Chicago Church Engages in Development in New Virtual World

You may recall an earlier post about Universe of Faith: Mega-Church Stakes Claim on Development in New Virtual World, concerning a pastor and Church in Puerto Rico buying virtual land to construct a virtual Church.

Looks like another Pastor in Chicago has virtual plans as well..

Chicago Mega-Church Engages in Digital Development in New Virtual World

Pastor Gregory Dickow, Senior Pastor of Life Changers International Church (LCIC) in the Chicagoland and Dallas areas, has aligned with Entertainment Arts Research Inc. to build a visual presence of the church in the premiere virtual world, Universe of Faith.

Universe of Faith is an interactive medium for users all over the world to connect with LCIC. It also provides the church and Dickow with an unparalleled opportunity to expand his reach beyond the 625 million households he already reaches through his weekly television broadcast, The Power To Change Today seen on TBN, Daystar, INSP and The Church Channel as well as the other thousands that tune in to his highly rated, live daily radio program, Ask The Pastor and the members that already fill the 3,000 seat sanctuary at the church every week. With the Universe of Faith Marketplace feature available in phase II of development, Dickow will be able to distribute ministry resources to an entirely new audience offering them the same powerful teachings and products available to members of the church.


6 comments on “Chicago Church Engages in Development in New Virtual World

  1. This is a grave departure from the intent of the early Church. Mega Virtual Church — straight from the pit — accountability, intimacy, service to others, edifying the believers — all on your iPad, computer, iPhone — how amazingly convenient — bag the coffee and bagels…we’ve gone digital…

    Where is Jesus in all of this hype?

  2. geri, here is another news item today you might be interested in:

    Ground-Breaking Virtual World is Armed to be an Unparalleled Success

    ATLANTA, Feb. 12 /Christian Newswire/ — Legacy Group Global (LGG), a dominant internationally recognized advertising agency is unleashing an aggressive campaign plan with Entertainment Arts Research Inc. (EARI) that is set to catapult the much anticipated virtual world, Universe of Faith, far beyond its already major success.

    In just 90 days, the aggressive push into the market by EARI, in combination with the leadership of Jonathan Eubanks, President of EARI and creator of UOF, and the supportive efforts of LGG, has caused positive movement in the stock’s valuation. Experts believe that this significant change in such a short period of time is indicative of the receptiveness of the faith-based community to be early adopters of technology. The way in which the virtual world is able to bring relationships and fellowship to the forefront is the basis for such quick acceptance of what UOF has to offer.

    With a dedicated and passionate team from a variety of marketing and media backgrounds, LGG will continue to build that same success story as they engage in targeted public relations strategies, social media marketing campaigns and multi-media productions. LGG is one of the leading media buying agencies in the industry with its key shareholder having participated in driving efforts to the worlds most recognized and influential thought leaders encompassing over 1 billion dollars in affiliated media.

    Legacy Group Global’s unique position in the faith-based community offers an unmatched platform for reaching people of faith across the globe. They are poised to unveil the Universe of Faith to markets that represent over $10 Billion of buying power giving UOF the keys to outperform any other application of its kind. UOF is positioned to tap into proven income generating markets including the 4.2 billion dollar Christian book industry, the 500 million dollar Christian music industry and the micro-purchasing power of virtual words equaling more than 1 billion dollars in sales. Working off of the established models proven through Amazon and Apple’s iTunes music stores, as well as Ebay, UOF will be the premier marketplace for the Christian community around the world.

    “History repeats itself. The Word of God, since the beginning has moved by being carried through the mouths of men and women who believed in the life changing, penetrating word of Truth,” says Damon Davis, CEO of Legacy Group Global. “Whether it’s a bush pilot carrying Bibles in the back of a fixed wing airplaine into the jungles of South America or an avatar of Joel Osteen in front of a virtual community of 2 billion people worldwide, it will be his mouth delivering this word to a community that will spread this message like wild fire to the four corners of the globe. UOF provides that and we are committed to its success.”

    Inspired by the 30 plus year ground-breaking career of his father, televangelist luminary, Ray Davis, who built the largest media agency in the world to help ministries grow, Damon Davis has made his own mark in the industry continuing his Father’s legacy. With a passion for serving his clients and an entrepreneurial drive, Davis carries aggressively the Legacy banner in an industry that reports over 2.5 billion followers. (link)

    Where is Jesus in all of this hype?

    I don’t know sister…

    What i also find spooky about this new ‘thing’ is we know there is a serious lack of discernment among Christians today, especially in American churches. If these same people cannot discern what is of God and what isn’t, in the ‘real world churches’ how will they ever [possibly] discern in a virtual church!?

    • PJ — There is an audio by David Wilkerson entitled Exposing Moab — can be found on holydesperation.com website. This is David Wilkerson at his most passionate — I’ve listened to it twice …and will be listening again this weekend. The revelation of what is going on in the church is straight from Heaven. I highly recommend listening, as I believe it will give insight …this is just the beginning. …and I believe it is part of discerning Christians to “know their enemy.”

  3. Almost 20 years ago I was in a small home group gathering that began to meet as a result of a difficult church split due to gross unconfessed sin in the leadership. We were in need of one another more than ever.

    As people were milling about and settling in, I overheard a conversation about a certain speaker on a Christian radio program (as radio was the only primary means of Christian media back then). My ears perked up to the fact that people were seeking for bread or water wherever they could find it. As I sat there, observing everything, I sensed the Lord say to me: “My people do not recognize Me.”

    I tucked that word away in my heart, and have come to see it take on greater and greater significance over the years. People have gone elsewhere and have turned every which way to find what they think they are looking for.

    But one thing I hold fast to is that the Word says His sheep hear His voice, and they will not follow a stranger. So when it comes to who will actually be filling the “pews” of these virtual churches, we can rest assured it will not be those who follow the Good Shepherd.

  4. Thank you Geri…

    I found it and am listening right now!

    Direct Link to Audio: Moab Exposed

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