The Squirrel Anointing

Can Crowder and the New Ecstatics/Extreme Prophetic crew get any more bizarre then this?


This new manifestation which I picked up at the New Ecstatics is as beautiful as it is prophetic!

Watch: The Squirrel Anointing

AHA! Clip of the results of the Squirrel Anointing on ‘Squirrels’, (just think of what it would do to a human)Animal I Have Become – Squirrels

Being silly tonight..

16 comments on “The Squirrel Anointing

  1. He speaks? like a drugged sheep but sound like a wolf , with the gutteral sounds at intervals. The head shake remindes me of Campbell.

    Oh my.

  2. This Crowder stuff is spreading worldwide!
    Life’s a party and your invited to get wacked!!!

    How gullible can sheeople be ????

    Thanks for “Being silly tonight”
    This is sad but a hoot none the less!

    I thought it was a parody at first then
    found Crowder in his favorites!!!

    Oh My !

  3. What a fruitcake! Either he’s putting it on, in which case he’s a idiot, or else he’s demonized. Either way, avoid him!

  4. I got through about two minutes of it, before I got tired of the lame squirrel sounds. He looked like he was pretty far up in the top of the tree himself. Where do these folks come from anyway?





  6. Of course I have no way of knowing, it’s just my guess. But I think Crowder and his little buddy Dunn are atheists getting a kick out of how gullible professing christians are and making some cash while at it. Just my pet theory. Any way you slice it, they aren’t of Christ.

  7. I couldn’t get through even two minutes of it. Pathetic.

  8. That is a strong evil spirit “inside” that guy and coming out of him. I too couldn’t watch much of it!

    I had to go and drink from the Well of Fresh Waters after! Aaaah! He is Risen and it’s all about Him! gulp! burp!! oh, excuse me!!

    • michael:

      Your ‘burp’ is excused! However, don’t be sounding like Alvin & The Chipmunks or sounding like you inhaled helium that mimics The Munchkins… 🙂

  9. An abomination is all I can call it.

  10. Is it the “squirrel” anointing or the “squirrely” anointing? Is there a muskrat or a chipmunk anointing? Are we living in a Walt Disney anointing? Stop the insanity!

  11. Kurt:

    The reason I suspect them as atheists, as opposed to other heretics out there, like Patricia King, is that I think folks like Patricia King do actually believe the nutty, unbiblical, mystical stuff they teach. Whereas, Crowder and Dunn always have those evil, little smiles, like you see when a group of kids ‘in the know’ tell a joke to some poor, gullible kid at achool who doesn’t get it but pretends to get it, to fit in. It’s a mean sort of mocking that pretends to befriend the target.

    Also, as outlandish as some things people such as Patricia King say, however pathetic the attempt, they try to at least speak their heresies in ‘christianese’ and seem to try to make their fantastical stories of random angelic glory orb impartation gold flake showers and such seem like things that ‘sound’ godly or holy (even though they are manmade delusions).

    Crowder doesn’t bother. He seems to purposely pick the wackiest, assinine ideas he can invent, things your average unbeliever would find ridiculously tacky, anti-intellectual, non-sensical, and blatantly absurd. If I was an atheist, and wanted to really run a running gag to prove the gullibility of professed christians, what better way than to get them to pay me to instruct them in the most ludicrous, off the wall, silly garbage I an imagine and have them exalt me as some sort of spiritual leader?

    I may not be explaining this well. I just get this vibe off of Crowder and Dunn that has an extra evil dimension to it than the more typical evil vibe of heresy. Something that looks like a big joke being played on people by people who pretend to buy into it but secretly laugh their pants off over how dumb christianity is.

    Again, cannot prove this. I could be way off and they could actually believe the stuff they say just as Patricia King does. But there’s just something about them that makes me think there’s more to it than that.

  12. One would truly have to be nuts to fall for these “anointings”. Score one for Satan every time one of these squirrels opens his trap.

  13. Hi Manfred, I think your comments are very astute.I think you may be right- there is something different about John Crowder and Dunn to anyone else. I think they may actually be, knowlingly and deliberately, missleading people and making things up. The mockery is so blatant and sneering, and they clearly enjoy antagonising people-it does look as if their is some “in” joke. Tragically, I think some of their followers are sincere, just terrible deceived. It is hard to beleive that Crowder and Dunn have any genuine christian belief. They are simply scoundrels.

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