Smith Wiggleworth and this ‘New Breed’ are not related…

Pat Holliday posted this today under the topic; Angels, Bentley, The Dudley Outpouring, and ‘Civil War’, and I thought it was so interesting that someone may want to read it also. A lot of good comments get lost and not seen, when they’re under older threads. If you’ve read many of the teachings coming from this new breed of mystics, man-made apostles and prophets, you’ve most likely read where they use Smith Wiggleworth as their ‘example’..Every time I’ve read where they point to him, its made me cringe. I’ll post portions of this below as Pat left it, but with a few things highlighted by me…you can read it all at the link:


This is from a friend of mine in England.
Shows the difference in Smith Wiggleworth’s message and commitment to Jesus and the crazy New Mistics… He said I could offer to you for your blog.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 2:25 PM, jonathan stuart-brown wrote:

Smith Wigglesworth has achieved Protestant Pentecostal Charismatic sainthood and icon status among the new Nicolatians (Peter Wagner, Bob, Jones, John Arnott, Bill Johnson, Patricia King, Todd Bentley, Trevor Baker, Stephen Strader, Julie Anderson, Rev Dr Mark Stibbe, Rupert Foxwell, Gerald Coates, Ken Gott, Paul Cain, Wendy and Rory Alec of God TV, Che Ahn, James Goll, Kathie Walters) seeking to trade on his name and reputation.

Smith Wigglesworth denounces these evil doers.

He always preached two hours on sin and sincere repentence and The Suffering, The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ BEFORE he would ever pray for miracles and healing.

Often he preached longer on repentence.

He never put the healings and miracles before The Cross of Jesus Christ. It is all about The Miracle Maker not the miracles, he insisted. Focusing on miracles is sin. You worship Jesus Christ not the miracles.

He always preached from The Bible.

Bible passages were read in full, unedited, in context and there was no cutting out one verse in isolation to build a false doctrine on.

All hymns (new or old) had to be checked by Christian doctrine.

He always said The Lord’s Prayer at every service.

All prophecies were short, to the point, tested and always rejected if they did not line up with scripture. The Bible teaching and Bible reading dominated and prophecy was fringe if in his meetings at all.

MOREOVER, he condemned prosperity preachers. He condemned the health, wealth false Gospel.

He condemned the false teaching that you give to get on earth. He emphasised giving is a sacrifice which will probably only be rewarded in Heaven. But the short term pain will lead to longterm eternal gain….not instant riches.

He condemned people who elevate prophesy, supernatural experiences, new revelation over The Bible.

He condemned people who elevate miracles over The Cross of Jesus Christ.

Smith Wigglesworth condemns Lakeland, Greedy God TV, Todd Bentley, Peter Wagner, Bob Jones, Patricia King, Gerald Coates, Julie Anderson (Chancellor of Wagner Leadership UK), Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson, John Arnott, Trevor Baker, Che Ahn, Rupert Foxwell, Sharon Stone).

Smith Wiggleswoth condemned drunkeness and fornication which are the real deal among these Nicolatians.

Smith Wigglesworth did prophecy that the people who know The Spirit must know the Word or else it will be to NO AVAIL.

Smith Wigglesworth repeatedly warned of False Prophets and False Teachers.

Smith Wigglesworth warned that Judas was taught by Jesus Himself SO beware people bragging of who their family is or who their teacher was. Pedigree is no guide as heretics start inside The Church and have no excuse for their chosen path.

Smith Wigglesworth turned down riches and wealth. He wanted his reward in Heaven.

Smith Wigglesworth ironically in his day was less of a draw in The UK than Donald Gee, Howard Carter, The Jeffrey brothers and others in the early AOG and Elim movement. They all did countless healings and miracles. Real miracles.

However, they all denounced prosperity preachers. They regarded the real cake as the salvations and the healings as the cherry on top. They all preached The Cross and Repentence for two to three hours BEFORE prayer for miracles. They all emphasised they needed to daily repent and daily seek God to avoid the pitfalls of sin.

