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The Anatomy of Deception, Part (1)

From the EBook, The Anatomy of Deception by Art Katz (February 13, 1929 – June 28, 2007)

The Cry for Reality

God has triggered something in my heart to raise the questions of authenticity before the Body of Christ. Are We willing for authenticity’s sake and for truth’s sake not to grasp at the first straw that floats our way, and Which seems to present the possibility of solving our problems? Are we willing to refrain from simulating something out of our own humanity that has the appearance of love, but is not?

I want that which comes Down from above, however long I have got to bear the terrible agony and reputation of ‘lovelessness.’ I do not Want a saccharine counterfeit. Authentic things do not come cheap. They never have. It is we, as believers, Who have been inducted into the spirit of glib, unctuous and facile kinds of doings.

We want a pseudo-resurrection Without the ignominy and pain of the Cross. But it is only out of the ultimate agony and devastation of the Cross that ultimate glory comes.

Do We have the discernment to distinguish the authentic from the counterfeit?

Are we so habituated to success, And so desirous of seeing some visible effect of power that we are not too discriminating so long as we ‘get It,’ somehow? We want the excitement; we want the titillation; we want the appearance of power; we want to Succeed, because the possibility of failure is a form of death we are not willing to bear, thus avoiding the Cross. We ought rather to ask ourselves what is success as God defines it?

Nazi Germany put great emphasis on demonstrations of a very impressive kind, such as their meetings at Nuremburg with marches and torchlight ceremonies, almost like pagan practices, that filled the void in German life with emotion and intensity. It was an answer to a need for fulfillment, excitement and Engagement.

If we do not have a valid apostolic reality in our spiritual life, that void will be filled by other Contenders who are only awaiting their opportunity. If we move into the realm of what is false, synthetic, humanly contrived and not the operation of the Spirit, we can move very easily from the charismatic to the Demonic.

We cannot tell the difference between the hunger for God and the hunger for experience.

If we have A real hunger for God, we do not have to go to places where ‘signs and wonders’ abound.

Last Days’ Deceptions are related to an inadequate view of God by which we interpret the ‘blessing’ or seeming power as Being the evidence of God as we know Him, but the true knowledge of God would have made no room for that Kind of understanding, or even the desire for these phenomena in the form in which they have been Manifested.

The pattern of Acts, chapter 13, shows a very different context: the demonstration of power as the provision Of God to demonstrate the authority of His messengers when they were opposed by powers of Darkness in The fulfillment of their mission, as opposed to the ‘power’ demonstrated in auditoriums to Christians who are Looking for excitement, or help for their own bodies. This apostolic model is the one that we more rightly Ought to look for and expect, indeed, will be the only one effective in the Last Days’ final confrontation with Those same powers.


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