The Deborah ‘anointing’ and The Kingdom ‘Company’

This type of stuff should make any Christian who has not fallen into the last day deception of Dominionism, the Latter-Rain and/or Joel’s Army nonsense, take notice. Listen folks, this isn’t about an indiviual as much as it concerns these dangerous false doctrines: which by the way, we saw in a recent expose, the secular word is starting to take notice of.

Lee Grady: I love you brother but when are you going to stop jumping out publicly in full ‘arm-waving support’ about everything and everyone which comes down the pike: Didn’t Lakeland teach you anything?

You can read it here: Fire in my Bones: Sarah Palin and the Deborah Anointing

*Let me say this…there is NO Deborah anointing, just as there are none of the specific proper noun ‘named’ anointing’s these guys come up with. There is Christ’s anointing, which every born-again believer has, by the Holy Spirit who abides within. Why these people feel they have to give names to ‘anointings’ is beyond my understanding when there is nothing in the word of God which tells us these different anointings are available to followers of Christ.


*Likewise there is NO Kingdom Company..sigh…or any other ‘Specificly named ‘Company’ of believers in the word of God. There are Christians and unbelievers. Period.


In a powerful prophetic encounter I was told these words: “A Kingdom Company – an emerging generation that will take charge.” They will rule the visible world from the invisible realm.

God is calling and commissioning a Kingdom Company to function in dominion authority and revealed power, however, it will be from a foundation of Christ’s love. This emerging generation will demonstrate dominion demeanor… (the rest can be read HERE)

Ever notice, all these groups, which we know are related, all have these words…this bizaare super-spiritual language all their own: it must be how they communicate with each other and why they only understand each other: ‘Companies’, certain specific ‘anointings’..(proper names, of course) and the coming ‘moves’…they all have names also. Its not funny, but some of it does make me laugh…

9 comments on “The Deborah ‘anointing’ and The Kingdom ‘Company’

  1. Methinks the “prophets” would’ve had a tad more credibility if they hadn’t tagged Sarah Palin (a person I admire, BTW) with the Deborah tag *after* she’s been all over the media for the past 10 days. I thought God spoke to them?

  2. […] know, yet another political article. I promise to do better, but how can I ignore things like this? Brother PJ Miller tipped me off to this fromJ. Lee Gray, editor of the influential Charisma Magazine. Now similar to Christianity Today and Roman Catholics with evangelical Christians, Charisma […]

  3. >>”this bizarre super-spiritual language all their own”<<
    Thank goodness you said that! I thought I was the only one who was completely out of the loop- neither speaking nor understanding that language. It is so strange, foreign, and utterly weird to me.

  4. Here is a great video exposing Peter Wagner and friends

  5. You know, i’ve always respected and liked Lee Grady–he appears to be a nice person, and up until recently, one which had common sense and more importantly, discernment.

    Even after Lakeland, and the way he came out 100% FOR supporting it, giving no heed to what was really going on and what was being preached, castigating those who were questioning it being ‘of God…I still just thought; ‘well ok, anyone can miss it once in awhile, he was wrong, but at least he came back months later and tried to set things straight’

    After the above commentary, i can no longer overlook the apparent truth which he hasn’t got a ‘lick’ of discernment or sense.

    The very fact that he has once again, ‘jumped’ out front, waving his arms wildly in defense of, and support of a person even people in the ‘know’ [the media] are STILL learning more about daily, shows me he learned zilch from the Lakeland/Bentley fiasco. I mean, for goodness sakes, it was just a few measly weeks ago that the stuff about Bentley came out!

    What i see him also doing in this commentary, is so much like his Fire in my Bones commentary on Bentley and Lakeland, when he supported it–calling it a ‘great move of God, it was like dé·jà vu.

    I ask you to read this: This is a quote from Lee Grady back in may when he was castigating those who were speaking out about what was transpiring in Lakeland–he was ‘warning’ (link here)

    As Florida Healings Continue, Charisma Editor Warns Against Wrong Attitudes

    J. Lee Grady, editor of Charisma magazine, has posted a timely message on Faith News Network on the subject of healing. He begins his editorial with a reminder of what exactly Jesus disliked about the Pharisees: primarily their hyper-legalism. “They stayed away from women, children, dead bodies, lepers, beggars, sinners, blood, shellfish, pigs and—especially—people of other ethnic backgrounds,” writes Grady. “They didn’t want ‘unclean’ Gentiles to corrupt them.”

    When Jesus traveled to the Decapolis region and healed a deaf and dumb villager (possibly a Gentile), Grady says, “Jesus broke every religious rule in the Pharisees’ hand-washing manual when He performed this miracle….Jesus was making a point. He didn’t come to earth to spend His time washing His hands inside a synagogue. His message was not about what not to eat or who to avoid. He came to touch dirty people. He came to cleanse lepers, heal bleeding women, hold children, eat with tax collectors and forgive prostitutes.”

    “Too often,” adds Grady, “we fall under the influence of the ‘religious sanitation police.’ Religious systems despise healing, and they certainly don’t endorse touching the addicted, the diseased, the demonized or the dying…True holiness invades sickness, sin and shame—and overcomes it.”

    Concerning current revivals with manifested healings, Grady concludes, “God wants a holy breakout. He intends for all believers to lay hands on the sick and to restore the broken. The same Holy Spirit who anointed Jesus to cleanse lepers has empowered us with a healing touch. Please don’t sit on your hands during this crucial hour.” (more at link)

    Now, what is he doing [again] in the above commentary, but more of the same;

    Just one week before the Republican Convention was scheduled to kick off in Minnesota, most evangelical Christians I know were (1) half-heartedly supporting John McCain; (2) flirting with the idea of voting for Barack Obama even though they disagreed with his policies; or (3) considering not voting at all. But the political mood shifted abruptly on Sept. 3, as if something from the mountains of Alaska sent seismic shockwaves across the nation. The earthquake hit when a little-known female governor appeared on the national stage with a baby in one arm and four more of her kids sitting in the audience.