They specifically rejected the WORD FAITH, LATTER RAIN false doctrines.

The British Church before World War Two was still the dominant tone in the English speaking world. They expected ministers to be poor and humble.

After World War Two, America’s cultural dominance extended to The Christian Church Leadership.

British Smith Wigglesworth’s Christ centred faith deplored and denounced anyone charging for The Gospel, for healing, for prophecy and miracles.

They would have never believed that people would be charged to enter any Christian service (even a Conference or Seminar).

They believed if God guided, then God provided.

If God did not guide, the meeting, trip, conference was “sinful”.

God raised up Smith Wigglesworth. May He raise up similar ministers in The USA’s urgent hour of need.

Praise God for the true honest voices in America like the grandson of Billy Graham who called Todd Bentley a “False Prophet with a Capital F” long before his fall, when the way to get money and popularity was to cheer Bentley on.

Praise God that there are millions of true Christians in The USA and in Canada. Let them reform the church invaded by Bodysnatching False Prophets and Nicolatians. Let them PROTEST against The Peter Wagner evil empire.

We need new Protestants. New Luthers against Peter Wagner.

Smith Wiggleswoth condemns Joel’s Army, Marketplace Ministers, The New Apostolic Reformation, Global Harvest, The Elijah List, Lakeland Ignited Church, The Five Fold Ministry, Latter Rain, William Branham, Manifest Sons of God, Dominionism, Shepherding, Extreme Prophetic, RevivalFires in Dudley, Rick Joyner, astral projection, seeking Angels, God TV, Wendy Alec’s false prophecies and Angel worship, Rory Alec’s greed and lust for world domination, Wagner Leadership and all Peter Wagner “hub”, “stargate” and “open heaven” organisations.

The Nicolatians got in The Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches in the 1970s and enslaved wonderful Christians and took control of every choice, confiscated cheque books, decided if and who they could marry AND refused to let them fellowship with other believers in any other meetings and churches. They bullied, intimidated and terrified wonderful Christians and destroyed beautiful fellowships.

When The Holy Spirit exposed them and their submission-shepherding tyranny came to an end, they came up with The Toronto Blessing and its children which is demonising The Charismatic Church.

They still want to enslave and rob you. That is what Nicolatians do. That is why God warns about them in the Bible.

Moreover, if they believe that if you give, God is forced to give you back in this world a thousand times what you give, THEN they should sell all their mansions and jets and give to the poor and sick people. They will be a thousand times richer !

Robin Hood of legend stole from the rich to give to the poor. They steal from the poor to give to themselves”.

An elderly female colleague of Smith Wigglesworth said: “I knew immediately Todd Bentley was not right and demon-possessed.

He has led millions of people astray and this counterfeit anointing has demonised them. Many are commiting suicide and having breakdowns.

But clearly he had a huge number of helpers.

We know now that Toronto is demonic. Before some of us were naive about it. We are open to difference and keen on unity. But now we know it is demonic.

The Marketplace Ministry is prostituting Churches.

A business is a business. A Church is a Church. Only greed can confuse them.

You do not market or sell Jesus Christ for profit. That is JUDAS mentality. You do not sell The Holy Spirit. That is Simon Magus.

But these people must come. The Bible says so.

Many False Prophets will arise and MANY WILL FOLLOW THEM.

Lakeland was prophecied….by Jesus Christ. He prophecied false Prophets !

So repent of your sin, cling to the feet of Jesus Christ on The Cross, await your reward in Heaven, watch for The Second Coming….and pray to be worthy of The Rapture. Lukewarm Christians will get The Tribulation.

This is what Smith Wigglesworth says.

Prosperity teachers, Word Faith, Latter Rain, Peter Wagner….well Smith Wigglesworth would have kicked them out of any town he was in”.

People want God to move.

But God tests people. Love is patient. Jesus is building His Church. Patience and persistence are characters he wants.

Lakeland was The Golden Calf. Sincere Christians passionate to worship could not or would not wait for the real move of God. They face death not life for disobedience. God demands patience for Him. Repent.

