Christians & Conspiracy Theories: A Call to Repentance (1)

2 Corinthians 10:5Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Conspiracy Theory is more than just the belief in an occasional conspiracy. Simply put, it is a belief system that asserts that world events are being controlled in secret by a group of ultra-powerful puppeteers behind the scenes. While nothing much can be done about this overall conspiracy, at least we can have the satisfaction of being smart enough to have figured it all out.

If viewed as fiction, Conspiracy Theory is compelling and fascinating. If it were just a nightmarish novel meant to be unnerving and just a bit beyond plausible, like Asimov’s Foundation, that would be one thing. But Conspiracy Theory projects its fiction onto real-life people, families, groups, and organizations. It purports to actually be true… and this is the problem.

If The Root Is Unholy…

Conspiracy Theories are as old as politics. Hitler was a master at weaving conspiracy tales. Nero concocted one to shift the blame to Christians for the burning of Rome. Those who rejected the resurrection of Messiah came up with a Conspiracy Theory to explain the empty tomb and His many appearances. And so on.

The modern day mythology of conspiracy was brought into popular view by the self-styled candidate Lyndon LaRouche and his followers in the late 1970s. (You may remember the guys in the airports, right next to the Moonies.) The LaRouchites would pass out “Executive Intelligence Reports” (EIRs) that purported to inform us plebeians what was “really going on” and why we should thus support Lyndon.

Ironically, the hobbyhorse has now made the shift from airport “kook” fund-raising to mainstream commentators and talk show hosts, both conservative and Christian.

Regurgitated Propaganda, Or Wisdom?

The basic plot-lines of Conspiracy Theory have a striking resemblance to anti-Semitic propaganda manufactured in Germany pre-WW2, with only the slight obfuscation of substituting “international bankers” for “Jews.” Indeed, many in the Militia and Patriot movements have no illusions about this and have an open anti-Semitic message.

Lyndon LaRouche, and later a few Christian prophecy teachers, brought these ideas into widespread exposure by omitting the original–and more obvious–anti-Semitic ravings and by weaving them together into a compelling whole. Before this, John Birch Society members often promoted them.

Somehow, these tales inflame the fears and paranoia of people to the extent that a residue remains in the human imagination that is happy to attach itself to a more vague target. For it must be admitted that some people get a perverse enjoyment from wallowing in such “snits” of paranoia, bogus “insight,” fear, discontentment, etc. that propaganda like this evokes.

With the common bond of being “upset” and discontent in general, the modern co-belligerents of Conspiracy Theory are an odd group indeed.

The sources of Conspiracy Theory notions are suspicious–to be generous. But regardless of a dubious historical pedigree, is Conspiracy Theory true or merely a paranoid delusion coupled with an active imagination? Or is it just the human tradition of “ghost stories” taken to a new level of story-telling believability?

These questions must be asked by modern-day Christians since Conspiracy Theory concepts and assumptions are intertwined with modern pop-eschatology “end times” teaching. This (unfortunately) being the case–and Conspiracy Theory assertions are clearly extra-biblical–we must “test all things” (1Thessalonians 5:21) by doing a thorough “fruit inspection” of these ideas. For we are told to judge a tree by its fruit (Matthew 7:16-20).

Unless we are ready to suggest that fear, paranoia, delusion, slander, and hatred are new “fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23), we need to go into this with the instinctive spiritual premonition that Conspiracy Theory is likely to fail the test and with the view to let the Holy Spirit lead us to repentance.

Working in the Dark

The problem of testing the “theory” at the level of information is stark. Conspiracy Theory is by its very nature impossible to disprove. The revisionist history of Conspiracy Theory is based on “special knowledge” that plays by different rules than normal history, since it is dealing with “secret” history.

It is easy to spin these tales, but how can they be tested for being true? If you attempt to do this and find the notions bogus, are you one of “them?” As the joke goes, “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean the world isn’t really out to get me!”

