Summer’s arrived early and so have Angels..

Yesterday I was thinking back to this time last year–yes I know its still spring, but from April through out the summer last year, it will, in my mind, forever  be the ‘summer of angels’. Beginning with Lakeland and Bentley’s angel obsession, it was like ‘Angel-mania’ hit the Churches across the globe. I recall getting comments (defending Lakeland, Todd, and this phenomena) here on the blog from as far away as Finland and Germany: it was an interesting time.

As I said, this was on my mind yesterday, along with the question, what will THIS summer hold–will it be another season of increased Angel sightings and wacky meetings called revivals? Are we to hear more about trips to heaven and visits to Paul and Abraham’s mansions, open portals and fire tunnels? I don’t know about you but I’m expecting it..

The winter of ‘Bentley Discontent’ has passed and my spiritual bones are telling me to get prepared for more shenanigans from the entire kooky family this summer.  Below is something which caught my attention:

Elijah List: “Evangelism Angels Come From Africa to California”

I went to Cape Town, South Africa, on March 21, 2009 to speak at a prophetic conference with Barbara Claassen of Prophetic Breakthrough Ministries. As I landed, God began to speak to me about a radical change about to take place that would set into motion a chain reaction that would positively impact the entire earth for the Kingdom of God. Immediately I began having dreams of angels visiting me. At the conference, I noticed the increase of angelic activity..

Just before an evening session I received what I can only describe as a supernatural infusion of Kingdom Financial Strategies. As I delivered the message, the presence of a very large angel came with an anointing for businessmen and women to create finances for the Kingdom. Some refer to this as the “Joseph Anointing,” which is demonstrated in Genesis 41, as Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and gives him prophetic direction on how to prosper during an economic downturn. In many cases there were immediate responses as strategies for business and finances came in. My own ministry received an answer to prayer that night for a financial need.

The next session the angel was back, and this time nearly the entire conference was set free and healed of broken hearts and issues with wounds from authority. The session after that, the angel was present and nearly everyone there experienced a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in their body with jolts of electricity, tingling, and warmth.

I had not seen this type of power for a while and I had never seen an angel like this. Whatever was needed for the people, the angel would release an anointing for an immediate response.

I telephoned a friend of mine in the U.S., a prophet named Bob Jones, to ask if he was aware of an angel like this. Bob told me the angel was “Power Evangelism” and it was being assigned to me to come back to the U.S. to bring about a revival.

That night I had a spiritual experience. I don’t know if I dreamed it, was really there, or it was a vision. In this experience, I was driving down U.S. Highway 101 in California. I noticed on the side of the road that there were dozens of Cal-Trans workers (California Department of Transportation). I looked closer and I saw their faces turn into ancient African faces with eyes of blazing fire. They were busy scooping up handfuls of white balls of light from the grass. They were able to find these lights that had been overlooked and discarded by others. Then the fear of God came over me as I realized these were the angels that have been sent by God to gather in a great revival. I knew that this group of angels had come from Africa to the U.S. to bring about revival.

The Power Evangelism Angel and the Gathering Angels are now in California preparing for a great move of God that will sweep the entire earth.  Though this particular move from God is starting in California, it will not be limited to California but will sweep the globe. Many different types of visitations and outpourings from God are happening right now all over the earth. This is just one of them.

The White Feather

Many of the prophets at the conference in South Africa were telling me that an angel has been assigned to go back with me to the U.S. for revival. Since this is so serious, I asked God for a confirmation. At the next meeting a “white feather” literally appeared in mid-air and floated down to the palm of my hand in plain view of everyone. As this happened the power of God hit the place quite strongly. I slid out of my seat and was on the floor in an Acts 10:10 trance type of experience. I saw the angel holding my hand and I began to receive a deep level of revelation that has not stopped since.

As I was leaving South Africa, I received a prophetic word from God that what is happening will be similar to Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The action of the angel from South Africa being given to the United States will create a reaction in South Africa of an equal proportion and there will be a reaction in the Spirit.