Toronto was Ishamail. The Nicolatians persecute real sincere Christians.

But Jesus will still build His Church and The Gates of Hell (and Nicolatians) will NOT prevail against it….


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  1. *claps*

    Wonderful post. I’ve always thought it a shame that Wigglesworth gets lumped in with the prophetic crowd and seen as some sort of false prophet. Many people write him off without ever reading about him. Yes, he may of had some strange practices but he also had many many more solidly biblical ones, which is more than can be said for some of today’s so called ‘revivalists’ .

    Wigglesworth only ever read the bible and he knew the fear of God as well as the power of God. This is a man who, from what I’ve read, truly loved the real Jesus and God used him mightily.

  2. I wish the article contained references. It would be useful to put names and dates to these statements (grandson of Billy Graham, elderly woman who knew Wigglesworth, etc.) along with quotes from Wigglesworth himself. Otherwise, great article.

  3. While Smith Wiggleworth is not Todd Bentley, the focus on an ultra charismatic experience, with much in the way of fake tongues and hoax claims of raising the dead and such is much the same. Wiggleworth even claimed he prayed and saw his own wife raised from the dead, twice. And like Bentley don’t hold your breath looking for confirmation.

    Wiggleworth started the bogus claim, that if you’re sick and pray for healing, if it does not come than you don’t have enough faith. Which is why many forsake medicine as their own display of “faith” and Wiggleworth was pretty much anti-medicine for himself.

    All the mess has the same root as far as who initiated it, Wiggleworth. Although Wiggleworth knew how to look a bit more presentable with it.

    No Bentley is not Wiggleworth, but Wiggleworth’s fingerprints are on every single one of these bogus “healing revivals”. Every child that dies because the parents forsook medicine, every person who turns down medical treatment feeling they need “more faith”, it all has Smith Wiggleworth’s prints all over it.

    We know even Benney Hinn never presents himself looking like Todd Bentley and we never hear of Benney Hinn sleeping around either. But these guys all stem from much the same bad doctrine.

  4. Allow me to prove my point, from Smith Wiggleworth’s own book on the subject..

    From SW’s book “Ever Increasing Faith”

    Regarding tongues
    Chapter 8, Page 150:
    God has ordained this speaking in an unknown tongue
    unto Himself as a wonderful, supernatural means of
    communication in the Spirit. As we speak to him in the
    unknown tongue we speak wonderful mysteries in the Spirit.

    Regarding physical healing
    Chapter 4, Page 29:
    But I want
    you to realize that there is a life of purity, a life made clean
    through the word He has spoken, in which, through faith,
    you can glorify God with a body that is free from sickness, as
    well as with a spirit set free from the bondage of Satan.
    Here they lay, a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind,
    halt, withered, around the pool, waiting for the moving of the
    water. Did Jesus heal everybody? He left many around that
    pool unhealed. There were doubtless many who had their
    eyes on the pool and who had no eyes for Jesus. There are
    many today who have their confidence all the time in things
    seen. If they would only get their eyes on God instead of on
    natural things, how quickly they would be helped.
    The question arises, is salvation and healing for all? It is
    for all who will press right in and get their portion. You
    remember the case of that Syrophenician woman who wanted
    the devil cast out of her daughter. Jesus said to her, “Let the
    children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children’s
    bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.” Note, healing, and
    deliverance are here spoken of by the Master as “the
    children’s bread”; so, if you are a child of God, you can surely
    press in for your portion.
    The Syrophenician woman (Mark 7:24-30) purposed to
    get from the Lord what she was after, and she said, “Yes,
    Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s
    crumbs.” Jesus was stirred as He saw the faith of this woman,
    and He told her, “For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone
    out of thy daughter.” Today there are many children of God
    refusing their blood-purchased portion of health in Christ
    and are throwing it away, while sinners are pressing through
    and picking it up from under the table, as it were, and are
    finding the cure not only for their bodies, but for their spirits
    and souls as well.

