Dutch Sheets, new face of the NAR & info on the US Apostolic Alliance

Been wondering where all the members of the false apostle posse have been hold-up lately? Well, apparently they’ve been meeting behind closed doors, plotting, planning, and passing the mantel and crown of leadership on to Dutch Sheets.

Mariam, at endtimespropheticwords gives this update today: Dutch Sheets in Driver’s Seat Of New Apostolic Reformation

This latest is from Dutch Sheets:

“My dear friend and partner in ministry Chuck Pierce stated prophetically to me that there was a major shift coming to the Apostolic Reformation. He then challenged me to hear from the Holy Spirit as to what this new phase looked like and what my leadership role in it was to be.

Chuck felt that this new assignment for my life was what Dr. Peter Wagner had seen in a dream concerning me. In Peter’s dream I had moved into the driver’s seat of a vehicle in which he and I were riding. We were left to interpret what that “vehicle” represented. The three of us now believe it was the Apostolic Reformation with all three of its components.

The plan involves taking the apostolic, prophetic and prayer movements to a much more practical level, resulting in regional transformation.

Most of us in the Apostolic Reformation have been transformed by the movement individually, as have our congregations and networks. However, if we are honest, we must acknowledge that for most of us this has not resulted in regional cultural change.

For this to occur, we must expand from relational apostolic networks primarily, to functional apostolic alliances, as well. God has given us (Dr. Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Robert Henderson, and me) a blueprint to accomplish this.

This new phase is not just for the apostolic leader of a local congregation or network, but for all of us who consider ourselves a part of this movement. If our stream has realized anything in the past 15-20 years, it is that the walls must come down between the pulpit and pew.

We are all called to ministry! If you consider yourself a part of this Apostolic Reformation and are ready to see it move into its reforming stage, we invite you to align yourself with the United States Apostolic Alliance.

Dutch Sheets”

*see related links at endtimespropheticwords

*online letter here


Went browsing over at the US Apostolic Alliance page. In case you don’t know what it is, below is some info on their up-coming conference, etc.

These people live in their own little fantasy world..


I want to invite you to what could be one of the most important gatherings you’ve attended in a long while – the national conference for the United States Apostolic Alliance.  I realize that statement could sound arrogant and self serving, but I believe as you read on you will know this isn’t the case.

For those of you who are not aware of what the U.S.A.A. is, you can find a complete explanation on this website, but here is a short description:

·   U.S.A.A. exists to provide a structure through which we – those embracing the apostolic, prophetic and prayer movements – can work together to see awakening and reformation in America.  Our mission is, “Awakening in our Day, Reformation in our Lifetime.”

·   U.S.A.A. is NOT a vertical apostolic network that provides accountability, oversight and covering.  (It is an attempt to help all in any and every apostolic network work together.)

·   U.S.A.A. is NOT something you can join – only partner with through your efforts and activities. (*that means send $$$)

·   U.S.A.A. is already making a huge impact. We have 29 state coordinators and 20 state councils in place, several state conferences scheduled for ‘09 (17 planned), great strategies are coming forth to transform states and a true spirit of cooperation is emerging.

Why do I feel this conference is so important?  Because the need for awakening and reformation in America is so desperate…

No one group, denomination, apostolic network, prayer network, congregation, etc. can accomplish this alone.  Nor will our individual efforts simply be transformed by God into a corporate whole, while we continue to “do our own thing.” This wrong belief is poor theology and has cost us greatly.  We must do a better job of working together – on purpose.  And we can!

Another goal for this gathering is to further the process of the charismatic church becoming the apostolic church.

·   Apostles understand the need for and function of all five ascension gifts, therefore they are coordinators and facilitators.

·   Apostles understand spiritual government and the need for sound doctrine, therefore they bring strength and stability

·   Apostles are kingdom in their thinking, not “territorial” (except in the sense of an understanding of their spheres of authority), therefore they gender unity and cooperation.

·   Apostles build, therefore they understand the need for long term planning, not just short term explosions.

·   Apostles understand and believe in discipline and accountability, ethics and integrity, therefore they maintain purity.

The apostolic movement must now provide apostolic leadership!

God has been giving much insight to leaders in the body of Christ concerning all of these matters.

I have labored much over who should speak at this year’s conference and though you may not be familiar with some of those chosen, they are outstanding. Much revelation and strategy will be released.


Here is the promo:

“Awakening in Our Day – Reformation in Our Lifetime
National Conference”

March 30 – April 2, 2009

Speakers listed here

You’ll notice one speaker in particular is Lance Wallnau (link). This is the same guy who teaches on the Seven Spheres of Influence, or 7 Mountains.

The 7 Mountains:

1. The home
2. The church
3. Schools
4. Government and politics
5. The media
6. Arts, entertainment, and sports
7. Commerce, science, and technology

“He [Wallnau] calls them the seven mountains. The warfare strategy is that ‘if the world is to be won, these are the mountains that mold the culture and the minds of men. Whoever controls these mountains controls the direction of the world and the harvest therein.’”