So the “theorists” spin yarns, and nary a soul will contest them. After all, who is well-connected enough politically and economically to say for sure that no international conspiracy exists? Get it? The deck is loaded.

The Conspiratist can go on and on without the need for any real research, except to imagine how it might be in a dark fantasy that will appeal to the paranoia and disenchantment of the intended audience and, in general, fit in with the overall Theory.

But those who do not “buy it” have to try to prove that a nonexistent group didn’t have a supposed meeting at such-and-such a place, etc.; or worse still that this or that real group or person has been wholly misunderstood and misquoted.

This second case is especially nasty, as many of the real groups and people, whom we would be defending and quoting correctly, have open (i.e., not conspiratorial) agendas we disagree with! It is a perfect trap: to counter the Conspirators’ misrepresentation, exaggeration, and fantasy we will end up defending, giving time, attention, emphasis, clarification, press, etc., to ideas we loath!

It is not work to cheer the soul, so few have tried.

So the “theory” evolves and grows and goes on–largely unchecked. It is not possible to comprehensively disprove ALL cases, and only an impossibly long-suffering soul would spend time clarifying the SPECIFIC bad ideas that have been made worse by overstatement, exaggeration, alarmism, and fantasy.

The crowning beauty–or horror–of Conspiracy Theory is that conspiracy is by its very nature secret and thus cannot be proven or disproved.

Of course, the conspiracy buffs claim special “insider” knowledge. Should they be believed?

The Theory Meets Reality

To start with, let us acknowledge straight off that there are people and groups of people out there who have plots, plans, and ideas that are secret, bad, even dangerous. The nature of these real conspiracies will be addressed briefly in counterpoint to Conspiracy THEORIES.

That people in power and wealth tend to promote people who agree with them or have some other common bond is no conspiracy, but simple human nature. A president, for example, is EXPECTED to appoint judges who are like-minded to him. Leaders in general form a liking for particular schools, sources of talent, consultants, etc. based on past history of success.

If you are building a house, would you not favor a church member or good friend as a contractor, all else being equal, especially if you had received good service from them in the past? This may look like collusion to outsiders, but is simple pragmatic management to those involved. For Conspiracy Theory adherents to suggest that such normal activities prove a “conspiracy” is not good evidence that they are thinking clearly.

We all know what a real conspiracy is, do we not?

Real conspiracies work best when small and short lived. They take significant energy and planning and are vulnerable to the light of scrutiny. Every person brought in and every day that passes adds to the risk of an ongoing conspiracy.

Occasionally people really do conspire. For example, our American founding fathers declared independence from England some 200 years ago. But the “conspiracy” in that case was just the means used, not the cause. It was needed momentarily, then dropped as a technique. The real and lasting causes were well known, even by the British. The American Revolution could have been reasonably predicted by traditional sociology and political science. The conspiracy aspect was a temporary sideshow.

Those who aspire to do anything (good or bad) often collude in secret before launching out. Consensus building in private, forming alliances away from public view, and strategic meetings in secret are certainly a “way of the world.”

But this is mere conventional thinking, not Conspiracy Theory. Conspiratists believe not merely that an occasional conspiracy exists, but that this is the dominant theme of history, that an “unseen hand” is guiding the world inexorably to the whim of certain supra-rich and/or powerful individuals.

The Clouded Crystal Ball

Conspiracy Theory assertions have a nasty habit of colliding head-on with reality. Its predictive power is poor, dismally so, since it rarely deals with real motives and forces in the world. Real people, including leaders, most often do things out of greed, altruism, self interest, passion, fear, ideals, racial or religious hatred, and the like.

To point out all the failed predictions of Conspiracy Theory would surely fill the internet, since every Conspiratist has his own unique spin.

