A Message to God’s Elect from B.H. Clendennen

Greg, at Sermon Index posted this at youtube today: An Urgent Message to God’s Elect by B.H. Clendennen

Pastor Clendennen, founder and president of the School of Christ International, now 87, was recently diagnosed with advanced liver, lung and colon cancer. He decided to forgo treatment. You can read the announcement and prayer request here at sermonindex.

B.H. Clendennen is considered one of the great Pentecostal Pioneers still living today.

The call to Restore the Message of Pentecost came to B.H. Clendennen in 1956 when he was first planting a church in Beaumont Texas. In those days the Pentecostal Movement was experiencing the great Healing Revival in America and across the world.  Evangelistic preaching in tents, the healing of sick bodies and an expectation of reaching the nations before Christ came marked it. Since then a great and terrible decline has come to this Pentecostal Revival. It still speaks in tongues, raises it’s hands and talks about Revival, but something fundamental is wrong. Generally speaking there has been a departure from Christ, the Word of God, holiness and death to self. Many great marks of the Movement at the beginning of the century had disappeared by the end of the century. The School of Christ has sent students into 130 nations over the past 13 years Forging a Vessel of Recovery. (His bio is included in Keith Malcomson’s book, Pentecostal Pioneers Remembered: you can read a portion here)

If you’ve never listened to any of his sermons, you can hear him at the links below:

clip Soldiers Hymn

Soldiers (sermon 1982)Description: Preaching with great unction this brother calls the Church to righteousness and holy living. Using illustrations concerning his former life in the military, he describes the warfare we experience as Christians, and the life that we should be living. Do we realize Who it is we take orders from? Do we realize who the real enemy is?

more sermons here


8 comments on “A Message to God’s Elect from B.H. Clendennen

  1. also you can hear and see Pastor Clendennen 24/7 on acts america tv on the internet. http://www.actsamerica.tv/live.html

  2. I have heard B.H. Clendennen preach only a few times at Times Square Church and have been blessed each time.

    Many men like him are needed greatly in our world today.

    • Many men like him are needed greatly in our world today.

      Amen Kurt. Looking around, it doesn’t appear to be many waiting in the wings to step in, when these men of God are gone.


  3. I believe that Pastor Clenndenen was called by God and was a true man of God. I believe that he lived the life that he preached about. I praise God for his passion for the gospel. A true soldier gone home to get his reward. I loved him so. The word that he preached helped me so much.

  4. Great commentary.

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