A Year Later, the Lakeland Outpouring Still Stirs Emotions

(Thanks to Rick Hiebert for the link)

“I don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would ever give Todd Bentley a platform again. I believe in redemption, but for some things you forever forfeit your public ministry. This man has proven by his lifestyle to be who he is, and our churches shouldn’t be using him, period.”

(Assemblies of God General Superintendent George O. Wood, commenting on what in many charismatic circles has been one of the most divisive issues in the past year. Bentley left the Lakeland Outpouring last August amid scandal and—in fewer than 12 months—divorced, remarried, entered into a restoration process with Rick Joyner and relaunched his public ministry – link)

See, The Ledger: A Year Later, the Lakeland Outpouring Still Stirs Emotions

Bentley said he hopes to preach within the next year.

“Don’t count me out. I’m getting my personal life, my character and my doctrine in order.


12 comments on “A Year Later, the Lakeland Outpouring Still Stirs Emotions

  1. The issue here is truly what would Jesus do? No pun on this; for I am serious.

    Jesus allowed Judas in the camp; even choosing him. He let Judas hang himself… he did not remove him. Why? Because Jesus did as God, His Father led Him to do.

    David as King messed up while he was in Authority… many times and God did not remove him.

    Peter, like Judas also betrayed Jesus, yet in this case Peter did not hang himself; he found repentance and low and behold something really fantastic came from this.

    I am sure I would have struggled to put a little trust in going to see Saul if I thought God asked me to, while knowing he was a terrorist among Christian circles. Who would have known what God’s plan was for these two men… the one who laid his hands on Saul; and that Saul turned into a Godly raised Paul.

    First, one should discern on the matter.
    Secondly, one should reason with God.
    Third, his witness will soon tell.

    False Prophets and Teachers rise up all the time, and too those who love listening to them. God doesn’t seem to jump up quickly off His Throne to stop it from happening… yet for some reason I believe these stumbling blocks reveal where our heart truly is.

    • amen…oxymoron…amen brother…I agree and believe also that God allows these “stones” to see whose hearts are truly and wholeheartedly devoted to Him. Are you following God or Todd…only God truly knows. If one were truly following God, then one would be following His Word and see that Todd’s lifestyle and so-called doctrine does not line up with the Word of God…and no, I am not “judging”…I am simply stating truth and fact as revealed by the man himself. I am a “proponent” of restoration, for sure, but also one of humility and only God raises up and lays low. Time will tell. He who has ears, let him hear.

  2. Oxy, this is so true. In a funny way I thank God for Todd Bentley (GULP) because as soon as I saw him I googled him and found out about things far more than I bargained for. As unsavoury as it was I am forever grateful for the knowledge I am now in possession of.

    • During the last week of Bentley’s great adventure at Lakeland, he was wandering around like a lost little boy on the stage. Emma was not showing up, and whatever that charisma that enthralled so many was , had vacated. The music was boring, and his preaching..[ lying..] out of sync. it was a sad time for Todd, and Jeraldo had reamed him on national TV, making him look so foolish, exposing his child molestation charges of his youth. He was obviously confused, and anxious.

      It is from that backdrop that I wrote this article on my blog. I called it, “The Withering.” I believe a combined effort of thousands of real intercessors contained the demon-fest that was called prophetic ministry in Lakeland through real intercessory prayer. I believe that this exposing was a watershed moment in the end time discernment ministries in this country, for the bundles of the harvest, designated for the fire, were made apparent.

      In this light, Todd Bentley did the body of Christ an inestimable service.

      Wednesday, July 30, 2008
      Bentley and the withering.
      There is such a thing as withering. “Jesus saw that the fig tree had no fruit, and He cursed it. Upon return to those parts, they beheld the fig tree, and it had withered, and they marveled.”

      [paraphrase]…. Lakeland and Bentley have been flourishing, and as much as a splash is concerned, he made a cannonball run, maybe as much as any one man since the venerable Benny Hinn, or even for a brief moment, Billy Graham. He was on every major American news cast….most charismatic leaders have fawned and bowed before him in their glowing accolades and endorsements…and now….it’s over.

