U.S. personnel in Iraq could face court-martial…

Today’s strange story..

Army orders court martials for soldiers who get pregnant in northern Iraq

American soldiers in northern Iraq who get pregnant or who impregnate a service member — even if they are married to each other — face court martial and possible jail time, the military newspaper Stars & Stripes reported Monday.

The order effects soldiers in the region that includes Kirkuk, Tikrit, Balad, Mosul and Samarra and applies not only to to U.S. military personnel but also civilians serving with them.



3 comments on “U.S. personnel in Iraq could face court-martial…

  1. As well it should be…when we were getting ready to go to the Middle East for Desert Shield/Storm, there was a lot of talk from some female enlisted soldiers that they were going to try to get pregnant so they wouldn’t have to deploy (several were successful).

    We were still in garrison so not much could be done about that, of course, but when we got to Saudi Arabia it was made clear that…fraternization was strictly prohibited. Of course, that didn’t stop quite a few from…deviating from the standing order, but no pregnancies occured.

    If a soldier in a war zone purposely shot themselves in the foot, broke their hand with a hammer or whatever in an effort to get out the war zone, they would be disciplined. Not saying that soldiers would…fraternize in an effort to get re-deployed, but they’d have to know that might happen. If they don’t, give ’em a ten minute block of instruction on the way those things work…

    Anyway, the deployment isn’t all that long…they need to learn how to learn to control their urges. It’s not all that tough…

  2. Mark, there is an update on this story at ABC News:

    Senators Demand General Rescind Order on Pregnant Soldiers

  3. Yeah, not surprised to see that he’s taking some flak for this. lol

    Oh, well, I still think he’s taking the right stand on this issue and I can definitely understand his frustration…been there, at a (much) lower level.

    I saw last night that NOW was raising a stink about it and now that I see Boxer jumping in just makes me think that he is definitely doing the right thing. 😉

    Thought that it was rather ironic that “”in some respects, it flies in the face of family values” was brought up. Didn’t realize that sex outside of marriage was in tune with family values.

    People might not think that a “letter of reprimand” permanently effect a person, but that’s a career killer. His choice of words “court martial” seems to be causing the big stink. I can see people demonizing him, but based on his statements I’ve read I think he’s a stand-up guy looking out for his soldiers and having a desire to accomplish his mission. Just my take on it…

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