When I got home from my trip, I had an encounter in which I was taken in the Spirit to South Africa and shown a division that God is healing. There are divine strategies being released from Heaven to help remove obstacles to unity in South Africa and around the world. Unity among Christians will be a key to sustaining any revival or move of God.

What I noticed is this: As these angels and the anointing they bring are released, they take what we already have to a new level. So I encourage you to begin to ask God for more of what He has called you to do. Begin to step out and use your gifts right now. Ask God to give you opportunities to share His love. Watch, as you will begin to see more supernatural signs and manifestations of the Holy Spirit as this is released.

Doug Addison

About Doug Addison: Doug and his wife, Linda, are founders of InLight Connection located in Santa Maria, California. Doug is a stand-up comedian who teaches courses on finding your destiny, hearing God, dreams and visions, and understanding the supernatural. Doug also trains and leads Dream Team and Prophetic/Power Evangelism outreaches throughout the United States and around the world. Doug’s passion is to reach people who don’t know God’s love. Doug has been a pastor and church planter and is the author of the book, Prophecy, Dreams, and Evangelism.


8 comments on “Summer’s arrived early and so have Angels..

  1. They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
    Mysterious and spooky,
    They’re all together ooky, ….

  2. We are fortunate in all of this.

    We are being allowed to see and hear and discern and discuss WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF.

    They’re so arrogant they think they are it

    I GUESS ‘WE ARE WAKING UP’ (to the deceivers ways)

    Thank you lord keep knocking

  3. Okay PJ! It’s time for Halloween in Spring…May day and all of that occult nonsense. Break out local pastors “Kooky family ” video….if it didn’t get nixed in the purge.

  4. Wow, is there such a thing as plagarized prophecy? The angel of revival thing actually was started by Randy Demain, who claimed to have gotten on a trip to South America five years ago. Todd Bentley conveniently picked it up in his now failed attempt to make revival ‘happen’. The white feather thing is straight out of Bob Jones old stuff. From what he claims, Bob must have enough of them to make a feather bed by now. The’ divine strategies being released’ I heard years ago at a conference from Shawn Bolz. In fact he wrote a book about it, a very forgettable one, I might add.

    Same old, same old prophetic repetitive garbage from these folks., and their PR tool, the Elijah List.

  5. mbaker: I’ve heard these same phrases and tall tales for years too. Nothing ever comes from them except more madness. Oh and the wolves get richer selling the books, trinkets and conference admissions. “sigh of disgust”…..

  6. I wish someone would tell these people to cease using the word ‘Strategies”..

    Have u ever noticed they all CONSTANTLY write & talk about strategies–theirs, God’s, etc?

    I don’t know if we’ll ever see another fiasco as broad spread as last years Lakeland event–but i do think more of the same stuff is on the way this summer.

    One way in which we may see one that big and wide spread is if Todd gets back on stage this year… I have a hunch GODTV may try to cash in on any future series of meetings Todd leads. Course we may also see a future tag-team: Joyner and Bentley.

    Something is definitely being forged between the 2 right now…

    Its been my thought, and i may be wrong, that last years Lakeland/Bentley/NAR episode had a two-fold purpose.

    Satan was testing the water, on a large scale, to see how many he could reel in with all the unbiblical doctrines of demons concerning false signs, wonders, visions, etc. and God allowed it to go on for a season for the Churches benefit…to move us back into the right direction of trying and testing the spirits (discernment) and back to testing all doctrines by his word.

    How quickly (or not so quickly) people fall into this the next time, will say a lot. It will be interesting to watch…

  7. I don’t know if I am feeling sick to my stomach or sick in my heart. I used to be enthrawled with all of this junk but now since I have come to the place where my eyes are open and I realized that God was actually in control rather than me (can you believe that?), this tripe actually sickend me and scares me to be quite frank with you. The delusion will only increase until the world and the church are ripe for the picking when the AntiChrist appears and seduces the whole world into following after him.

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