THE CHURCH INFECTED: A New ‘Era’ and a New Error

I want to quote from a comment left by Thomas Watkins, here; I believe its an important warning..

It is true. The division has been made, and now it’s Todd’s turn to pay the piper. Fanatical pathological lies at some point are confronted with reality, and by the means of a million grieved and sad Christians, The Toddster has just got a dose of a wet sock slapped aside his wiccen tattoed neck.

With 30 resurrections from the dead, and thousands of miracles and “creative ” signs and wonders, he has surpassed the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth by light years. Oh, I almost forgot. There is not a shred of medical evidence associated with any of it. It is all confirmed by his testimony….

But to hear his benefactors , as mentioned , tell it, Todd is just a wild and crazy guy, and how can you be prejudiced with a guy just because he likes tatoo’s?

There are also defectors jumping along side of any safe vacation spot, hoping the tide will come their way once more. They now hope he would just go away…..and all would be forgotton.

Let us not forget their names , though, as the Lord sent lying angels to separate the holy from the profane….and those who endorsed this imp…from Paul Cain and Bob Jones, to Dutch sheets, C. Peter Wagner, and their “Apostolic alliance”, Charisma magazine, Rick Joyner and a hundred more of our fearless leaders. Avoid these people, unless an equally strong repentance is vocalized also…with fruits of repentance.

Thomas Watkins is right…we ‘better’ remember their names even if it means making a list, because in my opinion, they are not going away and neither is the spirit behind their false teachings and actions. What has been loosed upon the body is an infection which hundred’s of thousands of Christians have come in contact with. I cannot forget how early on in the Lakeland meetings it was being referred to by not only Todd but all his associates as being ‘contagious’. I don’t think that was a play on words but was actually truth being uttered.

As I replied in the other thread, we may even see the Bentley-Boat being deserted by any or all of these names mentioned above in the future: But if it were to occur it will not be because they suddenly see his teachings as dangerous error, but because it will serve their own interests to disassociate themselves from him. Their primary goal, or rather the goal of the spirit working through them, is to spread this unholy impartation and the antibiblical teachings/infection to as many in the body as possible: even if it means deserting and sacrificing one of their own. If I were a betting person, I would wager they are in a wait and see mode right now when it comes to Todd.

  • Another look at this blasphemous unholy contagious impartation at work, the New Mystics.
  • And if you think its only the younger generation becoming infected watch this;  Drinking the Word.

12 comments on “THE CHURCH INFECTED: A New ‘Era’ and a New Error

  1. It’ll be forgotten by the masses soon enough, then it will begin again with a new form and it will be twice as popular. And like the last movement it will burn in flames, and like the last movement it will come to life again a year later, 2 years… It is the way of the world. Stupidity is the rule of law to a people who seek after fables. Stupidity is the rule of law to a people who do not care for their history and do not sense that lurking fear swarming down Mt.Tempest to devour them! Even when the monsters are gnawing on their bones, even then they probably won’t know what happened or why.

  2. It’ll be forgotten by the masses soon enough, then it will begin again with a new form and it will be twice as popular.

    This is what im concerned will happen Ricardo.

    I really believe now, that God used lakeland and all the attention it and Bentley received to point us in the direction of these other false teachers who so many in the church have looked upon as nothing more then fringe nut cases for years. We needed to see and understand that as crazy as their teachings appeared they were very dangerous.

    We cannot afford to ignore them any more or just write them off as kooks.

    We have been shown and warned by God…now we know.

  3. “We have been shown and warned by God…now we know.”

    I believe that is exactly why God allowed this mess to take place. Great post.

  4. This stuff is not going to go away. It’s only going to get worse. This is the just one of the many doctines of demons, it’s just dressed up with Christian accessories.

    I really believe that this whole UFO/Alien stuff and Angel worship are the same thing. Alien abduction and demon posession….very similar.

