“Hey Huckabee, its still only 09!”

The man’s campaigning already.

From Haaretz: Huckabee: Palestinian state in Jewish homeland is ‘unrealistic’

Huckabee, who arrived in Israel Sunday as the guest of several rightist organizations, visited Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem on Monday…

What I loved were a few comments left by readers living in Israel:

The last thing we need here is Huckabee campaigning..

The US presidential election campaign has started..


Also see: Mike Huckabee accused of America-bashing

2 comments on ““Hey Huckabee, its still only 09!”

  1. Yes, it’s only ’09 … but Gov. Huckabee might have already managed to lose my vote. I backed him last year.

    I kind of thought that everyone agreed that last year’s campaign season was too long. Did we really need to start it this early?

  2. O my goodness, it was tooooo long. I didn’t think it was ever going to end. 🙂

    These politicians must spend all their time getting into office, and once there, spend all their time making sure they get reelected. ahahah….What good are they?

    I got a kick out of some of the Israeli’s who commented–they knew exactly what Huckabee was up to: playing to the fundamentalists back in the US in preparation for a run for office.

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