USAA, 7 Mountains, Dutch Sheets

Dutch Sheets sent out 3 newsletters today from the USAA, (U.S. Apostolic Alliance) and I want to share a few portions of them with you, along with a couple links concerning the ‘Reclaiming The 7 Mountains’ teachings. I’ve posted quite a bit on this in the past, (ex. Seven Spheres of Influence), but to give you an idea of one goal of this aberrant theology, which is plain  dominionism, watch this small clip, “Sheep Invasion”.

“Analogy of marketplace leaders wanting to take their promised land but stopped short because of “Separation of Church and State ‘dog'”

That’s called religious militancy, which is a far cry from what Jesus commissioned us to do:

And he said unto them, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”  Mark 16

Jesus said, …”My kingdom is not of this world.” (Jn.18) and that his followers were called out of this world, …”I have manifested Your name to the men whom You have given Me out  of the world…I pray for them. I do not pray for the world…” (Jn.17)

These folks just don’t get it. They do not understand that until Jesus returns, the Kingdom of God is within, …“For indeed, the kingdom of God is ‘within you.” (Luke 17), not in or of this world,…“Friendship with the world is enmity to God. (Jam.4)

moving on…

Some of the proponents of the false teachings known as ‘Reclaiming the 7 Mountains’, recently held a conference, February 6- 8th, 2009 – Atlanta: Change Agents Gather in Atlanta, GA USA to Consider Culture Changing Strategies.

Quote from the Conference Report:

Change agents from 13 countries and 30 US states came together for the 2009 Church in the Workplace – Reclaim 7 Mountains of Culture International Conference. The purpose of the conference was to help men and women understand how Christian marketplace leaders can be catalysts to influence culture for Jesus Christ in 7 strategic cultural mountains where culture is shaped – whether it be the mountain of business, government, arts and entertainment, media, education, family, government or religion. One attendee wrote: “I believe it was the highlight of my Christian faith journey…” (read it all here)

You’ll  see from this ad which appeared at the Elijah List, they were targeting the youth:

This year we will have specific sessions for those under 30. PLEASE, if you plan to come, bring one person under 30 with you. We have a special low cost rate for students and under 30 attendees. We need to mentor the next generation with this message. They will not get this in school or even church!

The core teachings of  “Reclaiming 7 Mountains” is known as “The Dominion Process”:

The process by which God uses mankind to extend His kingdom rule on the earth and take dominion of it. It is a two-fold process. First, God creates and redeems a blessed seed. Then He uses His blessed seed to extend His kingdom rule on the earth when they take dominion of it.

The reference above to “blessed seed” above refers to the Manifest Son of God heresy that a “new breed,” a super-spiritual race of end-time believers will be “overcomers” to ultimately drive out Satan from the earth. Most patriotic Americans aren’t taught this Gnostic doctrine – yet. But it lurks just beneath the surface.

A core tenet teaches that the Church can’t go it alone with only the Gospel message. The Church must take over the spheres of society and enlist the State in this effort to transform/reform the nations of the world. (Herescope, Seven Spheres of Influence)

The call themselves ‘stealth agents’. And for good reason. For it has NOTHING to do with biblical Christianity…

Dutch Sheets and the USAA sent out a series of (3) newsletters today which included videos. I can’t locate the clips at his website but did find transcripts of their contents. You can read it all HERE.

While much of the 7 Mountain strategy focuses on one or more of the secular ‘areas’ or mountains, (business, government, etc) there is also a segment which concentrates on the area or  ‘mountain’ of religion. To me they operate as a bridge in connecting the two, bringing the secular ‘mountains’ under the umbrella of religion–or actually an aberrant, bastardized form of Christianity.

This is what the NAR and USAA are: the religion mountain ‘movers’ and conquerers, in this movement.

Though its all based on the false theology and doctrines of Dominionism or Reconstructionism.

quoted portions from each…

  • Segment (1)

Hi, I’m Dutch Sheets and I have a few things that I would like to share with you. I’ve just spent a few days alone with the Lord praying for America asking the Lord about what we can do to change some things. As you know, I’ve carried a burden for this nation for 10 years or so – in fact, it’s my passion to see America turned back to God.

