D. James Kennedy’s Daughter Banned From Coral Ridge

Sounds like Billy Graham’s grandson, in an attempt to change Coral Ridge and its contemporary services, back to a more traditional form, has his hands full. (HT)

Earlier this year, following the 2007 passing of D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church tapped tapped Billy Graham’s grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, to take over as pastor of the church.

Tchividjian said he planned to stay away from political issues (though the affiliated Coral Ridge Ministries has continued its right-wing activism) but it looks like the change he has brought about have created some serious conflicts in the congregation, leading to the banning of Kennedy’s daughter Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, and several others from the church. more here


12 comments on “D. James Kennedy’s Daughter Banned From Coral Ridge

  1. I defend the new pastor.
    The church body should be united, and the members should submit to the authority of the church. Unless the church is doing something unbiblical (which i don’t think they are) such as teaching another gospel, or preaching something that is contrary to scripture, then one should submit to authority. If people aren’t going to submit to the church government, what’s the point of having a church government in the first place.
    This is good to see, that a church is willing to practice church displine on someone who is bent on causing a division in the church.
    Stay strong Tullian and seek the face of our Lord Jesus Christ, and do everything out of love and humility.

  2. What a travesty to see this happening at Coral Ridge. I think it is deplorable that the church is leaving this kind of witness for the press. Who leaked the internal strife; the six who have violated their vows or the church leadership? Several things to remember: 1. No matter what the six think about the new direction they are violating their vows by disturbing the peace and purity of the church. There is a proper way to handle these matters. If they are violating the ninth commandment by spreading rumors and lies and if they are violating the fifth by rejecting the authority place over them this is a serious charge that should lead to church discipline, which it sounds like it already has. 2. We do not know all the particulars, so we cannot fully know what is happening. 3. The problems that led to the downfall of Knox Seminary after Dr. Kennedy’s death should be an indication that there were internal problems long before Rev. Tullian came. I am not surprised this is happening. I do hope the leadership handles this with more wisdom then they handled the Knox situation.

  3. Last year i posted on the topic of “The Fallen, Church Discipline, and Restoration”

    At the time the post was concerning fallen leaders, etc..but it also includes an excellent article on biblical Church Discipline.

    You might find it interesting! ūüôā


    In the case of Coral Ridge and what appears to be transpiring, i agree–its a shame.

    Based on just the info in the article, it seems the family of the late Dr. Kennedy are having a hard time in letting go of their control of the church. My prediction? If they continue to buck the pastor, and he refuses to be run off, there will be a huge split in the church.

  4. There is an article at the Christian Post concerning this mess which offers a little more information.

    See: New Minister of Famed Fla. Megachurch Facing Leadership Challenge

  5. I agree with above comments….this is all about control and money and who gets to hold the purse strings.

    The Kennedy family wanted a strawman in the pulpit so that they could continue to control the direction of the church and the revenues derived from continiuing to promote DJ Kennedy’s name.

    I hope Tullian will withstand the fight and remain as pastor.

  6. I think the new pastor Tullian is in the wrong. He came in trying to destroy (I feel) all that James Kennedy stood for. The Bible tells us in the last days people will have itching ears to hear what makes them feel good. James Kennedy preached the true message of God.
    We need to pray for the church that God will
    make it a beacon of the true Gospel.l

    • The Bible tells us in the last days people will have itching ears to hear what makes them feel good. James Kennedy preached the true message of God.

      Lela from what i’ve read, Pastor Tullian preaches the gospel, the true message of God. The main difference is (was) the way which each man choose to pastor Coral Ridge. Tullian Tchividjian doesn’t preach political messages, Dr. Kennedy did.

  7. What a shame! Dr Kennedy was tryilng to be salt and light in our world, He would feel very badly to think that his daughter was banned from that church.

  8. For some reason, I missed Dr. Kennedy’s passing. It came as a terrible blow when I heard. Having been through a church split, I am very sad. Also sad that the ministry could not continuing Dr. Kennedy’s message of the Gospel and also be responsible citizens politically. To hear of this fight is truly disheartening.

  9. correction-could not continue

  10. I attended a Sunday worship service in the fall of 2011 at CRP. I had not been there for many years and was in great anticipation of worshipping in this magnificent structure with beautiful music. Disappointment is understated of the emotion I felt as I sat through a hour, plus contemporary worship service. The pastors message was well received but the music ministry was a great disappointment, not because of its contemporary style but of poor musicianship in leadership and lay musicians participating in various capacities. I do hope that the future will bring back the magnificient traditional worship service that I experienced in the past.

    • David im sorry to read of your disappointment. I’ve had similar experiences.

      One concerned a Church i attended for 9 years, during the 1980’s. After moving back into the area i looked forward to returning but found many things had changed; and not for the better. Frankly the Church had become very worldly after the original pastor died and was replaced.

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