As a challenge to the reader–from what you know of it–has Conspiracy Theory ever been right? I’ve heard many failed predictions of elections, that US Christians are soon to be placed into concentration camps, and that armies are massing at the Mexican border…

Let’s face it, Conspiratists are much better at fanciful reinterpretations of history than predicting what will happen next. But this does not stop them from trying. For the Conspiratist takes great pride in being “in the know.”

Of course, when Conspiracy Theory fails to accurately predict world events, this often increases the inability to persuade those who believe in it. “Ah,” they say, “It is all a grand plot to lull us further into to thinking THEY aren’t really planning the opposite…” and so on. Conspiracy Theory is perversely flexible.

Should Christians be involved in the promulgation of esoteric theories as likely wrong as not and with such a dismal history of accuracy?

With wild claims of inside information on international clandestine dealings, the conspiracy buffs end up in an ironic hypocrisy. They believe in an ongoing “Illuminati.” The Illuminati were (are?) a group that claimed special knowledge, secret knowledge that set them above the common man. Does such a group exist in today’s world? Are there those among us who see themselves as possessing secret knowledge not available to the common man? Ironically, the Conspiracy Theorists themselves are the best candidates to be found. They have “figured it out,” and if you do not “see it,” then you are just one of the dupes manipulated by the ghost Conspiracy that only the “enlightened ones” know about.

Have you noticed that the most vocal promoters of Conspiracy Theory seem to be uniquely unqualified?

But there they are on the airwaves or publishing a book as an expert on insider business and political dealings at an international level! This is not to denigrate but merely to point out that there seems to be a common thread among the most enthusiastic supporters and proponents of Conspiracy Theories–they lack experience and access to the international political and business world, and seem to have careers that allow lots of time to fantasize about how things “really are.”

To those involved in world affairs, these fanciful causal claims seem especially divorced from reality. They simply do not fit the facts. Of course, anyone making such a statement is likely to be accused of being a conspirator as well, so for most it seems more prudent to avoid the issue as a human embarrassment too shameful to directly address. The general silence and/or stares of unbelief are taken as further circumstantial “evidence.”

While we may not often like the way things are, the factors rarely include a conspiracy.

Are not the real problems we face usually all too open and obvious: workaday problems like greed, self-interest, fear, bigotry, laziness, etc., flagrantly displayed or perhaps thinly veiled at best?

The Symbiosis and Risks of Alarmism

There are people and groups in this world who promote “everything under the sun.” There is probably even a group out there somewhere who think humans ought to dress up like kangaroos.

The question in analyzing any of these groups or ideas should be: is the group in question worth paying attention to? The motives and passions of a vocal minority of goofballs who do not count as “players” in the real world should not alarm or derail us. This is to be expected. But these kooks on the globalization lunatic fringe are the basic fodder for the conspiracy alarmists. The two groups need each other to exist, it appears, as no one else is listening.

Are we to believe that a few “visionaries” who are a little soft in the head about the benefits of a “one world government” are really winning the day? Is not the problematic drift in the world today towards nationalism, isolationalism, balkanization, sectarianism, and fragmentation?

Is this not the obvious reason for several wars and conflicts going on in the world right now?

Serious Threat Or Political “Hollywood Squares?”

Imagine this scenario: A smarmy academic gets up at a “New Age” UN seminar and offers a bromide on the unity of man and “spaceship earth.” Now, as a result of this froof-rah, are the various ethnic, religious, and cultural wars being fought around the world going to skid to a sudden stop? Are Islamic militants going to smile and put away their suicide bombs?

What do you think? At an economic level, is the Japanese government going to give up protecting their farming industry, abandon their political power base, and join a global government? Is anyone who matters in these conflicts even listening to this prattle? Besides the conspiracy alarmists (who are taking vigorous notes and paying over careful attention), the audience appears to be only those on a nice paid boondoggle as “ambassadors” to New York. Or perhaps this giddy speech is being loftily set forth at a roundtable “conference” in some other nice vacation city to an attendance roster of political has-beens, wash-ups, wanna-bes–and the paparazzi who clamor after them–with a few serious “kangaroo suit” types thrown in for good measure?

