“Spoke and Soak”

O MY! Sometimes you just have to laugh.

The latest from the NAR/7 Mountains crowd:

“Seven Mountain Symphony” — Jesus Is Speaking Through Some Of His Chosen Generals In This Hour To Release Revelation and Impartation!

This CD is a new sound! It’s a “Spoke and Soak” — it has the spoken word with soaking music. There is not a sound like it in the earth. It is a new sound for a new day.

Seven Mountain Symphony is a sound commissioned and inspired by Holy Spirit. It is a symphonic ensemble of some of the leading apostolic and prophetic voices of this generation — the voice of Jesus speaking through some of His chosen generals in this hour to release both revelation and impartation.

Some of the speakers you will hear in this set are: Dr. Lance Wallnau, Bill Johnson, Rich Marshall, Os Hillman, Rick Joyner, David vanKoevering,  and Johnny Enlow.

This unique CD set is a symphonic ensemble of some of the leading Christian voices of this generation. It is a sound that the Lord has chosen to be released onto the earth for this season to help effect the transformation of culture as we know it and exalt the Mountain of the Lord.

Seven Mountain Symphony, however, is more than just a sound. It is the voice of unity and harmony, a voice upon many waters, and a voice of reformation. It is the voice of Jesus speaking through some of His chosen generals in this hour to release both revelation and impartation into the hearts and lives of those who will hear the sound of Heaven within this symphonic ensemble.  On each track, you will hear beautiful instrumentation with a spoken word addressing transformation or one of the 7 mountains: government, family, religion, business, education, arts and entertainment, and media.

*Listen to an example. This is a preview of Rick Joyner’s segment: HERE.

Don’t know why, but this had me cracking up.

While listening, I kept picturing Joyner as some type of guru


4 comments on ““Spoke and Soak”

  1. Did any one else that listened to that clip find the music more spooky that beautiful? This stuff just gets weirder and weirder.

  2. I am continually amazed at the ‘contrivances’ the supra-prophetic types come up with as pseudo-religious marketing gimmicks.

    I have had discussions with some devout apostolic tradition folks (RCC & Orthodox) regarding the inferred ‘holiness’ factor of relics & holy places. And the focus was my skepticism regarding any innate spiritual energy resident in them. Not in a spooky-spiritual sense, but a holiness that could be transferred to the saint either holding a relic or treading upon holy sites.

    Something must be the attraction for preserving both human remains of departed saints and/or designating specific geographical locations as holy. I do believe they can become the focus of the devout saint that has their faith impacted by them. I am not convinced they contain a special concentrated quantity of healing power, anointing, grace, holiness, etc. Yet I can allow for the devout saint leeway to consider them special even though I do not.

    The extreme-prophetic crowd has their own versions of energized talismans as can be determined by this CD: Seven Mountain Symphony…

    Now, if this were an actual vinyl record there may be a hidden message in it when played backwards… 🙂

    Not sure I would want to be one of Jesus’ Chosen Generals since He already has referred to us as friends & servants. Those that wish to be a general in Joyner’s army will only be covetous of position, prestige, power, posture, prerogative, place. Anyone with the rank+title of general will indeed be the least in the kingdom as Jesus clearly stated…

    Lord have mercy…

  3. “There is not a sound like it in the earth. It is a new sound for a new day.”

    Well I listened to several of these’soak and spoke’ songs…pretty goofy stuff. Yeah,..it is one of a kind all right. I can’t believe people would waste $25.00 on this junk. What a rip-off.

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