Wagner goes on to describe how each of these 7 mountains or spheres will become an “apostolic sphere.” Apostles “are the only ones who will be able to change the power structure at the top of each mountain.” (p. 114) Wagner calls these “extended church apostles” who “will be able to lead the army of God into those strategic battlefields.” (Seven Apostolic Spheres)

– “The government of God will become a new wineskin for the future move of God (see Matthew 6:10). Reformation back to the original design of Genesis will be a major focus and God’s creative anointing will be on those who move in this direction”– (C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, and many others: Word of the Lord for 2008 and Beyond, The Elijah List, 1/10/08)

-“We all agree that the society to be transformed is not just one big conglomerate, but a unified whole that is made up of several vital pieces,
each one of which must take its own path toward transformation. These segments of society should be seen as apostolic spheres.” —(C. Peter Wagner, The Church in the Workplace)

Video: Interview with Lance Wallnau


Seven Spheres of Influence

The “7-M Mandate”

Dominionism in America: Kicking the Kingdom into High Gear

God is Downloading New Strategies?


8 comments on “Dutch Sheets, new face of the NAR & info on the US Apostolic Alliance

  1. As I commented at the other blog where this article comes from, “this is nothing more than pathetic elitism”!

  2. Romans 8:5-7

    For they that are after the flesh,
    savor the things of the flesh,
    but they that are after the Spirit,
    the things of the Spirit.
    For the wisdom of the flesh is death,
    but the wisdom of the Spirit is life and peace,
    Because the wisdom of the flesh is enmity against
    God; for it is not subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can be.

    Their desires for the things of this world,
    political power & money & dominion over others
    (Nicolaitans at their finest),
    shows their Hearts Clearly !

    Oh My !

    “We are not in Kansas anymore Toto!”

    Blessings All !

  3. there is one thing they forgot to put about apostles…they have a habit of not listening to Jesus,when the command is straight forward..scary stuff,if even the eleven didn’t listen to go the bethsaida as commanded and went to capernaum instead after the feeding of the 5000,didn’t go to Galilee on resurrection morning as commanded, did not wait for the Holy Spirit to tell them who is Judas’ replacement but used a game of lot casting to decide, did not rebuke James for making recommendations contrary to Jesus’ teachings,got led into hypocrisy by men from James,led astray when another went into hypocrisy..I certainly hope these bunch of US apostles are better than the Jewish eleven.Dr.Ed

  4. Do you know what they are all so proud of themselves thats what both worries and annoys me. I am special’ is all they seem to be telling us ‘poor left out citizens’ Thats not a note Jesus ever sang he was against the loud yelling from the street corner preachers WHY; It tends to make the rest of us feel left out and thats not what jesus did he loved us all.

  5. Good job on the article. I am so glad you keep us informed on what is happening at the NAR.

    Now that the younger men are in charge, I am sure their agenda will try to be implemented as soon as possible.

    I left one of their churches around 7 months ago. It was so sad to see that the leader of one of the states was the head apostle at our church. I am so glad, God showed me the truth.

    It was websites like yours that helped me with my research.

    God bless you.

  6. Here’s a link to a video of one of Dutch Sheets’ meetings with young people, posted by local pastor at youtube:

    Dutch Sheets teaches young people how to mess up church


    I have a prediction: now that Sheets has stepped into a leadership role in the NAR, we’re going to begin to see a more aggressive ‘open’ push by these false apostles to push their agenda within churches today–charismatic and pentecostal churches in particular.

    Dutch Sheets is no Peter Wagner. He is more manipulative, and he does it with anger masquerading as ‘Holy indignation’.

    Remember the letter he sent out and which was circulated after the election? In case you missed it:

    The NAR’s Dutch Sheets, Responds to the Election..

    We’re going to see more of this in the future coming from the new spokesman for the NAR…Sheets.

    In my opinion, he is going to be more dangerous, in a different way, then Peter Wagner

  7. Scarey stuff, really I mean it. Wheres the heart of the lord in all this, all our see is a Tod Bentley look-alike, yet more aggressive telling us how much the lord loves him. You would know if he was at one with the lord, he then wouldn,t need to be saying how much the lord loved him you would see the lord in all his glory and not this man in his. Jesus’s manner is always gentle, firm when it needs to be, determined when he has to be (casting out demons) but always did he put others first never himself. No disrespect to the few good pasters who mean well but in America Jesus can get you rich quick. Thats the problem. In the meantime may the lord be with you and may he wheat from the chaff the jesus industry in his name! Id be furious if things were being done in my name that way , and thats the other problem he’s not here to whoop them in person, OR IS HE. He did walk among us did’nt he and he is eterrnal isn’t he so they had better watch out who and what they are doing in the name of Jesus.

  8. I just now noticed for the first time that you have Paw Creek Ministries listed under your ‘Ministries’ section. I was looking around for articles on the NAR and Rick Joyner to send to my nephew and came across several good ones by Rev. Chambers. …which eventually led me to his church website. My nephew (who is attends Morningstar ) is in that same area so I recommended Paw Creek to him. I hope he will check it out. Sadly, though I have heard no more from him since our email discussions last week. Either he is busy reading the materials I sent him or he thinks his aunt is nutty and has decided to avoid me. I have done all I can so now I will concentrate on prayer. The hard part is that his parents have been deep into the NAR for years now and I am afraid their influence is much greater than mine at this point. My older brother, however, who is from a Word Faith background, agrees with me about the NAR. That really surprised me and I am so glad he sees this movement for what it is. At least not everyone in my family thinks I am crazy!

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