Rev. B.H. Clendennen goes home…

A special thank you to Randy Munter at The Old Time Gospel for passing on the news.

Rev. B.H. Clendennen
May 22, 1922 – December 13, 2009

We would like to take this opportunity to relate to all our beloved friends the passing of Bro. Clendennen this Sunday Morning at 12:55 a.m.  As most of you well know he had been in the fight of his life.  Today he won the ultimate victory as he is in the arms of the Beloved Savior.

We want you to know how much he appreciated each and every one of you who had supported the School of Christ with your prayers and financial support.  He truly believed he was called to share the Gospel of Pentecost to all the world and your support enabled him to be obedient to the call.  Without a doubt, an abundant entrance has been afforded him as he rejoices in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

He would have only two wishes: First that you would continue to support the School as it will continue on reaching out until every lost human has the opportunity to hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  Second, he would admonish you individually to re-dedicate your life to absolute service to the Gospel, as we must surely be in the last days.

Like Paul, he has run the race and finished the course with the victory and now before him awaits the crown of the victorious.  Out of this time of struggle God has begun such a mighty work.  In the upcoming days we will relate some of the great testimonies that have begun to come in daily.

Again, thank you all for your fellowship and support.  Please pray for us as we go through this time of loss.  Your prayers are our source of continual strength.  For those who are able to attend, there will be a public viewing and service at the Holiday Inn on Walden Road in Beaumont.  The visitation will be Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. followed by a brief funeral service at 11:00 a.m.

Sister Clendennen & family (SOC International)

REJOICE for a brother deceased,
Our loss is his infinite gain;
A soul out of prison released,
And freed from its bodily chain

You may recall a post from October in which a link was included to an urgent message from Pastor Clendennen. If you didn’t have the opportunity to hear the clip, its reposted below.

An Urgent Message to God’s Elect by B.H. Clendennen

14 comments on “Rev. B.H. Clendennen goes home…

  1. This was the greatest man of God that lived in our times.
    The impact of his life, untouched by the media, will be felt in most remote places on the earth. Few ever reached that far in the Lord.

    • When i hear of someone like bro. Clendennen going home, i always stop to wonder what the church will do when the last of these old saints leave this world. There doesn’t appear to be very many ready to step into their shoes today…

  2. PJ

    do you know how I can clip this video to send it to others?

    • Hi Michael..

      clip, as in send the video itself? No i sure don’t…maybe someone more computer savvy might know.

      What i do is if i find a clip (at Youtube or Google, etc) that i want to share by email, is to send the link to the page.

      (AHA! i tried posting the page link to the one above and it reposted the video clip (again) instead!)

  3. I was blessed to hear him preach a few times at Times Square Church. Brother Clendennen’s testimony of his trials and faith were a huge blessing to me. He will be missed.

  4. Praise the Lord. Oh such a dear brother in the Lord. Christ gave us a true testimony of himself through this brother. He loved not his own life unto death. Brother Clenneden has reached so many and has fulfilled his call. We have to believe that God has someone to continue the work. This is an hour for the church to truly rededicate herself to Christ. Christ has always had someone waiting to pick up the cross and run. Oh let us hear the call .

  5. What a testimony! The last mesage from the man of God was for God’s elect to truly repent and return! Let us obey and heed the call that the Lord gave to Bro. Clendennen’s heart. God bless his family.

  6. A man’s man. A soldier of the cross. The Church will miss him. I was blessed to see his work, SOC begin in Moscow in 1992. My favorite message by brother Clendennen has been Soldiers preached in RW Shambach’s tent revival meeting in NY city. He has been promoted…Hallelujah!

  7. Such a mighty man of God so sad to hear of our great loss to this nation a man truly on fire.May we go forth now and be sold out for Jesus that others may see christ in us at these end times.Lord may we say not our will but yours.

  8. No man has ever impacted my life and families life MORE than Bro. Clendennen. He always made you feel like you were somebody… his BEST friend, no matter who you were or where you came from, he remembered faces and names and sat among the little people. I’m sure those who wept the most (and are still weeping) like me, thought of him as a spiritual grandpa, or dad, especially if you never knew a grandpa or dad such as I. One man had a vision… he reached millions all by himself, travelled millions of miles, he was 87 and could outpreach a 25 year old… I’ve heard his messages again and again throughout the years, but everytime he preached it, it was as if the Holy Ghost made it “fresh” all over again! Now it’s up to us. (I am the one who published his books) Patrick Scales Mauipreacher@aol.com

  9. He was a great man sent from God.He was the one caused me come back to God. Those were the greatest days of my like I spent with him. I miss him but I’m not sorry he left for his heavenly abode. Now it’s our turn to take up that task he left behind.

  10. I know this comment finds its way to this site a bit later than the others – never the less I hope someone is encouraged. I heard Brother Clendennen preach about thirty three years ago only a short few months after I was born again. His Texas drawe reminds of my wife’s grandfather from Vidor Texas – I recall Brother Clendennen speak of Vidor, That kind of preaching changed my life,
    my Pastor at that time, Pastor Paul Graban in Burlington NJ was a friend of Brother Clendennen as he is with RW Shambach. Brother Shambach’s sister and her husband helped my family and I plant a church in NJ – they were so generous and encouraging. They are all so truly missed – I look around hoping one day that some John the Baptist will come from a desert somewhere preaching that kind of message and enthralled in that kind of enthusiasm for all that is Christ and all that represents Christ and such a love for His body.
    May our precious Lord come soon ! I recall Brother Clendennen say with such fervor ” Folks, Its about time to go !!!” Oh to hear him preach on the rapture. My diet of preachers the first three years I was saved was Brother Clendennen, RW, Brother Wilkerson and Pastor Graban, I about now been preaching 30 yrs. Truly they were an influence, soldiers, commanders, special forces if you will. An old friends of mine from speacial opps. in the USN once preacher like that were military, they knew how to command men. Thats why we responded so well to their preaching. Praise to our God and His Christ – Let remember and rejoice and pray always, even so Lord Jesus come quickly!

    • Michael its never too late to express our gratitude for the wonderful men (and women) of God who have been such a positive influence in our lives. 🙂

      Sadly many of them are gone now…like brother Clendennen.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment….

  11. I met this man around October 2015 and to date is my best preacher and mentor. I love you Brother Clendennen and will search for and keep your Holy Ghost inspired words living on and share them with all I can. God bless each sole that put his wonderful messages on youtube .Lord fill me with a double portion if I can handle it and not explode.

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