Politics Makes for ‘Strange Bedfellows’

The figurative expression, strange bedfellows, is used in reference to situations wherein political or other mutual interests can bring together people who otherwise would not unite.

This saying is taken from a line in ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare, spoken by a shipwrecked man who finds himself seeking shelter beside a sleeping monster: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”


From Spirit of Error: The Call


Thousands of Christians gathered at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Nov. 1, to fast and pray in support of Proposition 8 — which would ban same-sex marriage.

“The Call” received support from prominent evangelical leaders like Dr. James Dobson (who spoke at the event) and from many Southern California churches — even though its list of organizers reads like a “Who’s Who” of the apostolic-prophetic movement.

Well-known “apostles” and “prophets” behind the event include founder Lou Engle, C. Peter Wagner, Che Ahn, Rick Joyner, Bill Hamon, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets and more.

See: the national board and advisory board.

What’s the problem with this?

The apostolic-prophetic movement promotes modern-day “apostles” and “prophets” who claim to wield unlimited authority and give new doctrinal revelation in addition to Scripture. It’s teachings have historically been considered outside orthodox Christianity.

Why would mainstream evangelicals like Dr. Dobson, Michael W. Smith (Christian musician) and Steve Douglas (president of Campus Crusade) partner with this fringe movement?

My guess — and hope — is that they aren’t aware of the organizers’ teachings. But in their zest to support marriage and family values, their participation gives the movement greater visibility and credibility in mainstream evangelicalism.

As a result, many Christians who never heard of Lou Engle or Cindy Jacobs or Dutch Sheets before are going to want to learn more about them, buy their books and attend their churches. Then they’re going to start being exposed to dangerous apostolic-prophetic teachings.


A few of the many names on the advisory board you will easily recognize:

Peter and Doris Wagner, Steve Strang, Dutch Sheets, Rod Parsley, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, James Goll, Che Ahn, etc.

And yes, this is the same Cindy Jacobs who recently organized the praying over the bull on Wall Street.

On the National board, we have the addition of Wesley and Lakeland prophetess,  Stacey Campbell.

The NRA (New Apostolic Reformation, headed up by Peter Wagner) appears to be an organization which is quickly being accepted by many in the main-stream Church: at least if they have a common goal they will work together.

The danger in compromising ones doctrinal beliefs, so as to unite together ‘today’ for a common political goal, may lead tomorrow, to uniting period.

*James Dobson At The Call San Diego

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?  And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.  Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.  And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty” – 2 Cor. 6:14-18


15 comments on “Politics Makes for ‘Strange Bedfellows’

  1. “Less Cheese to go around.”

    We are simply seeing the “Great falling away” unfold before our eyes. Crusading for “righteous” causes has always been a tactic for gaining control; after all, the Roman Catholic church leads the world in the fight against the murder of the innocents in abortion.

    They have no holy Spiritual power to bring about the conviction of sin…[ which is the issue in this particular crusade….], so the take up the banner and march to Jerusalem. Then everyone will notice their bold stand against the Devil and sin.

    “Those that have a form of Godliness…but deny the power there-of…from such turn away”…..AVOID!

    The NAR folks are irrelevant, and if they are gaining numbers, you can trust that it is with the apostate church, are soon to be apostate….because a little leaven leavens the whole lump. They are leaven.

    I firmly believe that they will begin to turn on one another to gain their share of the decreasing offerings, like rats in the cage with only one piece of cheese. Only so many churches are going to put up with their Papist dung for long anyway. We’re going into a depression, and the cash is getting “scarcer and scarcer”, and the churches just can’t afford another leach.

    Of course Sodomite “marriage” is ugly, and wrong…and will lead you to Hades…but when have you heard one of these “Apostles” or “Prophets” extend the mercy and grace that the Blood of Jesus affords, by the preaching of the gospel to those trapped in the gay world?….never!

    30 years ago I ministered in the “tenderloin” and the Castro…in San Francisco…full time…with a coffee house as the center, almost exclusively to the homosexual. We saw some salvation…with a message that Jesus saves, restores, and cleanses. The sodomite is an easy target..and as I have said…it is a sin issue…which I might remind us all….we’ve all got it!

    Today my heart is the same. Yes, we stand against sin, but moreso, we stand for mercy. “Mercy overcomes judgement.”

