C. Peter Wagner: Making his case for Dominionism

Came across this on a page at Charisma today (Last Day Fever). Its The NAR’s Peter Wagner explaining why he believes Dominionism Theology/Eschatology is correct.

I can still remember prophecy teachers who tacked rows of charts and diagrams on the church wall and explained spell-binding details of the past, present and future. I cut my spiritual teeth on the Scofield Bible and devoured Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth. My seminary professors instructed me in pre-tribulationism and premillenialism. I quickly categorized anyone who disagreed as a “liberal.”

Now I look back on those days with a strange combination of regret and amusement. How is it that I was so wrong for so long? As I analyze my change, I can sum it up by admitting that I simply did not understand the kingdom of God.

Let me explain what I mean by starting with the Great Commission.

The Great Commission has been central to my life. I committed myself to missions the night I was saved when I was 19. I spent my first 16 years of ministry as a field missionary and the next 30 as a professor of missions.

My heart’s desire was to help fulfill Jesus’ mandate to “make disciples of all nations.”

However, the time came when I had to make a radical shift in the way I interpreted those words of Jesus.

Formerly, I thought my task was to go to as many nations of the world as possible and save as many souls as possible and plant as many churches as possible. Now I take the Great Commission more literally when it tells us not to make as many individual disciples as we can but to disciple whole social groups—such as entire nations. This is kingdom theology.

When God created Adam and Eve, He told them to take dominion over all His creation (see Gen. 1:28). This was God’s plan until Satan succeeded in persuading Adam to obey him rather than God. The result was that Satan usurped Adam’s authority and took dominion himself.

But Jesus came as the second Adam. He brought the kingdom of God to earth and sent His disciples out to preach the gospel of the kingdom. He has now commissioned us, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to advance His kingdom, to push Satan’s kingdom back and to retake the dominion that rightly belongs to the human race.  This is the Great Commission.

It still includes healing the sick, casting out demons, saving souls, multiplying churches and feeding the hungry, but it goes far beyond these activities. It is putting feet to the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

How has this played out? The human race is enormously better off now than it was when Jesus died and was raised from the dead 2,000 years ago! Satan is losing ground more and more rapidly.

Those who think the world is getting worse and worse are missing the big picture of human history.

I now regard my former pre-tribulationism and premillenialism as escapist eschatology.

I do not plan to give any territory back to Satan or his Antichrist.Yes, there will be setbacks, but the advances will far outnumber them. Instead of an escapist eschatology, I expouse a victorious eschatology!

My favorite term is “dominion eschatology.” Why? Because Jesus did not give His Great Commission in vain.

The battle will be ferocious, and we will suffer some casualties along the way. However, we will continue to push Satan back and disciple whole nations.

We are aggressively retaking dominion, and the rate at which this is happening will soon become exponential. The day will come when “‘The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever’” (Rev. 11:15, NKJV)!

C. Peter Wagner is president of Global Harvest Ministries, chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute and presiding apostle of the International Coalition of Apostles.

Wagner’s idea of the great commission is totally skewed. He writes:

I take the Great Commission more literally when it tells us not to make as many individual disciples as we can but to disciple whole social groups—such as entire nations. This is kingdom theology

He see’s this not as going into nations, preaching the gospel, leading people (individuals) to Christ, and instructing them in the ways of the Lord, but as social and cultural transformation, as a result of forcefully taking over all aspects of a nations society;

“The main purpose of Jesus dying on the cross was not so that you can go to heaven. The main purpose of His death was so that His kingdom can be established so that, as a result, you can exercise kingdom authority on the earth and reconcile the world back to Him”

“…it is a mandate for social transformation”

“The second Adam did all that was necessary to put back in place God’s original design for the earth as a colony of heaven. Once He did, He then delegated the responsibility of bringing God’s plan into being.”

