Only One True Kingdom

Very good message posted today at Cerulean Sanctum blog: Only One True Kingdom

Watch the video clip he was sent in which Julie Meyer ‘prophecies’. Meyer is an associate of Extreme Prophetic’s Patricia King and is tied to the Bob Jones Ministry along with (surprise, surtprise!) The Elijah List.

Afterward, be sure and read Dan Edelen’s excellent message…

8 comments on “Only One True Kingdom

  1. Is this Julie Meyers related to that Joyce Meyers…

    I couldn’t play the video on my computer. I guess it’s too high tech for me…bummer. Nothing like a little excericse in discernment after work to wind down for the day…

  2. No, they’re not related as far as i know Kit…

    I couldn’t play the video on my computer

    Try watching it here at youtube: 9/20/08: Prophecy from Julie Meyer at Eagles’ Wings Rosh Hashanah Conference, on the Nov. U.S. elections

  3. How much longer will our Lord wait?

  4. Seems we have a few satanic buzz words to keep our ears perked.

    Deborah “annointing”, Esther (and remember Matthew Stephen called his new girlfriend his “Esther”, and apparently Esther is a big deal in kabala and Madonna changed her name to Esther also…

    Number 2…(I also believe Matthew Stephen predicted there would be 2 political assasinations this year.) and the one prophesy from that Crowder guy about there being a woman president whether it be 1 or 2…it will be a woman…(I think that’s how it was stated).

    anyway…some thoughts…just like to see what the enemy is up to.

  5. I watched the video on youtube and it made me sick. I have never seen this lady before, but I know what she is. – a liar. The Lord made only one Deborah and there is no such thing as a “Deborah annointing”. It is funny that this “word” only comes AFTER Palin is announced as McCain’s running mate. But, ironically, this “word” came before Ohio announced that folks will be allowed to register and vote at the same time. This will work heavily in Obama’s favor. My guess is that She’s stepped in “number two” with this prophecy. lol

    Did Madonna really change her name to Esther?

    As for Crowder’s “prophecy”, I am sure he was thinking of Hillary Clinton. But now that Mrs Palin is running, I am sure he will tweak his “prophecy” accordingly.

  6. Yeah, Madonna changed her name to Esther. I will spare you the details…but the reasons for it were pretty creepy.

  7. Madonna has always been a bit strange. (Has anyone seen her vacuuming video?) Anyway I think Madonna is a prettier name than Esther. I know I should think of the biblical Esther, but whenever I hear it, I just think of Sanford and son’s Aunt Esther.lol I guess we can be grateful that she didn’t change her name to a symbol like the artist, formerly known as Prince, aka the artist, now known as Prince, once again, I think.
    I decided to watch a few other videos of this Meyers lady. In most of them, she was “prophesying?” at her organ. She reminds me of a bad hypnotist. A few minutes into the so-called “word”, she starts talking about “sending in the MONEY”. I think that’s what she is all about. That, and getting a hit song, CD, and video. – that was in her “words” too. Strange.

  8. The woman “Esther” aka Madonna..is a self proclaimed siren. She actually states this while explaining a siren leads men to their deaths! I’ll say she’s strange…I would post the link just for entertainment value, but I think it would not be appropriate…

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