While this is all great fun to watch, let us be sober-minded here.

The coming one-world government is not likely to be created by the pathetic attempts of the likes of the UN utopians, or imaginary rich people who long to cut off the trade advantages that are the very branch they are sitting on; but rather in reaction to a global crisis of God’s judgment on a world that will be groping in response. In the meantime, the way of the world is much more easily understood without the kaleidoscopic thrills of Conspiracy Theory.

The bottom line is that while it may be great fun and fantasy for those of a paranoid bent, Conspiracy Theory is NOT taken seriously by people who run this world, it is useless for predicting or explaining what is going on and why. Only those who do not need to be correct can hold this view for long.

Sanity Check

The media has undeniable biases. But let us keep in mind that while leaders of our media are responsible for their actions, we are responsible for ours as well. As slanted and distorted as our news is, should WE then resort to rumors and hearsay? Is this not jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire? If the issue is truth, then the failure of our media is no excuse for us doing even worse!

And consider that in our world today there are cultures where Christianity is totally censured and/or believers are imprisoned, even put to death for their faith.

Our Kingdom is not of this world, and we will never have the “perfect situation” till Messiah comes again, even though we should not cease making every effort to improve all we can while we can.

But let us get a sense of perspective here.

Are we not being crybabies compared to what our brethren in other parts of the world are having to endure for His Name’s sake? No one is forcing us to “buy” the media “pitch,” nor even incline our ears or eyes to it. We can just turn it off or engage it with discernment.

The Credibility Factor

We have fallen into the “chicken little syndrome”: because of our scandalous excesses of alarmism and intoxication with Conspiracy THEORIES and lack of regard for what is true, if a real and truly dangerous conspiracy were detected would anyone take Christians seriously at that point? Have we not spent our credibility and voice on mere ghosts?

Colossians 4:5 –  Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.

This point will be expanded in the last section concerning a message even more important than sounding the alarm of a real conspiracy.


source, acts17-11

18 comments on “Christians & Conspiracy Theories: A Call to Repentance (1)

  1. This is a long article and I find I want to comment on it as I go, so I will! 🙂

    The first thing I want to comment on then is this:::>

    “….The sources of Conspiracy Theory notions are suspicious–to be generous. But regardless of a dubious historical pedigree, is Conspiracy Theory true or merely a paranoid delusion coupled with an active imagination? Or is it just the human tradition of “ghost stories” taken to a new level of story-telling believability?….”.

    To the first question, I would answer, “both”.

    It is both. There are “true” conspiracy theories out there and all of them have a presupposition of a paranoid delusion. All conpiracy theory is purely delusional.

    I wouldn’t expect anyone who is devoid of the Holy Spirit to be anything other than consumed with covering up one’s guilt. A delusion drives you away from your guilt and seeks to justify your innocence and correctness in this temporal life.

    If you are not one of God’s Elect, that is, you have not as yet received forgiveness for your sins, because you have not, as yet, been given the Gift of Faith, you are in this world only as a part of it fully guilty for your own nature and therefore your basis of understanding comes out of all that you believe is true. This worldly truth, Jesus said to Peter, is satanic, therefore, delusional.

    Faith that works by Love given by God’s Grace, through Christ by One Spirit to the Father in Heaven, is a gift that extinguishes all conspiracy theories.

    For instance, I held to the conspiracy theory that JFK was killed by a rogue element of the CIA until one day I realized that the science applied by the Warren Commission was correct, though miraculous as it was that three shots hit their intended target by Lee Oswald in such short time, God’s Hand was upon this terrible incident.

    What this assertion does is say that God had a hand in the outcome of this assassination. No one in this political climate or the next would ever assert such a Truth by the Hand of God but a True Prophet.

    I can cite Scriptures that point to this very sort of miracle killing by the Hand of God.

