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The Saints Movement, Third and Final Apostolic Reformation

The Dominionists are making a move; Newest declaration from the Dominionist false teachers.

The Saints Movement The Beginning of the Third and Final Apostolic Reformation by Bill Hamon at The Elijah List.

a few quotes:

The Lord Jesus has revealed by His Spirit some insight and application concerning His timely purpose being activated in 2008. I have been prophesying for 10 years that a “Saints Movement” is coming to the Body of Christ. The Saints Movement is a time when the saints, believers in Jesus Christ, recognize and act on the understanding that Christ has empowered and commissioned each of them to be the Church 24/7–manifesting the Kingdom of God wherever they live and work. Every believer has the ability to manifest the supernatural in a miraculous way, and every saint is called to demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom (not just the Gospel of salvation) in their sphere of influence.

A New Era of Reformation

Now in 2008, God has brought new revelation and application. The Saints Movement is the catalyst to launch the Church into the Third and final Apostolic Reformation. The First Apostolic Reformation occurred in the 1st century with the launching of the era of the New Testament Church. The Second Apostolic Reformation, which is known to historians as the Reformation, transitioned the Church from the “Dark Ages” to beginning the period of the restoration of the Church (see Acts 3:21).

This Reformation will bring about a paradigm shift in the goal and purpose of the Church. Most Evangelical and Pentecostal theologians see no purpose for the Church other than to win more souls to Christ so they are made ready for Heaven. Now we are receiving revolutionary, reformed thinking from the heart and mind of God. The expanded goal and vision of the Third Reformation Church is to co-labor with Christ in His passionate desire for the fulfillment of Revelation 11:15…

The Purpose of God for This Time

The First Apostolic Reformation and purpose of God was for Jesus to shed His life’s Blood for the salvation of sinners. God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world unto Himself by purchasing them with His Blood and making them members of His Body of Christ, the Church.

God’s Second Apostolic Reformation and purpose was to restore and build His Church to the full maturity and ministry of Christ Jesus. This is accomplished through Christ’s fivefold ministers, of which the last two, prophets and apostles, were restored to recognition and began fully ministering during the Prophetic-Apostolic Movement, from 1988 to the present. Apostles and prophets have existed throughout Church history but often weren’t recognized or allowed to fully function. The fivefold ministers are for the purpose of equipping the saints to demonstrate Christ’s Kingdom–the Saints Movement.

Christ’s Third Apostolic Reformation and purpose is to use His restored Church to fulfill God’s original mandate to mankind–subdue all things, take dominion and fill the earth with a mankind race in God’s own image and likeness, bring more and more of God’s Kingdom and will to earth, and transform nations into sheep nations (those who do the works of Christ. See Matthew 25:31-46). This is the end result of the saints taking the Gospel of the Kingdom into every aspect of society.

The Timing

2008 is the year of new beginnings. It is the beginning of the new Third and final Apostolic Reformation. This Third Reformation will bring as much transition and fulfilling of God’s purpose as the First and Second Reformation did. We have been prophesying and interceding about this shift for many years. It is with firm conviction that I believe this is now the time for it to fully be underway….

In 2008, God is releasing special supernatural grace and power to those who are willing and ready for Church Reformation. They will be those who demonstrate the Kingdom of God for the transformation of nations. Expect to hear much preaching and see many books being written on the saints taking dominion, the Kingdom of God, transformation, wealth for Kingdom purposes, the Third and final Apostolic Reformation, and God’s purpose for His Church, His Kingdom and planet earth…


One comment on “The Saints Movement, Third and Final Apostolic Reformation

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