    And there you go, if you are sick, you have not “pressed” hard enough. This is the same mess we are hearing today from the pulpit pimps. New packaging, but the SAME erred doctrines.

    Yea, read what the man said, get a copy of a book like “Ever Increasing Faith” and see for yourself, his words and the stuff coming out today is much the same.

  5. Wonderful post. I’ve always thought it a shame that Wigglesworth gets lumped in with the prophetic crowd and seen as some sort of false prophet.

    Yes, he may of had some strange practices but he also had many many more solidly biblical ones, which is more than can be said for some of today’s so called ‘revivalists’ .

    Wigglesworth only ever read the bible and he knew the fear of God as well as the power of God. This is a man who, from what I’ve read, truly loved the real Jesus and God used him mightily.

    I agree with you Dave. I’ve read a few books about his life written by those who traveled with him. I was always impressed by his love for the word of God more so then signs and wonders. He always came across as ‘balanced’ in both…seeing the importance of both!

  6. IC…

    And there you go, if you are sick, you have not “pressed” hard enough.

    I don’t think Smith Wiggleworth was perfect by a long shot, im sure he made many errors…As far as divine healing, i believe faith is important but i actually think divine healing (as in a miracle) depends upon God’s sovereign will too.

    What he did do was preach the Gospel with a deep love for the word of God. As i posted [above] he believed in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit AS WELL as seeing the importance of preaching the scriptures. He saw them as going hand in hand..

    He believed all of the gifts of the Spirit were important for the early Church and believed they were just as important for the Church today. I agree…

  7. I wish the article contained references. It would be useful to put names and dates to these statements (grandson of Billy Graham, elderly woman who knew Wigglesworth, etc.) along with quotes from Wigglesworth himself.

    Rose, you may be able to get the references for many of the Wigglesworth quotes plus the quote from the lady who knew him, through Pat Holliday. It was a friend of hers in England who wrote the above and sent it to her.

    You can contact her at her website here:


    Now i can help you with the quote from Billy Graham’s grandson! I put up a post with a link at the time:

    This guy is a false prophet – with a capital ‘F’

    I recall being surprised at the time to find out that Billy Graham had a grandson who pastored…his name is William Graham Tullian Tchividjian.

  8. It’s nothing more than a little leaven, that has grown and grown. Starting with men claiming they will their own healings rather than having their focus on God’s sovereignty. It started in more recent years with the Azusa incident, which birthed things such as the AoG. Some of the AoG went to a man named Wiggleworth and so on, right up to the Hinn’s and the Bentley’s. The leaven just continued to grow and many say, it’s OK 🙄 .

    This is just as men such as Jacobus Arminius and Charles Grandison Finney were not as flamboyant with it as some of today who promote their errors are, but still, just a little leaven is all it takes. It always starts small.

  9. Okay guys, I have a question. Wigglesworth may have been far different from Bentley in many ways. But I have read, and I don’t remember where so don’t have the references, that he also did things like kick people to bring healing. Folks have appealed to that fact for justification of practices like Todd’s. What do you do with that? Between that and his emphasis on “if you have enough faith and press in” you will be healed, I have a hard time with this man.

  10. What do you do with that?

    Seek the truth on the matter, especially if you’re not familiar with him or his ministry…

    What i would do is first, find a few good and balanced articles about the man, his life and ministry Cheryl. You might also care to listen/read some of his sermons, etc…

    I can point you to a few links (hope this helps you)

    Sermon Index Articles etc. (good page)

    Smith Wigglesworth SermonIndex


    Christians Unite – wigglesworth

    That should keep you busy .. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the links, PJ.

    Here is an interesting quote from an article I found on Wigglesworth at another site. It is found here: http://www.ag.org/enrichmentjournal/199801/070_wigglesworth.cfm

    “One must credit him with consistency in trusting God for his physical health, even as Pentecostals gradually accepted the complementary roles of prayer and medical science in healing. He and Polly agreed never to seek the help of doctors or take medicine but to trust Christ as their Healer. Suffering had no place in God’s plan for the believer. Wigglesworth saw praying for the sick as a contest between God and the devil: “I have no word for rheumatism only ‘demon possessed.’ Rheumatism, cancers, tumors, lumbago, neuralgia, all these things I give only one name, the power of the devil working in humanity. When I see consumption, I see demon working power there. All these things can be removed.”