    Brother Tom Watkins

  2. “Less Cheese to go around.”

    ahaha,…that struck me funny Tom, and true.

    Here is further proof that this election has brought together some ‘very strange’ bedfellows. Sent out by Wendy Alec of GODTV today:

    Our dear GOD TV family,

    Warm greetings to all our US viewers as you prepare to cast your vote tomorrow. These elections are so crucial, both for the USA and for the rest of the world, and we encourage the worldwide Body of Christ to stand together with us in united prayer. If you missed our US Election Special which aired LIVE yesterday, please tune in either tonight at 9pm (ET) or on Election Day at 8pm (ET) to watch the repeats. Wherever you live, join us and many high-profile Christian leaders to pray in God’s Will for America at this critical time.

    Our special guests include:

    Pat Robertson, Founder of CBN; Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice; Bishop Wellington Boone, Pastor, Father’s House Church; Louis Palau, Evangelist; Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council; Rick Joyner, Senior Pastor, Morningstar Fellowship Church; Jill Austin, Founder, Master Potter Ministries; John Hagee, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church; Cindy Jacobs, Founder, Generals International; Lou Engle, Co-founder of TheCall; Mike Bickle, Director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, (IHOP-KC); Phil Cooke, Hollywood Producer, Faith and Media Analyst; Craig Detweiler, Producer; Harry Jackson, Founder and Chairman of the High Impact Leadership. Coalition (HILC); and Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church.

    Tune in and have a significant impact on the destiny of America, through prayer. You can also watch this historic broadcast at the time of your choosing via GOD on demand at http://www.god.tv/god.

    Cindy Jacobs and Rick Joyner joining up with John Hagee, Pat Robinson and Jay Sekulow for a common cause: and what has brought it about? Politics..

    If anyone needs further proof of the last day falling away, the idea these people are uniting is it.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Pat Robertson compromise his values and endorse pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani?

    It seems like when Christian leaders devote way too much time and effort to control (or influence?) the “powers and principalities” of this world they become……more worldly! It also seems like Christian leaders suggest that we occasionally ignore Romans 12:2?

  4. I am really hoping that one of these individuals is not aware of these people’s teachings. Most christians wouldn’t know who these people are. My mom didn’t until I told her about them. She doesn’t know about them because she does not listen to their teachings. She listens to her bible and goes to a nondenominational church on Sundays. Most folks don’t search the web looking for teachers of false doctrine….some don’t even watch TV (like my mom). I do search because it’s something that interests me and I like to read.

    I don’t think it would impossible to have a good guy on the inside…I hope it’s not impossible. I know that anything is possible with God. I think God speaks to all of us in different ways and has different plans for each and every one of us.

    I am having a really hard time right now deciding just how far a christian should be involved in politics. You can’t change morality. No, it’s not up to you…but you can provide services that encourage it and bring people to Christ through your love through services such as prayer, biblical resources, an ear to listen, encouragement etc. I think my problem came when an offshoot of Focus on the Family was formed for the explicit purpose of having a political voice…and the creation of a politically active organization. Now it’s hard to separate the two. (Focus on the Family and their Action offshoot.)

    I really do not believe James Dobson is an evil man. I have to say evil because alot of the men around him…I really do believe are pawns of Satan. I listened to his program for years. He has not given up despite the pushback. I believe God is using him and it may be in ways we can’t see and for a purpose we may not understand. I can’t discount the help that his organization has provided to so many, myself included. I also believe that if He truly is a man of God and is NOT in God’s will…he will be chastened and refined by his Father. I don’t think you can put him on the same level as evangelical preachers who teach that jews can’t understand the gospel so don’t tell them about it or those charasmatic kooks who set up this whole shin dig or hard core zionists who are trying to bring about the end times. He has never claimed to be a preacher, evangelist, theologian…or the like.

    I am having a really hard time because I do see the passions that many christians have for politics. Some of these people really are doing what they do for the right reasons…and love their saviour with all of their heart. God convicts each of us differently and has a different calling for every one of us.

