Vincent Xavier’s response to Nuke not detonating in Wash. DC

A follow-up on the previous posts, Battle of the ‘Prophets’ and “Prophecy”of Nuke leveling Washington DC in OCT.

This guy is operating in a wrong spirit. Even if something were to occur in DC before the end of October, it wouldn’t change how I feel about what I hear–which is a “wrong spirit” behind his words.

Vincent Xavier, the Pastor who predicted that a nuclear bomb would detonate in Washington DC on October 10th or 11th 2009, gives his response now that the predicted days have passed with no explosion.

Youtube video, Vincent Xavier’s response


5 comments on “Vincent Xavier’s response to Nuke not detonating in Wash. DC

  1. I know my thinking can be a little off the wall sometimes but I thought this had parallels to the Colardo balloon story – how long before a false prophet metaphorically puts the child into the balloon… scary…

  2. The bible is the final authority. The most important thing for a Christian is to bring forth fruits met for repentance. God is looking whether we have come to the perfection of Christ, he is our only standard. The bible already gives general predictions of what will happen in the latter days. Can God save individuals from catastropic evens he can and cannot. It all depends on his will. Daniels 3 friends were saved from the furnace however there were many earler Christians who were thrown to the lions in the arena I think during Nero’s time because they were Christians yet God did not save them. The most important thing is to be ready to meet Jesus at any second. Whether it be through death, rapture or even translation!!! The method of leaving this world does not matter but whether we qualify as his bride is all that matters. I believe in dreams and visions however, now I have distance myself from such prophesies that try to predict this and that and say it is from the Lord. Anyway, we don’t have all this at my church. Our focus is on Jesus and producing fruits met for repentance and being ready at any second!

  3. New video up tonight (the 25th)

    Update on Vincent Xavier’s prophecy about a nuke leveling Washington DC

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