    His notion of praying for the sick as an act of spiritual warfare helps account for his rough handling of people in his earlier ministry. He thought of striking a person where they hurt as actually hitting the devil. Although some reported healing as a result, others thought it best to avoid identifying the location of their pain. In one service, however, he met his match. At Glad Tidings Tabernacle in New York City, after he had struck an Irish immigrant woman who had gone forward for prayer, she immediately drew back her fist and shouted, “Begorra, if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get!” Fortunately, calm prevailed and the service proceeded without further incident.”

    I can’t agree with the idea that all sickness is caused by demons. Or that suffering had no place in God’s plan for the believer. If this article is correct, at least that aspect of his belief sounds like part of Word of Faith doctrine.

  12. pjmiller,

    Would you please read the article I have linked here:


    These are the types of things I have read about Wigglesworth in the past that caused me to highly question him. (Besides kicking people in the stomach, etc!)

    If this article is accurate in the quotes made, Wigglesworth’s doctrine sounds very far off. In fact ,it sounds much like WoF and latter rain teaching. Sorry, I haven’t had time to look through those links you listed. This article I found very quickly by a Google search.

    Would you please let me know what you think? Thanks.

  13. Hi Cheryl!

    You’re really bugged by the late Smith Wigglesworth aren’t you! ahaha… 🙂

    I don’t pretend to understand all about this man of God, nor can i say i agree with every one of his teachings (but i find i don’t agree 100% with anyone’s teachings outside of the bible- ahaha!! I freaked someone out recently by telling them i totally disagreed with the ‘great’ John MacArthur on a certain doctrine) –but i do know God used him at a time in church history to help, along with others, reintroduce some of the original church doctrines which had become lost over the centuries. The gifts of the Holy Spirit being one such doctrine along with the faith to believe God for the miraculous.

    What many of us who are Pentecostals have become distressed about is how his name and ministry has been used by those who have went faaar beyond biblical doctrine concerning the supernatural manifestations of the Spirit, power of God, and the true gifts, in their attempt to explain their extra-biblical teachings–Todd and many of those today, do this.

    What they failed to understand was this man and many like him at the time, did preach the power of God, healings, etc, but also preached holiness, repentance, etc…

    They only point to one part of the ministry God called him to, while ignoring the rest–this is what i meant about ‘balance’

    You’re going to find those who believed he was used mightily by God at a time and season when true faith in our miraculous God needed to be preached–and you’re going to find others who consider him a false teacher–

    This is why its important to research the man himself, his books and sermons/teachings. It might help you also to research those who knew him personally, and/or attended his meetings: both those who hold pro-and con positions.

    One place i would start would be by contacting Pat Holliday to see if she can’t put you in contact with the author of the above letter [she received]….he seems to have not only first hand knowledge but also knows/knew at least one person who was personally acquainted with Wigglesworth before he went home to Glory…

    If you do this, i too would love to hear about anything you find out; (i love church history!)

    I can’t agree with the idea that all sickness is caused by demons. Or that suffering had no place in God’s plan for the believer.

    No i don’t believe that either–

    One interesting note on Wigglesworth’s wrong belief on this topic is his own health [and that of his family]



    Although Smith Wigglesworth believed all sickness was from the devil and everyone could be healed, there were some difficulties. The untimely death of his wife in 1913 was a real blow. He commanded death to give her up. She said, “Smith – the Lord wants me.” “If the Lord wants you, I will not hold you” was his response but he greatly missed her.

    His daughter, Alice Salter frequently traveled with him after Polly’s death. Alice was deaf and was never healed. His youngest son, George, went to be with the Lord in 1915.