    James Dobson…I support him as a brother. I don’t agree with all of the things he says…shoot I don’t agree with everything anybody says. I don’t agree with the general idea that psychological problems start with self esteem. This is my biggest problem with christian psychology. Psychological problems are a result of sin…a fallen world. They can’t be fixed without Christ. So yes, I disagree with James Dobson on things that I would consider important…But the fact is, he is not an evangelist. He is trained in a certain profession and unfortunately is biased towards the humanist psychology that he was taught. I am praying for him and my attitude towards him.

    I quit listening to his program about 1 year or so ago because I noticed he was having political figures on his show that had been divorced multiple times, cheated on their wives etc speaking of moral issues in america. I also had a problem with the ecumenical prayer meetings, and Focus on the Family Action. I remember him stating that he would not support Mccain…but now…he is. I don’t know about anything he has said lately.

    I just can’t put him in the same category. I just can’t.

    Lord, I pray for James that your will be done in his life. I pray that his life will be led by none other than You. I don’t know what is going on, but You do. Father, show James your will and use him for your glory. Lord I just pray that once again, James will pray in the name of your Son, Jesus. I pray that you will open his eyes to the things you want him to see.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

  5. Kit,
    I am struggling with the same issues you are. How involved should a Christian be politically? I think we, as Americans, are in a unique situation. Most of us have been brought up to love this country and to cherish the rights that our constitution affords us. We see those rights slipping away, and it scares us.
    I think that the loss of morals in this country scares us even more so. I think that is the primary motive behind the associations of the men in the article. They are sick and tired of being force fed a diet of sex, violence, and homosexuality. Even our children are fed this diet each time they turn on a tv or the radio. Songs like “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It” are number 1 and children as young as 5 and 6 go around singing it. This is mild compared to the Gangsta Rap that our older children listen to. This stuff is so filthy that I cannot even repeat a single line of a song without using profanity.
    We complain bitterly about such things and wonder how things ever got so bad. But we don’t look to ourselves. Maybe we don’t approve of, or even listen to, such trash, but we allow our children to do so. We don’t discipline them anymore. In fact, we spoil them. We let them have a TV in their room, complete with satelite. We teach them that to be successful, they must have these “things” too. We teach them to study hard and join clubs so they can get into a good school and make a lot of money some day. And if they are caught cheating, we yell at the teacher if he or she threatens to fail them. One group of parents complained to the Board of Education when their children received an F on plagerized work. The teacher had forewarned the students that cheating would not be tolerated, and that the assignment was worth 50% of their grade. The students didn’t care, they cheated anyway. And why should they care? Ultimately, there was little consequence. Their parents promply demanded that the teacher be overruled. And the Board of Education backed these parents.
    We think we are doing our kids a favor by saving them from consequences. But are we? The Bible tells us that our actions have consequences, but most of us don’t read our Bible anymore. And we certainly don’t live by It’s rules. But we yell loudly when other’s don’t, as well. We want all the benefits of a Christian society without the effort. We don’t want the rules to apply to us, and heaven knows our children are perfect, so the rules cannot be for them.
    I think I am rambling, but do you see what I mean? Years ago, if certain songs were played on the radio, or programming was on our TV, we would have turned them off. We not only would not have listened to trash, we would have boycotted any sponsors of said garbage. We would have been AFRAID not to. We are not afraid anymore. We have a new god. One that helps us keep up with the Jones’s. We have made our own golden calf. We wonder why our morals have gone to hell, and do not see that we have built upon the sand. In fact, we’ve built upon quicksand. If we had read and lived by our Bibles,instead of only paying it lipservice on sunday, we would have known better.
    I don’t see a way of retrieving all we have lost. Most people are not willing to pay the price of obedience. It’s too much trouble. And they do not want to be told they’re sinners. Repentance is entirely too messy for them. They want their best life NOW! But the Bible tells us that there must be a great falling away before Jesus returns. I think all we can do is trust in Him, and know that He knows His own.

  6. Man, it’s a fine line Lisa. The other thing I can say is that it hurts when you see…it’s a painful process of letting go all the things you used to think were good…For me, Dobson has been on of them, and I am taking it really hard. I will continue praying for him until God tells me no more.

  7. I am from San Diego & a friend of mine went to “the call.”

    Do any of you live in California? There is a fierce spiritual battle going on in that state & personally I
    voted for Prop 8 to bring the definition of Marriage back to between a man & a woman.

