Dark Secrets of Kim Clement

Notice the quote concerning the Law of Attraction in this clip.

From the website: The Secret DVD:

In The Secret DVD you are being introduced to the secret – the Law of Attraction. This law is the single most powerful force in the universe. The simplest definition of this law is “like attracts like.” Grasping a better understanding of how the Law of Attraction works is the first step in bringing abundance into your life. You are in fact a living magnet. This means that what you are focused on, you bring to yourself. Here’s how it works. When you are focused on what you want, you are attracting to yourself what you want. Deliberately use this law to create your future! Have fun with the Law of Attraction, learn to use it daily to manifest your desires.


8 comments on “Dark Secrets of Kim Clement

  1. If Moses and Elijah can come down and Peter, James and John saw them and knew that that was them, I then now imagine what kim clement would say to Jeremiah?

    Here is what Jeremiah said and the Spirit of Grace says about each and every heart of man. Read this and tell me, is the video and kim’s words the “truth”, or Jeremiah, the Prophet of God’s Words, Truth?

    Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?

  2. Oh yeah, I should mention this asking the question:

    How does one have the heart cleansed?

    Here is what happens after you “hear” the Gospel and believe it:::>

    Act 15:7 And after there had been much debate, Peter stood up and said to them, “Brothers, you know that in the early days God made a choice among you, that by my mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the gospel and believe.
    Act 15:8 And God, who knows the heart, bore witness to them, by giving them the Holy Spirit just as he did to us,
    Act 15:9 and he made no distinction between us and them, having cleansed their hearts by faith.

  3. Within the “Mysteries” of Babylon, the practice of “Meditative ” prayer was unleashed upon mankind, along with a systematic black magic that evolved around the actual manifestations and worship of a plethora of demons, which in turn gave real power to those who practiced these dark arts.

    When the Gospel was released, in it’s perfect time, [released through the blood and holy Sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth alone…], the Earth was filled with these exact same practices that Clement speaks about. Rome, as a world center , and the capitol city for that age, was it’s current center. Satan himself ruled from the tent of the power of the Caesars.

    When Satan realized that oppressing Christianity was not nearly as effective as perverting Christianity, [ the church GREW under persecution ]he began to masquerade AS the Church, and around the time of Constantine, marched the Chief Priests of Satan across a small stream outside of Rome. They were then, defacto Christians; {They had been baptized, hadn’t they?}

    This was then known as “THE HOLY CATHOLIC [Universal ] CHURCH. One of the ancient practices of this satanic affiliation was the “MYSTERIES”…including initiations and rites that worshipped the Devil himself. Meditative prayer was a stallworth of these disciplines, and an austere and focused life. The emptying of the mind was imperative to achieve this focus, and then ….the deeper arts of “GUIDED IMAGERY”. This is when your focus transcends this material world into the world of real princes and thrones, and the devotee actually receives POWER….POWER to bring other personalities, and their wills under your own subjection.

    Within the disciplines of Meditative prayer, one may also attain such power to affect the natural world. PAUL YONNGI CHO of Korea boasts one of the largest “churches ” in the world, and the multitudes are “WON” , not by traditional evangelism, but by focusing upon the IDEA of say, hundreds of people to belong in our Church this month. He brags about “The little red bicycle”, as one of his first conquests as he learned this magical art. He “prayed to “God”, while focusing, and specifically “seeing”, or imagining a bicycle….with specific color, and build.

    He was “faithful”, or DISCIPLINED…. and sure enough, a few weeks later, wah lah!…just like magic, there was the exact red bike he “prayed” for! He then parlayed this “faith” into many, many material things, and began to focus on souls. I have seen him in person twice. He has hundreds of thousands in his congregations now, and the Church is built on these arts…and they are devoted.

    They “SEE” people, and sweep them into their sphere of power, by the exercise of this type of prayer. It is but Sublime witchcraft, and herein is where we get the “FAITH WORD” heretical doctrines of the positive confession. We control God , by what we say…by the words that come from our mouths. God is then reduced to honor all that we say. The misuse of this got out of hand some, and became quite absurd, especially in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Many, many people confessed and still do, new Lincolns, mansions, and fantastic wealth. If they said it , it would manifest.

    I met one fellow, who refused to work, and could not and would not support his family The water was shut off, and food was scarce, but each time we would drive by a car lot, he would “Claim” several Cadillacs. His wife didn’t understand. I digress, however, I wanted to point out the many fingers of meditative prayer, and confessions, and “why” people speech fast……….To gain more power in their words! Power , then is transferred from God to man! I attract souls to MYSELF!, rather than man being attracted to God, and the Word is given to the lips of man as the seat of power, rather than God speaking, and he alone holding power.

    Todd Bentley, and Bob Jones, and the Likes of Jim Goll and Patty King all are proficient in this ancient craft. Bentley said that he manifested fairies [Emma ] that brought bags of gold to him, and he also imagined visits to Heaven…and it became real. He talked with Peter and Paul, after all…and proved it….he said so. GUIDED IMAGERY….the heart and soul of Hindi Transcendentalism, was but a simple practice of ancient Babel, which morphed into Babylon.

    The LAW OF ATTRACTION is but another principle of ancient Babylon, and when properly exercised within the soul of man….MEDITATIVE PRAYER united with GUIDED IMAGERY.. real evil power can manifest. Witches are real, and some have more power than you could imagine. [ we must never, never be afraid, and always know that Jesus is bigger! ] People meditate about more power and more beauty, and more adoration from others. They clear their mind, until they focus, and see it, as they are “SOAKING”, until the void is reached. Out of the void, they “SEE” an event, or others adoring them, and giving cash to them. Man then is endued with power. The startling thing, however, it is NOT power endued from on High…but power attained from the depths of Hades below.

    It is ancient witchcraft, and the epitome of self worship., as the devotee worships the devil and his lieutenants.

    Avoid the witch Kim Clement, and everyone associated with him.

  4. What a load of horse manure.

    This guy may be hearing voices alright, but they might be the devil.

    This is the logigal extension of what happens when you toss out the altar and replace it with a stage.

    Stages are for shows.

  5. You know the old saying ‘it takes one to know one’? …

    Well that’s why i’ve always known [in my spirit] that Kim Clement’s power is not of the Holy Spirit but is rooted in the occult.

    Before coming to the Lord i dabbled in a lot of things.The words he gives out, the prophecies, and the way he ‘talks’ is ‘too’ familiar to me. He sounds just like those i use to read who were deep into occultist practices.

  6. How can one not love the youtube comment section:
    “I won’t call him crazy, but I will call him an apostate false prophet.”

  7. I noticed a billboard nearby my home in NW Harris County (Houston). At the “River of Praise Church” (a hotbed of signs and wonders seekers), Kim Clement will soon make an appearance! My wife is not nearly as excited about this as she ought to be. How often do we get to come in contact with such as this? I need some of John Crowder’s ecstasy!

    Or not.

    Pray for the goats, er people, of “River of Praise Church”.

  8. I’ll be praying…and i’ll be watching for the ‘prophecy’ he gives out while there, to be posted.

    Clement always has a ‘special word’ for all the places he visits, which ends up on his website.

    I found the link to the church and see the big photo and ad about his upcoming visit:


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