    I am learning that it really does not matter what scripture says to most folks. People would rather rely on their emotional experiences for truth instead of God’s unchanging word. People will pick and choose scripture that supports their behavior (when taken out of context of course) and throw out the rest.

    It’s not just the Todd Bentleys of the world we need to watch out for. We have to watch for the subtle heresies also. We have to know our scripture…and expose anything that is contrary to the Word.

  5. I received an email this morning with a GOD TV schedule update which contained the following:

    “Also this weekend, Todd Bentley visits MorningStar Ministries in South Carolina, to minister in miracle-healing anointing. Welcomed by the founder, Rick Joyner, Todd continues to take fresh revival fire across the USA and the world through our GOD TV broadcasts. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to go deeper into God’s presence.”

    This group stubbornly refuses to give up and admit that Todd is a fraud. They ignore the dwindling crowds and continue to proclaim that Todd is taking fresh fire wherever he goes. What will it take for them to acknowledge the truth that Todd’s ‘anointing’ is not from Jesus Christ?

  6. What will it take for them to acknowledge the truth that Todd’s ‘anointing’ is not from Jesus Christ?

    Hi Vicki

    if you are referring to those mentioned in Thomas’ comment–Joyner, Bob Jones, Dutch sheets, C. Peter Wagner etc…i wouldn’t hold my breath–these guys are the ‘grand-daddies’ of this false anointing–its through their teaching and mentoring of Todd, that he got where he is today.

    The only way we ‘may’ see them bail out on him is if he is of no further use to their agenda.

    From the notice sent out from GODTV it looks like these old false prophets and/or apostles may be trying to legitimize Todd again by having him appear on stage with them…

    its been hard to keep up with Todd’s itinerary lately because of the changes. Have you been notified of any more appearances by Todd which are scheduled for California? I see he is returning to KY for an encore performance.

  7. I think it is also related to judgement. We are on the verge of the tribulation and we are seeing the judgement starting at His house. As it is written, the judgement of God begins at His house. He is sifting the wheat from the chaff.

  8. Thomas echoes much of the same sentiment expressed in Andrew Strom’s open letter. What now? Todd has been ‘made’? Do you know what happens if you bump off a made guy–watch Goodfellas. Wagner and company can’t actively throw Todd under the bus just yet.

    Even so, the dots have got to be connected between the NAR crowd, Morningstar, and Todd Bentley. The majority of Charismatic non-denoms are simply clueless as to what such an endorsement means. Western-Protestantism simply cannot afford another internal heresy.

  9. Even so, the dots have got to be connected between the NAR crowd, Morningstar, and Todd Bentley.

    Yes…i agree

    I was telling a friend that we need to create a ‘family tree’ like the genealogy experts do when tracking back a family history.

    If someone could ever do that, i think we’d be surprised at the identity of a few of the branches and just how big this ‘tree’ would be!

  10. The question is this: Does the family tree really include all of these branches? Or are they simply parasitic vines which closely resemble the foliage of the tree?

    Endorsing someone who claims the ministry, mantle, and angel of a known heretic (William Branham) would necessarily be an association with said heretic. It doesn’t take a botanist (or a genealogist) to follow a stem back to the root.

  11. William Branham is being pointed to as the root–but i’d be willing to bet if traced back prior to Branham there would be found others…

    In fact i honestly believe it could be traced all the way back to the great great grand-daddy of all false religions, to Nimrod and his ‘goddess wife’.

    By the way–i received in my feeds your last post at the old site, and found the new one!


  12. The lack of reverence in “snorting, drinking, and pouring” the Word is appalling to me. How in the world do they think they are getting the Word into them that way anyhow? And again that ridiculous line about Satan’s counterfeits.

    I also can’t help but wonder about how “user friendly” all of these angelic appearances are. In the Bible, when folks saw an angel, they were terrified. Doesn’t seem to work that way any more, does it?

    As for the second video, I can’t even stand to watch it.

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