and they will be shown the error of their ways.. JESUS wants the preachers and teachers restored…. some may receive the correction like John Hagee and correct himself and teachings that are in error that dont line up the the Bible ..

    We all have to admit when we are wrong. I have great respect for Hagee in doing this.

    BUT as one poster said [yesterday]

    I agree that it would be great if Hagee repented and changed his view, but there is no evidence for this. His website does not state anything about the change. I talked with a pastor at Hagee’s church and he said that Mr. Hagee has not changed his view and there are no plans as of today that he is rewriting the chapter.

    I will believe it when I see a statement from him on his own website.

    This last poster is correct..his website is still continuing to offer the book–AS IS. And please note what one of the pastors at cornerstone church said–he has NOT CHANGED HIS VIEWS.

    Is all it takes is a ‘promise’ to rewrite a chapter in a book enough to turn from the truth that this man is an apostate, operating in the spirit of antichrist, into believing a lie–that now he has suddenly seen the light and does not REALLY believe what he wrote?

    GOOD GRIEF! Are the sheep in this nation that gullible…that lacking in discernment?

    WAKE UP PEOPLE OF GOD! God allowed Hagee to get so puffed up within himself that he believed he could write his blasphemous beliefs in BLACK and White, and get away with it…

    But GOD used this to show us the true heart and beliefs of this man who claims to operate by the Spirit of God.

  8. Forgive me Stephen and Bonita Ann Richie…i got carried away in my last post–i didn’t even thank you for your excellent comment and observation.

    This entire business with Hagee, this book, and now the responses of Christians to his promise to edit a chapter, has really been an eye-opener for me. I knew discernment was lacking within the body of Christ here in the West–but i didn’t know it was almost non-existent to this degree.

    The man of sin, the son of perdition won’t have to even exert himself to gain followers, when he arrives on the scene– [2thess.2]

    Anyway thank you so much…i like your website…you proclaim Jesus as the Christ and Messiah! praise God!

  9. Hagee is another “Rapture Cultist”. If his doctrine is that flawed why would this latest herisy shock anyone?

  10. Ryan,

    I do believe he became so dogmatic in his prophecy beliefs that it may have opened the door to many of his doctrinal errors.

    That should be a warning to us all–Prophecy which has ‘yet’ to be fulfilled can still a mystery as to the ‘how’ …

    One thing we can know without a doubt, Jesus is returning!

    When we become so sure of our interpretations concerning prophecy, we risk falling into what is known as “Eisegesis”
    (interpreting a text by reading into it one’s own ideas) rather then Exegesis, which is more a possible explanation or analysis of a text.

    God bless,


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