      I believe he became a victim of his own outrageous and pathological lies. His penchant for ever increasing whoppers, and Elijah like encounters, combined with the sorcery like visitations became too much. even his own began to back off a bit. There is right now a revisionist history being written of him…and a vast sanitation of his teachings. They are being edited and revised as we speak.

      He has a problem. Of course it is a minor problem, in the beginning, when promises are made. It always is. You just say it…. and it’s true! Well, after one hundred and twenty days, and about 30 resurrections from the dead, and possibly 10s of thousands of miraculous healings, there does not seem to be any medical verification on anything! Zero. Nada. Zip. The National media saw to that. [Giraldo, God bless him, saw through him, with hard to conceal chuckles.]

      Not withstanding as pathological liars do, is the increase of the fib. Minnows flitter amazingly in the bowl, you are amazed, but Moby Dick emerges and flops into your living room, and he gets your attention. Todd Bentley became his own worst enemy. He could not restrain himself. He had to reach for the Elijah mantle. Conversing with Abraham and the Apostle Paul was not enough. Traveling through time, and God always directing you, audibly was not enough. The great Angel of the Winds of change at his beck and call, protecting and anointing him, was not enough. Tumors exploding out of bodies at his great anointing was not enough. Emma was not enough. Wigglesworth audaciousness was not nearly enough, as he created the gravely ill, and knocked teeth out of the infirmed….with a full mount that would make the WWF swoon….[and that on an old lady!] bam! bam! bam Allah koolia!

      But really, there was more to the story than this. It was, and is strong delusion. It was a dividing line, a separate, a harvest, if you will. Many, many of the charismatic leaders of my time, saw something that must have resembled Elijah, in their perceptions. when solid Believers in Jesus saw imps, and demons, our most honored Prophets and Apostles saw light! They lined up to endorse Todd. The great leader of the end time harvest! In a way, they were right…but not in the way they thought. They have been identified, by their embracing of the thing that murders, with the murderer. They have become accomplices, by virtue of association.

      Bob Jones, The “Apostolic commission; C. P. Wagner, Dutch sheets, Chuck Pierce, Jim Goll, and all of their crew, [who demand your submission to their perceived authority] Paul Cain, Charisma magazine, the former Lakeland chiefs, All of the Toronto leaders, Randy Clark, Che Ahn, the ambulance of the Assembly of God in Springfield…..on and on. Pastors uncountable, and too many other so called leaders to name. I think of rick Joyner….I am sick to go on. Could someone do a list please, that is a researcher, of the names of the prominent who jumped aboard this ship named Emma?

      Soaking prayer, with a pure Hindi doctrine of transcendental guided imagery; the emptying of the mind to translate yourself into the realms of Heaven through focus, and voiding of all conviction to EXPERIENCE….OH TO HAVE A VISION!!! AND OF COURSE , THEY DO!

      At this moment, they are trying to convince Scottish believers to open their minds to receiving Angels…and laughter as joy from God. Todd’s packing to Europe.

      In Luke, the Lord said that the Harvest is the End of the age. He said he would send forth the angels to bundle the wicked…..the tares…for fire. He also said he would separate the righteous , the wheat to take into his storehouse…Heaven. The Harvest is not about the great evangelistic move in the End, alone…it is also about the Evil being divided unto judgment. This, is that.

      This has been the most obvious unscriptural carnival of parading imps, possibly in the 20th, and 21st centuries. It is more bizarre than Mormonism was ever elevated to in the annals of the magic show. It is so obvious, that babes in Christ know, much less anyone who has actually read the new testament. It is therefore….strong delusion….sent by God! God sent it! To separate the wheat, and the other. “The harvest is the end of the age! Bentley is sent by God, in this sense.

      Only a deep repentance coupled with a Godly sorrow will absolve these leaders who endorsed this Liar and false Prophet. The blood of the Lamb will not be trodden on without some retribution. God is not mocked, and that is all Lakeland and Bentley are really about. I do not wish them Firelake.