Let me share with you a few statistics that I think you will find alarming – I certainly do. In my grandfather’s generation we are told that 65% of them were true believers, they not only called themselves Christians, they attended church on a regular basis and they were committed to Christ. That figure went from 65% to 35% in my father’s generation. Then, in my generation it dropped from 35% to 15%. But the most alarming statistic of all is that we are told that today’s young generation – the youth of America – is probably around 4% – of those who would call themselves true followers of Jesus. I think that includes, based on the statistics, those that continue to walk with the Lord when they leave home. Those are alarming statistics given the fact that during that span of time we actually had some pretty significant outpourings of the Holy Spirit. And yet, even as we had awakenings and revivals, the Charismatic movement, etc. we lost ground in many ways.

I’m not an alarmist. If you’ve followed my ministry for any length of time, you know that’s the case. In fact, I do have hope. I believe that God is about to send a great revival to America. I feel that we can see what I will call a great awakening and I believe that we are close to that. In fact, the new mission statement for my life and ministry is “Awakening in Our Day – Reformation in Our Lifetime.” Awakening to me is that revival aspect where God saves millions of people and we see a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that draws people to Him. I think that’s coming soon. I think it will generate momentum for what I call a reformation.

What are we going to do about where we are? I think we can go either direction. We can see awakening and reformation, but I also think that if we are not careful that we don’t hear the strategy of the Lord at this particular poignant time, we could regress and actually lose ground.

As I have sought the Lord, I think he has given to me some strategies..

I intend to launch over the next few months, four or five, maybe six things that I really believe will be used the Lord to move us toward this awakening and reformation. I intend to begin that at the upcoming conference of the United States Apostolic Alliance this March 30th – April 2nd..

Some of you know what the U.S. Apostolic Alliance is – some of you do not. It’s not something you can join. It’s not a new apostolic network where you have oversight and accountability. It’s just a strategy that the Lord gave to me really as I responded to a word from Chuck Pierce, who said ‘I believe the Lord is going to give you a strategy that’s a new wine skin – that will combine the apostolic, prophetic and prayer movements into a way which all of those things can function together.’

I believe that he has given me that plan.

  • Segment 2

We are going to have to fight that on two fronts. Obviously, we are going to have to do it locally in our cities and states – we need to come together. That is why we developed the United States Apostolic Alliance the way we did. We have already raised up a coordinator in 30 of the states and in 20 of those states we have councils in place… God is going to have to give leaders strategies for their state to show them what will work. So we are going to have to fight this battle on the local level, but I want to say to you that we are going to have to at times break out of that mode of thinking and look at the big picture. You know you’ve all heard the phrase, we can’t see the forest for the trees. And sometimes that’s true. I think for us in this analogy the trees are the states and the forest is the nation.

One of the pictures God has given to me as I think about this and as I began to think about the United States Apostolic Alliance was Israel.

Each tribe was required to rule over their territory. They were given a distinct territory by the Lord as an inheritance, but there were three tribes that asked Moses for their inheritance earlier on, before the whole nation was able to go in and take the Promised Land. Moses’ requirement for them was: “Yes you can stay over here on this side of the Jordan and you can have this as your inheritance – because this land worked well for their families, their livestock, their particular style of living and their vocation. He said, Yes you can have this, but when the rest of us go in to take the land you have to leave your possessions, your family, and your livestock. You have to go help your brothers and sisters fight for their inheritance. Then, when they’ve taken theirs and you’ve helped them take theirs, you can go back and enjoy yours.

I think that’s a very powerful word for us today. We have regions of the nation, cities and states that God assigns to us, but I think we all have to back out of that once in a while and say, “You know what – I’m going to fight for my brother over in this part of the nation.” In other words, we must focus on our territory, but we must focus on the big picture as well.

Sometimes I think, like the watchmen on the walls of the cities in biblical times, we have to listen for the alarm and rally to that point. When the watchmen were scattered on the walls, they would watch this direction and that direction, but if any enemy approached over here, the alarm would sound and the troops would go to that point – that place on the wall so that they could fight together and meet the enemy where he was attacking.

I think that’s what the Lord is saying to us.

There are times when we just focus on our region. There are other times when we need to focus on the whole nation. Having said all of that, I want to urge you to consider this conference, March 30th through April 2nd. I don’t do conferences just to build my ministry or make money.

I believe I have come to the point in my ministry – with the U.S.A.A. and what God is saying to me right now – to a place of convergence where He is giving to me several strategies that can be implemented..