    Early in the 1930’s an X-ray revealed Smith Wigglesworth was suffering from kidney stones. An immediate operation was necessary to avoid a painful illness and eventual death. “Doctor, the God who made this body is the one who can cure it. No knife shall ever cut it as long as I live” was his response. He endured six years of pain before he was delivered. Later he suffered from sciatica which made walking painful and often, he was more sick than the people he prayed for. At seventy eight he ruptured badly and in 1944 he suffered a slight stroke. He was quickened in 1945 and was able to chair the Easter convention at Preston.

    Smith Wigglesworth died on 12 March 1947 at the funeral of Wilf Richardson. His ministry is summed up in his own words, “There are four principles we need to maintain: First, read the Word of God. Second, consume the Word of God until it consumes you. Third believe the Word of God. Fourth, act on the Word.” As George Stormont put it, “He lived so that people would only see Jesus.”

  14. pjmiller,

    Hi again! I guess what “bugs” me about this is that as I have done a lot of reading in the last few years, I have become so aware that some of the folks that have always been so looked up to as heroes of the faith had some very bad doctrines and practices, in fact some very similar ones to the things we are seeing in so many today and are making a stand against now. They may have been a lot more balanced than someone like Todd for instance. And they may also have done a lot of good. But the leaven was there and my, how it has grown over the last years! It seems to me that to read someone like Wigglesworth, one has to “eat the meat” and spit out those proverbial bones! And I did read several things of his online. I found several things in what I read that seemed pretty far off to me. I was trying to find one sermon again and post a quote from it, but I seem to have lost it. If I find it, I’ll quote it here.

  15. P.S.—

    I found that sermon I was speaking of. However, when I read that section again, I realized I probably took it wrong the first time. So maybe things weren’t quite as bad as I had thought! But there are still a lot of other quotes that I have a hard time reconciling with Scripture and that are a real problem for me.

  16. Cheryl,

    I wanted to respond further to your statement:

    I can’t agree with the idea that all sickness is caused by demons. Or that suffering had no place in God’s plan for the believer.

    And my reply to you:

    No i don’t believe that either–

    Watch this: God Isn’t Glorified From The Handicapped?(John’s Testimony)

    I hope this blesses you as it did me… God can be glorified even within a broken body.

  17. I’m in the process of evaluating Smith Wigglesworth. For some reason, as God began molding some things into me, he turned my attention to “Ever Increasing Faith,” which was sitting on the amplifier next to my bed. I had always doubted the man for some reason, but I could never help but get the sense of something godly about him, even just looking at his picture. He looks, sounds, acts nothing like the prosperity ministers who are out to impress.

    I picked it up “Ever Increasing Faith,” and I don’t remember what sermon it was, but it amazed me. I found a four-part series on the man by George Stormont, a great listen. I keep reading and looking, I bought one of his books this weekend, and with everything I learn I see him being pulled farther and farther from the image of the false charismatic movement today. And so far, I don’t know anything that’s helped my evaluation of him even half as much as this blog article. This is all things which, in the last couple months, I suspected and believed were very important pretenses to any assortment of miracles–preaching on sin, repentance, and then the miracles; and the miracles should NEVER be the focus!

    After reading this, I’m probably going to back to the bookstore and buy a couple more books. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m printing this out and keeping it.

  18. You are being so judgemental guys. The way you tell if someone is a Christian is you look at their fruit. He was baring fruit all the time. I can’t beleive you are questioning this guy. If you could live half the life style he did you would be a great Christian in today’s standards. No not everyone is perfect and yes you might have differences, but he is on the same team. He is Christ centered. Shame on you guys for making him out to be a bad guy or compare him to false prophets. Maybe he saw things diffrently than you and I but he preached the word and probably got his views on healing directly from biblical references. Like how the demons oppressed the lady into being crippled and the disciples could not heal her because the demons knew of Christ but they had no authority over the demons so demons did not leave the woman. Christ told them this demon will only leave by prayer and fasting, wich is what Wigglesworth was know for doing. I agree many false prophets but he is not one of them. Please find one of the 1000’s of healed people, such as the baby born with one arm and after being kicked( wich is crazy I know but does show the tremendous FAITH Wigglesworth had in God) and now that that baby has two fully grown healthy arms and ask them if he is a false prophet or a man of God! You can not argue with experience and I experience God and an example of how to live when I read his material. I beleive God has given men wisdom in medice and I will use that for my family but his advice is sound and he preaches the word. He did not make people get off their medicine he just gave his viewpoint. Its a tough one. But even Paul gave Timothy some medicine for his stomach and those guys saw many healed too. Why do we only look at one area of a man and not the person as a whole. You will find fault with everyone but Christ!