    Whatever is “normalized” in California will soon spread across the United States. We who live there are fully aware of the implications. Not only to the moral decline of our Nation but many of us also have a healthy fear of God.

    The friend I know who went is a Spirit filled Evangelical Christian who was used to bring me back to the Lord. Her intensions are purely out of concern not only the California educational system (poised & ready to teach perverse sexual lifestyles to our children) but for our Nation in general.

    If you can’t see a great spiritual sifting & cultural shift quickly coming about then you’re not watching.

    I have to admit that I also did not know the “supporters” of this “get together” but I’m aware of the apostlistic movement as well as the end purpose of the Ecumenical movement.

    That would definitely make me think twice about attending such an event but know that sincere Children of God who are sincere in praying for our nation & leaders went with pure intentions.

    Many have been given a burden to do so. Who am I to question this? We know that God places rulers and takes them down. Ultimately we look to Jesus as our High Priest & King but meanwhile the Bible tells us to pray for those in charge. That’s all many of these Christians were doing.

    I’ll have to ask her if anything fishy went on. I think she would be one to pick up on it.

    But I just guess it goes to show how “on guard” we must remain in these days.

  8. Hey Sisters Kit and Lisa,

    I have an opinion on this (Surprise, surprise!). I feel that when you look at our country’s founding there is no doubt that it was built on good principles. But, and this is a BIG but, if those principles are only principles on paper (the Constitution,etc.) and they are not adhered to by solid conviction from the Spirit who convicts, then they are bound to break down and fall by the wayside eventually. A lot of people were raised on some of the moral values that this country stood for. But each generation has seen the erosion of those values little by little because people stopped living by those morals because they weren’t convicted by God to live by them. Then the 60’s and 70’s came with some of the fastest and radical deterioration of values that we’ve ever seen. The family unit was no longer cherished as a unit but a sum of individuals. Don’t tell women how they should function because they are liberated now. Don’t tell Junior how to behave because he’s entitled to his rights. The emasculation of men and their role as head of the family has many men behaving like not much more than whimpy punks. Pornography and sexual liberation have run rampant through the “free love” movement. Drugs, money, sex…it has wreaked havoc on people. Unfortunately, many of the “Christians” have chased the same pie in the sky American dreams. Now you can name it and claim it and have your best life now. This is now, and has always been, a heart issue. And if the heart is not convicted to stand for something then it will fall for anything. Christ has always kept a faithful remnant but I don’t know that we will ever see a return to all we have lost. If people aren’t convicted by what they say they believe then it won’t last. I don’t want to sound like a doomsday prophet but things are bad, and will probably continue to get worse. But the faithful remnant must continue to stand on the Rock of our salvation and trust that, no matter what, He is in control. In all things we must give thanks and do all things for the honor and glory of God. More than likely, our country will not be returned to the values we cherished and long for by electing someone who will change all of that for us. Rather, we must work to take the Gospel to people so that their hearts may be changed, one person at a time.

  9. BTW,
    I don’t think that it is wrong to participate in politics. If one is a true Christian and decides to run for office and be led and guided by Christ-like principles, I don’t see that they will have any success because so many people hate the Gospel. From a regular old joe’s perspective, I think there is nothing wrong with going to the polls and voting. However, if we vote, then I think our decisions should be prefaced by prayer, so that we make a decision that would honor and glorify God.

  10. Reformed1, By George, I think you’ve got it!!! You managed to cut through my flu hazed rambling and make sense of it. lol
    I agree that we probably won’t see a return to all that we have lost, or given up. We’ve traded the great prize for prosperity and our best life now. Most of us no longer fear God, if we believe in Him at all. We don’t know to fear Him because we no longer read the Bible, and we can no longer depend on our pastors to tell us the truth. The Truth is just plain bad for business. We live in a buy now, pay later world, an instant gratification world. Many who still attend church have the same philosophy. They repeat a prayer, then use it as a license to sin. They can always repent later, maybe. I mean, who really cares? They think they are okay because they said the magic words. It is just so sad. Which brings me to..
    You said it is a painful process letting go of the things you used to think were good. If the things you used to think were good ARE good, then don’t let go of them.
    I think it is importatnt that we try the best we can to lead a moral and God fearing life. We should pray that we will not be persecuted for this. But I am afraid that, soon, we will be. I feel like we are living in an upside down world. And I can tell that you feel as disillusioned as I do. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless.