Some of those [strategies], of course, are coming to your state. Chuck Pierce, myself and others – want to rally your point on the wall at times and say, “Here’s how we can help you and stir up those prophetic anointings where God speaks strategies, etc.”

In fact, we will probably be doing another conference, a national meeting of sorts, in Kansas later on this year because we believe God has said they are a focal point this year for us.

  • Segment 3

What if I said to you that God has given us a strategy through which we can release a minimum of 1 million young people a year into different parts of our culture with an understanding that they are sent there by God to change that part of society?

There has actually been a lot of talk lately about the seven mountains or pillars of our culture/ society that influence everything else: religion, the family, arts and entertainment, media, education, government and business. We know that if we can impact each of those mountains and really bring the kingdom of God and its influence there, we can change our culture.

What if I said to you that we can send a million young people into those mountains every year with a true revelation from God that they are called there..

That’s ten million young people over the next ten years. If we could do that, we could change America. We have that strategy and we will be releasing that this year at the conference of the United States Apostolic Alliance..

What if I said to you that we have identified 23 states that, according to Chuck Pierce and the vision he saw, have a righteous root that we can call on or use?

In other words, that state has something that God has done there – that is a root put there by His Spirit that can release or out of it can grow life, etc.

We believe there are 23 of those states and there are 27 that do not have that righteous root.

What if I said to you we have a plan to begin to target those 23 states and move them toward awakening and reformation? Now that doesn’t mean we are going to abandon the other 27. We are not about to do that. It just means that we now have a strategy from the Lord of knowing what to do in each state.

You need to know where yours [your state] fits in that. You need to know – am I one of the 23 with a righteous root? – and if so, this should be our strategy. You need to know – I am one of the 27, this needs to be our strategy. You need to know where we feel like we should start because I believe there are 6, 7, maybe 8 eight states this year that we need to begin to target in a very significant way. We are going to talk about that at the conference this year.

God has also given us a plan that I believe is very critical for where He wants to take us in this awakening and reformation and that is the joining of the generations in a more significant way. In fact, I believe God has put on my heart what I am calling at this point a reformation institute.

I believe and am very confident that God has given us a plan through which we can infect these young people with the understanding that they are called to transform these mountains, but then also to begin to prepare them to do that. It is a web based institute.

It not only is going to incorporate who I am and what God has taught me, but will also include many, many, many ministries that are functioning in our nation today, so that we can awaken these young people to what God is saying – put destiny in them and then move them into the right website so that they can hear the teaching they need to fulfill these assignments.

We have a plan to do this.

I’m actually inviting several who have a voice to this young generation to this year’s conference. We are going to try to marry who we are – the 40, 50 and 60 year olds – with this younger generation, and I believe that there is a true joining that will take place this year that will launch us into the new.


All of this is interesting to me; to see how these people work, how they all, though many times separate [on the surface] are really connentected behind the scene; Joyner, Sheets, Wagner, etc. and all of the “marketplace leaders”.

Different faces of the same ‘animal’….

14 comments on “USAA, 7 Mountains, Dutch Sheets

  1. As further example; just received a newsletter from the Wagner Institute.

    Wagner Leadership Institute

    New WLI Courses for Business & Ministry Leaders

    Learn kingdom principles and economy to prosper business, ministry and church organizations in the midst of economic shaking.

    *Mar 9-11- The Ministry of Business – The Business of Ministry by Daniel Meylan

    *Mar 12-13 – Transforming your Business/Ministry by Chester Kylstra

    $100 discount for registering for both courses

    This course offers practical, relevant, biblically based training to those who have a heart to serve through their ministry or business. Leaders will gain a clearer understanding of how a ministry or business should be operated in a way that expands the kingdom impact.

    BU101 Transforming your Business/Ministry

    This course assists leaders in identifying the five negative spiritual roots behind the majority of business, ministry and church difficulties and failures. Students will learn how to identify and eliminate these roots and their effects through applying biblical principles. A case study will be provided and an “Action Plan” template will be distributed describing how to remove each negative spiritual root influence. Restore your organization’s foundations and propel your business or ministry into a new level of kingdom prosperity.

  2. Hah! “….They will not get this in school or even church!….”

    And darn right, “it shouldn’t be” if it was a True Christian School and True Orthodox Church where a human being, elected from the human race, are brought and added to, by the sanctification work of the Holy Ghost!