    • God never created us to be sick thats biblical and because of our sin and sin nature sickness was created. So if one were to go sinless in this life he would never become sick…. such as Christ! I think he was trying to say something along these lines as we create sickness we have the power to control it through Christ. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. The impossible become possible in Christ. We cant do it by ourselves but Christ has overcome it and controlls it if we believe. I have seen mountains moved myself… such as cancer etc… your Faith must remain in God and not mans medicine. It really depends on how you look at medicine as God’s wisdom or as mans way of healing himself. Wigglesworth may see it diffrently but preaches the same Christ I know. Thats what makes us beautiful is we are all different and God created us that way to reach the World for Christ.

  19. …..what makes us beautiful is we are all different and God created us that way to reach the World for Christ.

    Excellent observation Dan! I agree…

    There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.
    There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.
    There are different kinds of workings,
    but the same God works all of them in all men.

    Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good…
    All these are the work of one and the same Spirit,
    and he gives them to each one, just as he determines.
    1 Cor. 12:4-7, 11

    As a young Christian, reading the accounts of Wiggleworth help build and strengthen my faith–my faith to believe God for anything. Even miraculous healings.

    • There is room for differences of belief as long as it is not in the weightier issues that would affect our salvation altogether, or our relationship with God… In literally every church people don’t believe in things the same way, even the church leaders within the same church. Look at Rom. 14… one believes God only allows vegetables, another both meat and vegies, but God accepts both. Though one is wrong and the other right. Also look at 1Cor. 8:8 one believes even if the meat was offered to an idol he can just pray and give thanks and its fine, another believes it contaminates him, but before God none is better or worse whether or not they eat.. Php 3:15 Let us therefore, as many as are perfect, be thus minded: and if in anything ye are otherwise minded, this also shall God reveal unto you:
      Php 3:16 only, whereunto we have attained, by that same rule let us walk….From this it is clear that even in the early church, people did not always look at things the same way. Remember at first, God had to give Peter a vision to show the church that even none Jews could be Christians,and if we read in Acts 11, we find that the church at Jerusalem was annoyed with Peter for going to preach to the Jews. We always have something more to know and to claim we know everything right is to deny what the bible itself says; 1Co 8:2 If any man thinketh that he knoweth anything, he knoweth not yet as he ought to know; It only becomes dangerous when one begins to distort the foundational doctrines that touch salvation and how to walk and remain as Sons of God….

    • Amen. Thanks Gerald 🙂

  20. The carnal man doesn’t understand the spiritual man. Smith Wigglesworth contended for the faith which was once delivered to the saints. He demonstrated the love of God and the power of God. It is true that he kicked a few people however, it is also true that they were healed and not injured. Jesus also did some peculiar things. Smith made some mistakes and probably should have taken medication to dissolve his gall stones which brought him much discomfort but he chose to trust God instead. Also, he claimed to have raised his wife from the dead a couple of times. Didn’t God move through Peter and Paul to raise people from the dead too. Let us not have a form of godliness and deny the power thereof but also contend for the faith once delivered to the apostles. May the church foresake the circus that the end time church has become and go back to the Christianity that Smith Wigglesworth lived.

    • I agree. Frankly i believe much of the church is in the state its in today, relying on the ‘arm of the flesh’, because it has turned away from acknowledging and depending upon the power of God.

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