    It is only unpleasant to the Believer in the fact that God brings wrath into the world and brings particular judgments on particular people for their personal error of unrepentance.

    As to the second question, I would only observe that a lot of money is made at the box office from movies based on the craft and character of the movie. The better the craft of the director and the actor, the higher the degree of probabilitiy the movie will win the top honors and therefore be seen by a wider audience around the world and become a box office success, that is, made a lot of money at the box office in ticket sells.

    Some of the best movies are not money makers because they bring out Truth on the level one can understand it, taking away the mystique and the lure that spell binds the watcher of it with delusions of granduer.

    These things are a curse. And the only redemption from it is the Spirit of Christ. Christ did not come to die for all mankind. He came and died for those He was sent to die for out of every generation. The Holy Spirit is sent to God’s Elect in every generation to speak the Truth to them. The Gospel comes by proclamation not manipulation. The solution to this pollution is not dilution but absolution through the administration of the sacraments and baptism into the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit administered correctly by the hands of God’s Royal Priests.

    When you have been born again, hopefully your training will bring you along to maturity in this world and deliver you from such strong delusions.

  2. This comment, to me, in it’s power, is what drives this topic forward to the people who don’t know:::>

    “….But this does not stop them from trying. For the Conspiratist takes great pride in being “in the know.”….”.

    • Michael i agree. We all like to be ‘in the know’ to one degree or another, but conspiracy theorists (and those who latch on to their ideas) have an unhealthy driving desire to know something others don’t.

      Frankly i think it goes back to ancient times when people sought “hidden knowledge”, outside of God’s word and revelations.

      We could go further back to the garden in Genesis:

      1Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

      2And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

      3But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

      4And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

      5For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

      6And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

      It would “make one wise”…

      That’s what people think hidden knowledge will do–make them wiser then the next guy. This is one reason why conspiracy theories are appealing.

  3. I want to comment on this sentence. It will become clear as I do:::>

    “….Are there those among us who see themselves as possessing secret knowledge not available to the common man? Ironically, the Conspiracy Theorists themselves are the best candidates to be found. They have “figured it out,” and if you do not “see it,” then you are just one of the dupes manipulated by the ghost Conspiracy that only the “enlightened ones” know about….”..

    That phrase, “….then you are just one of the dupes manipulated…”.

    The term “dupes” is the shortened word for “duplication”.

    In the diamond world, an “important” stone, a diamond of extreme value, say a diamond worth several million dollars or more, in order to be properly insured, is required to be “duplicated” by the owner so that the duplicated stone is what is “handled’ by the potential buyer of it when it is offered for sale.

    I heard this story. A friend of mine told me this story about how his brother was duped by a “con” out of $6,000 dollars after buying a duplicate diamond.

    By the way that term, “con” is also a shortened version of the word “confidence”.

    A con is a person who “wins” your confidence so to take advantage of you and gain the upper hand so as to defraud you of what is rightfully yours by stealth.

    This brother of my friend was duped by a con, as they say.

    He was in a diamond jewelry store of a close friend who was a qualified gemologist.

    As he was leaving the store one day a man came up to him and asked him if he would buy a diamond. He showed him the diamond. It looked real enough. It’s worth was somewhere around $20,000 dollars. He knew “important” diamonds and this stone looked like it could be worth all of $20,000 dollars. The man was offering the stone to him for $6,000. He said he would be interested in buying the stone for that amount of money on one condition. The condition was acceptable to the man offering the diamond to him.

    The condition was he had to bring the stone into the jewelry store and let his gemologist friend “appraise” it for it’s true value. The man happily agreed. They went right into the store he came out of and showed the diamond to the gemologist.

    The gemologist took the diamond and examined it. He took his friend aside and whispered to him that if he didn’t buy it for 6 thousand, he would.