  3. This really is just amillennialism. Seriously. The only real difference is that where historic amillennialism was pursued through church – states (both Catholic and Reformed) these folks mostly operate in climates where there is either separation of church and state or where they are not in power (much to their chagrin!) so instead of trying to gain power by controlling the state, they are trying to gain power by controlling the culture.

    It really is the original western heresy where Christians wanted to control the Roman Empire. They claimed that they were rebuilding ancient Israel, which is where the “replacement theology” thing came from, but the truth is that they just wanted the power and majesty of a great worldwide earthly kingdom that the Roman Empire represented.

    Now as these third wave Pentecostals couldn’t be more different from the Reformers of the Middle Ages like Theodor Beza and John Knox (if one thinks that John Calvin would have put up with the whooping hollering slain in the spirit holy laughter nonsense of the third wavers for 10 seconds, that person would be very far wrong) and their doctrines are probably not the result of these people reading the amillennial giants like Augustine or Luther, then I have no choice but to conclude that it has to be the doctrines of lying spirits seducing people who see godliness as gain.

    • Yes, i agree it is about power.

      There is so much involved in their teachings, it would take a book to cover it all. …but it boils down to elitism and power.

      instead of trying to gain power by controlling the state, they are trying to gain power by controlling the culture.

      They appear to think if they can control the culture, they can control the state.

      They want to raise up a ‘new breed’ [taught by themselves of course] which will rule the world from high positions within businesses, media, on up to the governments of the world. Referring to them as ’stealth agents of change’, they want to (by stealth) plant members of this new breed of an elite ‘super spiritual’ Christian, inside all ‘7 mountains’.

      Their ideas read like a script from a science fiction movie.

  4. Great job reporting on this PJ! Too many people don’t have any understanding about this!!

    • Thanks for posting the video links! I don’t think they had them up this morning..or else i couldn’t locate them. 🙂

  5. PJ, I’m tired of you being so against Theocracy. Maybe when I am running things I will appoint you to some high position. How about High Priestess of maybe Kansas or something?

  6. […] seven mountians, thecall by Polycarp Pj Miller at Sola Dei Gloria has an update concerning the Seven Mountain Mandate, Dutch Sheets sent out 3 newsletters today from the USAA, (U.S. Apostolic Alliance) and I want to […]

  7. Seven Mountains. . .the high places. . .don’t they read the major Old Testaments prophets (Holy Spirit inspired oracles of God) through whom the Lord says he hates the High Places and the “worship” Israel did there? Doesn’t the harlot sit on the seven hills or mountains? Get a clue, people. . .
    Jesus, the pattern Son, took the LOW road, the meek and humble road. Their God is not the biblical God at all.
    May the Lord have mercy and save many out of this dangerous and filthy apostasy. . .most of my former friends and brithers and sisters. Weeping and praying.

  8. Being an Army vet, I’ve had insurance and banking with USAA for 30 years. Very glad to read that it ain’t MY USAA involved in the apostasy of the so-called “New Apostles”.

  9. Boy am I glad our God is sovereign…imagine if we, as Christians, really had to “believe” this ideology and trust in “moving the seven mountains” instead of Almighty God … wow…I believe all of this is part of the Deception (yes, that is a “capital D”) luring away from the pure essence of the Gospel message. All I know is when the Gospel is preached, it is the power of God unto salvation. Unity is born between man and God…and He takes care of the rest. Praise Jesus…Maranatha.

    • Amen Geri.

      I wish i could meet fact to face with these people. My question would be where in the word are we told to conquer some 7 ‘mountains’ of culture? PLEASE show me!

      Victoria is right, the high places were not looked upon by God, favorably. These were the places [mountains] where the people went ‘up’ to worship false gods, commit fornication, etc. They were in fact, worshiping the evil powers and principalities of the air.

      These nuts believe by following the dominion teachings, of conquering the earth and taking it over, they are going to make earth ‘another’ heaven.

  10. I was just curious what you do with the scriptures in Genesis about
    being fruitful and multiplying and taking dominion in the earth. Or
    do you disregard that because it is in the old testament. It seems that
    if the church is going to make this thing work only on the “Great Commission” it would of happened already. Perhaps we need to get our head out of the sand and look at a different strategy for advancing the Kingdom of God in the earth!! Unless you believe that God is going to rapture the church out of this mess and that it doesn’t really matter anyway.

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