Don’t absolutize the gender of Jesus?

A friend use to tell how he and his brothers would laugh at their dad, who when getting really upset would say he felt like running into the street screaming. After reading this I feel like joining him, or at least walking out on my balcony and yelling at the top of my lungs.

First we had Monica Dennington, teaching the Holy Spirit is female, our ‘mother’, and the wife of God, (Gnostic Monica Dennington Refuted, The Mystery Woman Of Revelation Revealed: The Name of The Holy Spirit) now, while browsing tonight I read this quote,

“…..we must be careful in how we use gender in our interpretations — thus, don’t absolutize the gender of Jesus!”

“Finally, if God is beyond gender, and if Jesus incarnates this God, then can we absolutize Jesus’ maleness?  Or, to put it another way, how inclusive are we willing our Jesus to be?” –  (Deconstructing our Visions of a Male Jesus)

(the article concerns women in the priesthood)

I must say this is one new ‘trend’ Lee Grady missed when writing out his list.

4 comments on “Don’t absolutize the gender of Jesus?

  1. Ummmm …

    He was a person. He therefore had a gender. This is stupid.

  2. God the Father is a He.

    Jesus Christ, God and man, obviously He.

    Spirit, referred by Christ as a He (John 16:7-11).

    I don’t see how you can confuse that.

  3. They have not God’s Spirit in them…
    They are Blind…
    They are willingly Blind…

    This proves to me… along with many other things… about what the Word tells us…

    strong delusions.


    A false belief held despite strong evidence against it; self-deception. Delusions are common in some forms of psychosis.

    now if this is a delusion by description, add strong to that definition and what do you think we get?

  4. People have fashioned their own gods for thousands of years. Trying to make your own god the way you want him (or her) is nothing new. Idolatry may not be so much of images of wood, stone, and metal anymore, but it’s thriving more than ever nonetheless.

    As we all remember, not everyone who calls Him (the only real, true God) ‘Lord, Lord’ is known by Him.

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