    On that word, he agreed to buy it. He told this con to wait right there and he would go to the bank and withdraw the money and be right back seeing the bank was just a short walk away. They agreed. He left and went to his bank and got the money and quickly came back. The man who was selling the diamond was now standing outside the jewelry store and handed him the diamond and he handed him the money. They shook hands, each one thanking the other. The con walked away as this man walked back into the jewelry store with the diamond.

    The gemologist asked to see it again. He handed it to him and the gemologist took it and began admiring it. A short bit of time later he got his high powered lupe out and carefully examined the stone and with an exclamation said, “hey”, “this isn’t the diamond I looked at early, this one is fake”. The diamond you showed me early was real and worth all of $20,000 dollars. This is a dupe and worth a couple of dollars! You have been had! He must have switched stones on you outside! The guy immediately ran outside looking for the con man but by then he was long gone with both the real diamond and his money.

    To be duped by a con is very easily done when you give place to the natural thirst for something of value and are not willing to pay for it appropriately.

    There was a correct way to buy that diamond. Because of this man’s lust, he didn’t follow the time tested method of buying valuable diamonds.

    The same can be said for a conspiracy when it is presented as something you gain so that you have “a knowledge” that others don’t have, making you one of those select few “who take pride in being in the know”.

    As was said, we are to “test” all things and hold to that which is confirmed to be the Truth by the Spirit of Truth and other True Believers in the Faith.

    We must guard ourselves from this sort of ploy and scheme of the devil.

    If we don’t, we are opened to be duped by a con-spiracy!

  4. i do believe there is a coming NWO of 10 kings as prophezied by prophet Daniel. But many of these conspiracy theories and their blog spend too much time focusing on world events, there is little mention of Jesus or growing in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, little mention of sharing the gospel that saves people from sin. I am afraid while watching and warning about the NWO, they themselves are deceived because they fail to watch over their own hearts and allow conspiracy theory to distract them from closer walk with God. God’s kingdom is spiritual, not how much we know about conspiracy, are we seeking communion with Him and seeking His glory?
    Our time spend in private prayer tells alot about overselves 🙂

    • I am afraid while watching and warning about the NWO, they themselves are deceived because they fail to watch over their own hearts and allow conspiracy theory to distract them from closer walk with God.

      Lee its like seeing a demon behind every bush–when we concentrate and fixate on that we will “believe ” we DO see a demon behind every bush!

      Its the same with people always looking for hidden conspiracies. They’ll find one…

      What happens is they become focused on wrong things.

  5. NWO conspiracy is nonsense. We are expected to believe in a shadow group that controls everything and does everything but yet, for some odd reason, hasn’t yet killed us all.

    There are real evils out there, real “shadow” groups, and they are barely even hiding! Look at Putin’s Russia where Journalists conveniently step out their window or get shot to death by a random thug who doesn’t loot their corpse or are arrested and sent to an insane asylum because they are clearly so crazy that they even considered writing an article exposing a secret of the regime! But then I guess Putin is a part of the illuminati too?

  6. Here is a video to check out:

    I just ignored the question posed at the end of the video. I think the video speaks for itself without that question being asked at all.

    • cherylu

      i hope you understand but i removed the link to the video you posted. Though i followed the posts at that website [prior–when it was known under 2 different name] for years, recently it has [sadly] started to go “elsewhere”…

  7. “The bottom line is that while it may be great fun and fantasy for those of a paranoid bent, Conspiracy Theory is NOT taken seriously by people who run this world…”

    Interesting. You state that those conspiracy theorists and their proponents are “uniquely unqualified:”

    “Have you noticed that the most vocal promoters of Conspiracy Theory seem to be uniquely unqualified?”

    So, do I understand that you are well-connected with world leaders — hence “uniquely qualified” — so much so that you can state definitively the thoughts of world leaders who, according to you, do not take conspiracy theorists seriously?

    • So, do I understand that you are well-connected with world leaders….

      Craig, who is the “you” you’re addressing?