      It is Harvest Time! The last thing I want to say, is that God has heard the many, many persistent cries to stop this dark parade. God had his timing…to wait until it came to some maturity, and used it to approve those who are and were faithful to Him, through Bentley’s perverted dog and monkey show. I believe it is over in Lakeland, though they are trying to rebuke the blanket over them away. It has become dry, and boring….the kiss of death for any magic and animal show. The music is off key, and the shouts of victory are hollow. time to vamoose! Shim dag doomariah!

      On a serious note, the wake of sorrow and confusion left behind is what our prayers should be directed too now. There will be many, many young ones thinking God let them down, or depressed when they are not pumped by the special effects, and adrenaline, thinking that God is a deserter. There will be those numbed by it all…and this maybe the most numerous group of all, and possibly the Devil’s intent. Let us ask God to take time out and visit each of these, and reveal to them that this was not Jesus at all, but ancient impostors who desire worship due only Him.

      Also, the many who were let down by false hope. It really does make the heart sick.

      To the many who sought God for an end to this travesty, and to those who stood against , thank you. It turned out to be a united front, more than the Devil bargained for. Thank you who suffered the backlash of Hell for your stand, and thank you for those who understood the times and seasons; the sheer gravity of the innocent being so clearly devoured by the wolf. Thank you seasoned intercessors, and the young one’s too. There is a cost, when approaching an army of 10,000, and you seem to be only 300. The battle is not a fairy tail. This has been real, and costly, with many casualties. Let us not put down our swords yet. Keep praying, as you are burdened. Let us be like Samuel in the face of AGAG! Yip! That’s the spirit!

      to my fellow soldiers….Brothertom….Thomas Watkins

  3. Amen Brothertom, you should rename yourself – ‘INSPIRER of people’ – for that is truly what you are. Thank you again for words that cause one to listen, look and learn.

  4. Glad to see we do Judge/Examine/Discern… if we did not we might be one of them who run to Todd.

    Geri, I know what you mean by not Judging the person in condemning them, yet through our good sense of judgment/discernment we knew to steer clear from this false teaching.

    As Tom points out also, we too will judge/discern the whole matter and listen for God to lead us in how we should pray for Todd and his followers.

    Some years ago I actually thought it was sinful to even listen to these false teachers; yet I believe we need to see and hear a small portion of what they spew so that our alarm bells are tested.

  5. Yes. What Thomas Watkins said. lol

    Seriously, what more could I add?

  6. Professional, PJ.

    I am surprised at the lengthy Ledger article. It muddled and made confusing, the truth about Todd Bentley. Todd the con-artist who stole the savings of elderly ladies. Todd who lied and said (God told me to get 1,000 people to give $1,000.00 dollars each). Todd who wrote in his own book that God did not inspire the entire Bible – contrary to 2 Timothy 3:16. Todd who was proven a liar,
    having two adulterous affairs.
    Todd Bentley, heretic, adulterer, deceiver, liar, thief, convicted pedophile.
    The Ledger did a poor job of reporting the facts.
    At least the AOG finally spoke up.
    I pray no one else is deceived by Todd the Terrible.

  7. Amen randy: ” I pray no one else is deceived by Todd the Terrible.”

    But let us be absolutely aware that this demonic filth is yet alive and forcible under the likes of his mentor, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, and the Elijah List, along with the NAR and like false apostate pretenders.

    These are one and the same. Mark them!… for i assure you, they lie in wait to pounce and devour, like a roaring Lion….stay vigilant …watch and pray!

  8. Thomas Watkins,
    Amen, brother!

  9. amen…that’s why I once said we need a thousand more todds,because of the way,those who know their God will get the practice to take their stand,in preparation for the real falsie..and the sooner the better,than Jesus can return..get it?No False Prophet and Beast..no return of Jesus in glory..so if guys like Todd wants to volunteer for the position..good on him,for the rest of us..let’s just finish the work so Jesus can come back as He promised.Dr.Ed.

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