  11. Hi Reformed and Lisa.

    Thanks for the pep talk.

    These are the times I wish I was ignorant. I think people are right when they say ignorance is bliss. I couldn’t be ignorant any more if I wanted to. It’s really hard to see those you love fall and It’s hard to let go.

    I know things are bad…and will only get worse. I know that tomorrow may never come. I know I can’t trust in man. It’s just so hard sometimes when you think there may just be a little hope…to find out that maybe that person you thought so highly of…you trusted…is really not what they appear. It’s hard when you realize that maybe someone you thought was part of your family…may not be.

  12. Wow guys and girls, if it makes you feel any better (probably not) I am in the same boat. I have said so many times it’s like Pandora’s box. We start to close it and out pops more stuff I have to deal with. I feel like I woke up and everything I thought I knew and belived in has changed. I know this is good, we need it but this “pruning” is painful. I just pray we always have a way of communicating with each other, that is what gets me through. My Lord and the edifying you guys provide. These things will get bad but he is in control.

    Reformed 1 thanks for the pep talk, I needed it too!
    And sister Lisa, you poor thing! I hope you are feeling better. I am going to pray that you will be whole and healed in Jesus name!

  13. Ohhh, y’all are so sweet and dear. And I love each and every one of you!
    Kit, my daughter said the same thing as you did, just the other day. She said, “I wish I was dumb. Then I wouldn’t worry so much. It just seems like dumb people don’t know enough to get worried. They never seem to realize what can go wrong.”
    It was pitiful, and I didn’t know what to say to her because I was kind of wishing that I was ‘dumb’ too. It hurts when you see your kids growing up and beginning to have grown up cares. In the end, I brought up this crazy neighbor we used to have. We loved her dearly, but she never worried about anything. She was always doing nutty things like letting her kids go out in not the safest conditions, like during thunderstorms. Once, after Hurricane Opal passed through, there was severe damage in our neighborhood. Trees and powerlines were down everywhere. No worries – her kids were out and playing around them. Until the Fire Department made her bring them inside because those downed lines were still live. Bless her heart. Blissful ignorance.lol
    This ‘pruning is painful, I agree. And I don’t know how I can fit into this ‘upside down’ world. Or if I have done the right thing by teaching my kids the morals and values that I hold so dear. But, truly, I was afraid not to teach them.
    I know that things will inevitably become even worse. These things must happen, but I dread it. I hope that we will always be able to communicate with each other, too. It would break my heart if we were forced to separate. It’s easier to take being an ‘outsider’ when you are part of a whole group of ‘outsiders’. But it is so wonderful to remember that we have a Shepherd, and that His sheep know his voice.
    May God bless you all.

  14. a moral up bringing is not an end to itself, but the begining..at the moment, those who claim to be apostles are all words..no power. Thank God.The morality of the bible is to prepare an individual for power..real power, God’s power..not political, financial, military or intellectual..but God’s miraculous power that lays low pharoahs and maddens nebuchadnezers,destroy economies,wipes out and blinds whole armies,and make foolish the wise and learned,as food mulitplies and the blind see and the lame walk.Don’t stop at teaching your children morals..teach them about Jesus and the reality of His power,teach them to listen to Jesus,practice His words and to recognise the voice of the Holy Spirit. Show them the reality of Jesus’ words as the blind see, the lame walk in your church because you are willing to practice His words,and not just believe them.Both my sons have seen blind men see, lame men walk, so they understand the purpose of morality..that they may be trusted by God,as well as trusting God with whom nothing is impossible.One son raised his dog back from the dead because he so loved the dog.Some say that was ridiculous, but the fruit..is I have a son who loves Jesus all the more and is not ashamed of Him and His words before his friends. Dr.Ed, false prophet.

  15. God in his great mercies has given us his word that has been handed down by his Prophets and his Apostles. He has given it to us for our edification and walk. But without his Spirit it is no more than words. So many have had the bible only to change the Gospel to another that brings glory to them selves’s. A servant of God knows this and will proclaim Gods glory and his work in Christ Jesus and that all our works are as filthy rags. To say that we can change the world is to tell God what he has all ready told use about it and what is going to happen is not faith in him. Where has “Thy will be done” gone to.

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