“It is our task to become… social activists until Satan’s dominion is ended” (C. Peter Wagner and Dominionism)

The false dominionism doctrine can be found in Wagner’s “7 Mountains of Culture” teachings, and the false teaching of Christian Reconstructionism:

Theonomy, also known as Christian Reconstructionism. An extremist movement in Christianity, that advocates the modern-day application of Old Testament law in ”reconstructing” the Kingdom of God on earth. (Theonomy)

Dominion theology is a Utopian ideal. It is a belief that this world can, and must, be conquered for Christ by militant action undertaken by the Christian Church. To get a good sense of what is happening in the established Church today see the article Dominionism and the rise of Christian Imperialism by Sarah Leslie.

Dominion Theology has it own take on the Great Commission. For them it is more than the preaching of the Gospel and the nurturing of new believers in the Holy Scriptures. It is more than promoting the personal walk with God. Dominionism gives place to an inner human compulsion for pyramid building. Inherent in this is a desire for control over others. Carnally-minded men seek to increase their power over their fellow man. They want to build their own hierarchies with themselves being installed at the top. Carnal Christians often show themselves quite willing to resort to violence to fulfill their dreams of dominion. They are dead set on achieving “success” in their goals. Have we seen this in Church history before? Oh yes, we certainly have…. (Continue here; Dominion Theology in recent History)

This false theology has over-lapped with the current re-emerging of the Christian Patriot Movement:

C. Peter Wagner’s agenda, as part of the New Apostolic Reformation, to influence the 7 spheres or 7 mountains of culture, by actually changing nations and governments, cultural and social structures, in the name of “building the kingdom of God on earth.”

In C. Peter Wagner’s “prophecy” above, he says that 2008 will have “The anointing for dominion” where “[e]ach sector of society will begin to be touched by the power of God in new fresh ways from government, education, the medical fields, media, the arts and other areas.”

It is interesting that the Patriotic movement to “restore America” has now embraced the same number – seven – for the “spheres of influence” that they want to use to “shape and manage our communities and our nation’s culture.” This may signal a more public unity among Dominionist leaders.

The number 7 is a boiled-down version of the original 17 spheres that were delineated in “worldview” documents prepared by the Coalition on Revival in the 1980s, when COR served as a “melting pot for Charismatic Dominionists and Reconstructionists.” These worldview documents, described in detail in Al Dager’s book Vengeance Is Ours (Sword, 1990), contained theological and political positions that were “mandatory for all Christians to implement . . . in society.”

The Restore America organization appears to be carrying on the mantle of the Coalition on Revival’s themes by focusing exclusively (for now) on America by:

Restoring the ‘Vision’ ;

The Vision of our Forefathers to create a nation “Under God” must be restored to the Body of Christ if God’s people are to fulfill their ’salt and light’ responsibility in the preservation of the Republic and the Gospel of Christ.

This patriotic “vision” has widespread appeal among evangelicals who are concerned about the decay of American society, rampant immorality, the deterioration of our Constitutional rights, etc. This is the bait which lures so many into political action. But political action quickly becomes fused with the Dominionist ideal of building the kingdom of God on earth. There is an active network of organizations devoted to furthering the dominion of the “spheres” in American society. Many former leaders of the Coalition on Revival remain on active duty to further this cause.

Patriotic Dominionists hearken back to an idealist vision of America which denies the ugly sides of its history. Revisionist history is being pumped out at amazing speeds – much of it very appealing to conservative and traditional family, church and nation ideals — and this presidential campaign year is seen as a prime opportunity to further indoctrinate the evangelical masses. Many only see this through myopic lens of an utopian American vision.

But there is a much broader issue involved here; i.e., the definition of the Kingdom of God. Their position on the subject of the kingdom of God states:

“We deny that the Church must await the second coming of Christ for the Kingdom of God to be inaugurated on earth in time-space reality and in power. [page 3]“

“We deny that the restoration of man’s God-ordained dominion (a) lies outside the scope of Christ’s redeeming work as mediator on the Cross, or (b) awaits the physical presence of the returned Christ for its inauguration and expansion.”