    Gov. Sarah Palin, who has kept an infant swing in her office in Juneau since April, has changed everything about the 2008 presidential race. Nobody—including McCain, no doubt—had any idea how much Palin’s candidacy would electrify the nation.

    Evangelicals and other social conservatives were so ecstatic about “Sarah Barracuda” that the left-leaning media began a mad dash to discredit her. Animal rights activists complained about her bear rugs and her father’s fondness for moose hunting. Hypocritical feminists questioned whether Palin has time to run a country with all those kids. (So they think only liberal women can govern?) Democratic pundits claimed she lacks foreign policy experience. (If McCain had selected globetrotting Condoleezza Rice for the job, would the Democrats have approved? I don’t think so.)

    Palin’s enemies will poke around for the next two months to find her weak spots, but I have a feeling the tough-talking hockey mom from Wasilla will hold up just fine under scrutiny. They are underestimating this woman’s Christian faith, which has shaped her anti-corruption policies, her pro-life convictions and her refreshingly humble servant-leadership style.

    Talk about a role model. Palin’s life is a prophecy to America.

    He’s jumping to the defense of someone, ONCE AGAIN without REAL FACTS, and DARING any Christian to even hint that Palin may not be ‘all that’ and a “bag (of right-wing) chips”

    That is not even taking into account the absolute foolishness and non-biblical doctrine [to support it] in which he now tries to relate her to Deborah in the old testament. Why, as he said above: “(Palin is) a role model. Palin’s life is a prophecy to America”

    He needs to go back and read about the life of Deborah again…and read closely what Deborah’s responses were to Barak.

    And as far as her being a Biblical role modal such as is laid out in the new testament, im sorry, but she is not.

    She is a politician–as well are McCain, Obama, and Biden.


  6. in response to you mentioning:

    I still just thought; ‘well ok, anyone can miss it once in awhile, he was wrong, but at least he came back months later and tried to set things straight’

    that is not the case with person in Christ, with the true gift mentioned in 1 cor . 12. a prophet with the real gift will be 100% all the time,. the faux counterfeit prophet spreads the lie that the accuracy rate is 80% or the like… anyone can miss it only applies to someone who does not have the gift.

    the Holy Spirit gives the gifts out as he desires and it is part of the conversion package. and like a real gift, it does not get taken away by the giver (or the accuracy fluctuate) because the person may be acting un-righteously or ungodly.

  7. Hi eric…

    Yes i agree with you, a true prophet of God will be accurate always!

    Not to defend Lee Grady [cause im pretty disgusted with him right now] but what i was referring to was a commentary he wrote some months back in which he was defending what was occurring at Lakeland and Bentley’s actions, in which he also came across as ‘warning’ anyone who was questioning if it was of God or not…

    On that he missed it big time, as we all know but it wasn’t a prophecy, just a commentary…

    What appalled me about the above newest commentary was its apparent he is doing it again–to be frank i wouldn’t trust his discernment to help guide me out of a wet paper bag…


  8. That’s awesome guys. Way to show the love of Christ to your fellow brethren. I mean, you know, God always approves of slander of one another. You must really know what goes on in order to judge these people correctly. None of us are different from those you talk about. Unlearn your theology and follow Jesus. John 13:34-35 NIV- A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” 1 John 3:11 NIV- For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another. 1 John 3:23 NIV- And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us.

    • coco, the word also says,

      1 John 4:1 Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

      Prove all things – Subject everything submitted to you to be believed to the proper test.

      The word here used (δοκιμάζετε dokimazete), is one that is properly applicable to metals, referring to the art of the assayer, by which the true nature and value of the metal is tested; see notes, 1 Corinthians 3:13. This trial was usually made by fire. The meaning here is, that they were carefully to examine everything proposed for their belief. They were not to receive it on trust; to take it on assertion; to believe it because it was urged with vehemence, zeal, or plausibility. In the various opinions and doctrines which were submitted to them for adoption, they were to apply the appropriate tests from reason and the word of God, and what they found to be true they were to embrace; what was false they were to reject. Christianity does not require people to disregard their reason, or to be credulous. It does not expect them to believe anything because others say it is so. It does not make it a duty to receive as undoubted truth all that synods and councils have decreed; or all that is advanced by the ministers of religion. It is, more than any other form of religion, the friend of free inquiry, and would lead people everywhere to understand the reason of the opinions which they entertain; compare Acts 17:11-12; 1 Peter 3:15. Other religions require their votaries to receive everything upon trust; Christianity asks us to examine everything.

      Error, superstition, bigotry, and fanaticism attempt to repress free discussion, by saying that there are certain things which are too sacred in their nature, or which have been too long held, or which are sanctioned by too many great and holy names, to permit their being subjected to the scrutiny of common eyes, or to be handled by common hands. In opposition to all this, Christianity requires us to examine everything – no matter by whom held; by what councils ordained; by what venerableness of antiquity sustained; or by what sacredness it may be invested. We are to receive no opinion until we are convinced that it is true; we are to be subjected to no pains or penalties for not believing what we do not perceive to be true; we are to be prohibited from examining no opinion which our fellow-men regard as true, and which they seek to make others believe. No popular current in favor of any doctrine; no influence which name and rank and learning can give it, is to commend it to us as certainly worthy of our belief. By whomsoever held, we are to examine it freely before we embrace it; (Barnes notes on the bible)

      1 Cor 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? but we have the mind of Christ.

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