      If its the author you’ll need to address them through their website.

  8. pj,

    This particular post was posted by you; so, I’m not understanding your question. If you are not the author, then who is? Who is the one speaking for the “world leaders” who don’t take ‘conspiracy theorists’ seriously?

    • Craig, forgive me for i just noticed i had not included the link in part (1). (Though its at the end of part (2)…) I’ll fix that–thanks for making me aware of my mistake. 🙂

      The message was written by authors at the website Acts 17:11

  9. PJ I have to thank you for posting this article. Funny thing is God has been dealing with me about this same issue for a few months. I just praise Him for waking me up before I went too far down the rabbit hole. I just keep thinking about someone like Corrie Ten Boom and all the things her family faced in Holland in WWII. This is someone who walked in God’s will during horrible times. The focus of her family and so many others were not on every political scheme or happening, they were aware of them and had to be and I am sure the endeavor of hiding jews would have placed them in a situation where they watched every move they made…more so than most folks then. But their focus was on telling people about Jesus. The persecution was the very thing God used to do that….any trial or suffering we are going to go through as Christians will be allowed by God to spread the Gospel. We need to be aware of things but this hyper awareness..truth or not involved does take our focus off of Christ, and we do need to repent of it. I have and I understand more now than ever that if I really truly believe that God is who He says He is in his word, then nothing else matters but trust and faith and belief in Him…that foundation will get me through anything. I read about countries where there is intense persecution…the very thing we worry ourselves to death and speculate about…they only thing they focus on is Christ…not the problems. Those of us who are or have been engaged in this in an unhealthy manner need to return to our first love.

    • Hi B!

      I have and I understand more now than ever that if I really truly believe that God is who He says He is in his word, then nothing else matters but trust and faith and belief in Him…that foundation will get me through anything.

      Amen sister amen. 🙂

      I’m so glad you were blessed by the message. Your comment about faith and trust in God sums up what i believe the author was getting at. Isn’t it a comfort to know God sees all, there is nothing going on in secret behind closed doors, no plot no plan, that he is not 100% aware of?

      As much as satan tries to conspire against God’s people, the church will be victorious. Hallelujah!! 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving B!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you PJ and may God bless you and take good care of your son.

  11. I was caught up in this Conspiracy Theories and worst, I also got my mother into it. We use to look at so-called ‘Christian Websites’, and so-called ‘minstrises’ that promotes Conspiracy Theories and watching telvision about it until I read Psalms 2:1-3:
    1Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

    2The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,

    3Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

    When I read it I stopped beleved what are they said about these crazy theories and somtimes I can be tempting to get back to it. What sould I do and how I can get my mother out of it?

  12. Hello,

    So, I realize that I’m a little behind the times on this (like, two years behind the times, apparently), but I hope that it’s not too late to join in on the conversation.

    Anyway, I was completely ignorant of all conspiracy theories and knew nothing of THE conspiracy just a few months ago, when I had a somewhat close connection to someone who’d been directly involved in it. A close brother in Christ confided in me one night this summer how one side of his extended family was deeply, deeply into the occult and was a masonic family line, which was broken only when his mother gave her life to Christ in her post-graduate years. Without going to much into it, she had held a high position working to further the coming world order, and only converted when learning about the love of Christ from Billy Graham’s campaign and realizing she was on the wrong side.

    I don’t expect anyone to believe this or be won over by an anonymous commenter on the internet (in fact, I’d say it would indicate a rather unhealthy mental state if someone was convinced by this). However, with it being such a personal connection, it was impossible for me to rationalize it away, especially since it was from such a trusted friend who also loves Jesus with all his heart.

    So it is what it is. You’re absolutely right in pointing out how vital it is to not get caught up in conspiracy theories and facts. I pray often that God will never allow me to be deceived, but I am still highly convicted by this article. Our purpose on this earth is to share the love of God with others and teach them of His loving forgiveness. Nothing else matters.


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