“We affirm. . . [that Jesus] is bringing all things into submission under His feet, exercising His authority ever more widely and fully on earth as the gospel spreads and people are converted to Him;. . . ”

Make no mistake – this heresy promotes the idea of an evolving Kingdom of God, which is ever expanding in power and authority and dominion — on earth This isn’t just about the spread of the Gospel message. It is about building structures, influencing spheres, and changing nations, and prescribing and enforcing the Gospel (as they define it).

In this evolutionary kingdom worldview, the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross is deemed incomplete…. (Continue here, Seven Spheres of Influence)

The following statement comes from Rick Joyner and Dutch Sheets in the June 19, 2007 Elijah List newsletter entitled “THE TRUE SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS ARE MOBILIZING

“The kingdom of God will not be socialism, but a freedom even greater than anyone on earth knows at this time. At first it may seem like totalitarianism, as the Lord will destroy the antichrist spirit now dominating the world with “the sword of His mouth” and will shatter many nations like pottery. However, fundamental to His rule is II Corinthians 3:17, “Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Instead of taking away liberties and becoming more domineering, the kingdom will move from a point of necessary control while people are learning truth, integrity, honor, and how to make decisions, to increasing liberty so that they can.

“God created mankind to be free, and that is our most natural state, which is why He put the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden. It was not to cause Adam and Eve to fall, but there could be no true obedience unless there was an opportunity to disobey. Likewise, there can be no true worship unless there is the freedom not to worship. Otherwise, the Lord would have done better to have just created a computer instead of man and programmed the computers to worship Him! What kind of worship would that be? Freedom is required for true worship, true obedience, and true relationship.

“The kingdom will start out necessarily authoritative in many ways, or in many areas, but will move toward increasing liberty–so do all true churches and movements that are advancing toward the kingdom. You may have to be very controlling of toddlers, but the older they get, the more they can be trusted, and the more freedom they should have if they are going to develop into true maturity, which requires personal responsibility.

“Those who are here to help prepare the way for the coming of the kingdom, which includes all Christians who are alive now, can learn much from the fall of the Iron Curtain. The same lessons can apply in a local church when ministering to those coming out of a spiritually or emotionally controlling relationship or prison. However, we must start thinking bigger. The Great Commission is to make disciples, not just converts, and of nations, not just individuals. Those who are called to rule and reign with Him must start thinking much bigger.”

This statement above is an extraordinary admission. The dominionists who are building the kingdom of God on Earth will usher in their kingdom on their white horses crying “peace, peace!” But here is an acknowledgment that the red horse of force, might and control lurks just behind the scenes. In this article the false prophets are preparing their troops for what is to come.

Dominionism “Lite” always promises peace and prosperity, and a nice-sounding Christian culture or government. But Dominionism “Dark,” which is the only way that dominionism can truly be enforced, is always totalitarian. You can’t “make” disciples or “convert” whole nations” unless you use force. This is war. (See, At first it may seem like totalitarianism)

Think about it:

“And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.” (Revelation 17:9)


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10 comments on “C. Peter Wagner: Making his case for Dominionism

  1. Wagner’s take on Matthew 28:18-20 nearly blows my mind. How much of his theology hinges on one preposition in that passage? In other words, “make disciples OF all nations” does not mean the same to Wagner as “make disciples AMONG all nations.” Instead to him it means “make ENTIRE nations become disciples” of Wagner (oops, I mean of Jesus).

    • Dominionism is a fascinating topic Adam. I’ve reached the conclusion, one could find links to it in most movements today.

      The manner in which it over-laps with most of the take back america groups is really interesting.

      Did you happen to check out any of the links included in the post?



      Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism

      Both are very interesting.

      One of the quotes [above] mentioned power; i believe that along with pride, is at the root of dominionism theology.

      It’s always reminded me of the tower of babel. Man attempting to do what only God can.

      In other words, “make disciples OF all nations” does not mean the same to Wagner as “make disciples AMONG all nations.” Instead to him it means “make ENTIRE nations become disciples” of Wagner (oops, I mean of Jesus).


  2. […] Read the rest here – C. Peter Wagner: Making his case for Dominionism « Sola Dei Gloria. […]

  3. Obviously Wagner has been ‘tokin the ghost with John Crowder.

    He should be ashamed of himself for twisting and perverting the gospel to suit his agenda. As should those who associate with him.

  4. self delusional and self deceived and then silence from Heaven and on earth.

    One thing only remains worse than that, that is hell itself.

    Thanks for the reminder that I fear the Lord continually now.

  5. Reading reminds me to thank God for delivering us from the NAR and false movements like it. As someone who attended a NAR church, I can tell you that these people truly believe that what they are doing will benefit the kindgom of God. Self deception and self importance, and of course ego is what is driving this movement. Even if Christians occupied all 7 of the mountains they identified, it would still be the gospel, the cross and the work done by Jesus on our behalf that saves people. Not who ever is in charge of the 7 mountains or spheres of influence.

  6. This is a very good articulation of what I view the NAR
    church is moving forward to. That some how they will
    become the dominant voice if you will of “The Church”
    is… narly.

    Think about it:
    “And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.” (Revelation 17:9)

    That they could perhaps become or at least come
    into union with the false prophet and the one world
    religion. I dont think that they will ever be able to wield
    the power that they so covet at least from a global stand

    No The Roman Catholic Church would never allow that
    to happen, however it is interesting that these two have
    the same goal as far as global conquest is concerned.
    It will be interesting to see what happens this next year.
    All that I know is that to be faithful to Christ, and the way
    I do this is living every moment enjoying life, and the
    wonderful life that he has given us, and all that it entails.
    I believe with all of my heart that we are witnessing the
    great falling away spoken of by Paul. God is also making
    us aware of what anti-christ is and what it looks like,
    Read I Jn 4. 1-3. Jesus said: (Mt. 24.5)
    For many shall come in my name saying I am Christ; and
    shall deceive many. My friends this is happening all over
    the place! No one is going to say ” Hay here I am”, but
    let me ask you a question. What dose The New Testament
    say must be the criteria of being an apostle?

    1. you must be born again/ freedom from anything on this
    planet. Paul said in I Cor 9.1 am I not free?
    2. You must have a literal encounter with Jesus Christ
    himself, for Paul declares when defending (context) his
    right to be an apostle ” have I not seen Jesus Christ our
    3. Because of these two points above he was able to
    conduct his ministry to the gentiles, and write 1/3d of the
    New Testament he goes on to declare are not ye my
    work in the Lord?
    It seems that nearly all, or almost all the leadership
    of the claim that they have had a visitation from the Lord. I
    dont deny their claim that they have indeed seen
    something, but my question is what did they see? Who did
    they meet?

    Its here ladies and gentleman. When you call yourself
    an apostle, you are telling the world that you have seen
    Christ, they in turn will follow you. I believe there are
    apostles and prophets, but their not on TV and making
    millions of dollars of the flock of God, no they are giving
    their lives for Jesus Christ this moment somewhere. They
    are going where few even dare to tread, and the Lord is
    with them.
    I think we need to test the spirits. I am glad that I no
    longer seek a visitation from the Lord ie a literal one,
    I have no need for that kind of experience I feel him all
    around me and he speaks to my heart when I listen.
    These observations come by years of heart ache. When
    I first got saved I wanted to be somebody, yet the Lord
    designed it for what ever reason to escape the serious
    nature of the things that we discuss here. Thank God I
    came to my senses, because I love the fellowship here.
    I love what he is doing in my life.

    Everyone have a good night

  7. Here’s a great page on C. Peter Wagner EXPOSED


  8. That is a great page kw… thanks.

    I’m glad you posted the link to safe guard your soul. I had it in my bookmarks but lost it when my computer crashed a few months ago.

  9. […] believes in forced social transformation of entire social groups and maintains that that is what is meant by the Great Commission: Formerly, I thought my task was to go to as many nations of the world as possible and save as many […]

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