Kim Clement’s latest…

For a change of pace I decided to check in on Kim Clement’s latest prophecies. Below are quotes from the latest three posted at his vault.

The last one is a prophecy issued by Kim Clement to Benny Hinn. You might find it interesting…

March 6, 2010 – Humble, TX


God said, I’ve sanctified My altar, there is no dust; there is no stain of flesh, for you see the spirit of Eli that has rested upon this place, the spirit of Eli that has come and endeavored to take the sons of the kingdom and corrupt them in their service for the Lord is about to be annihilated by the emergence of the spirit of Samuel.

Your soldiers have died on the battlefield, so few realizing, so few realizing that wherever you set your feet, God has given it to you. The wars that you have waged were not in vain. Now you will hear the sounds of triumph. Media, media will report and say “There is great evil.” But the Spirit of God said there is great evil everywhere. You shall hear of triumph. You shall hear of great victories.

This nation has come to a place to give birth to that one thing that was dreamed about, prophesied, preached about – which is the greatest, greatest shaking the planet has ever felt in the history of humanity. This shaking is of the Spirit of the Lord and the Lord says beginning the month of March for the decade that is ahead of you, God says the heavens have been torn open to pour out a new fresh rain upon this nation.

We are prophesying to our nation. America, America, you are the light of the earth. America, America, you are the salt of the earth.

All over the world the Spirit of the Lord says there are clouds of my glory coming, clouds that contain my voice, clouds that will affirm the Son of the Living God. This is no small thing. You have broken through from the previous decade. You have broken away from war. You have broken away from poverty. You have broken away from sickness. You have broken away from curses. You have broken away from religion. You have entered into a new decade; therefore, take what I have for you tonight says the Lord!

March 5, 2010 – Humble, TX

The Spirit of the Lord says I have brought you into a time of reformation. I have brought you into a time of reformation. Throughout the previous decade there were events that shaped; every event shaped this nation to bring you to this decade to live to see the dreams of the forefathers. You have been brought to this time to live to see what Abraham saw, what the great cloud of witness saw. A season of reformation has begun. Reformers are performers.

God says, I will now bring about multitude of changes where the entire earth shall know My name because of the technology that is going to advance and advance and accelerate to where every home in the world will know the gospel of the Kingdom, the gospel of Jesus Christ. This did not come about without labor, without tears, without warfare, agony and sorrow. They labored and they fought for this day. Therefore, a generation is being raised up that will not come before the Lord only to declare their needs but to declare His deeds. This is a period of time where your enemies shall become your footstool says the Lord. For there are those who fought for this day; a period of reformation, restoration and reconciliation. For God says reconciliation is the bringing together of two opposing forces. In this decade I will take the people, the youth of the Middle East and the people of the West; the youth will combine and a sound will emerge as the earth has never heard before. This is a time and a season of reformation, restoration and reconciliation.

I would suggest to you tonight by the Holy Spirit that we are alive on this earth no matter what position we have attained, no matter what authority we have attained for one purpose and one purpose only – to bring something for a generation, to birth something. We know it’s not a something it’s a someone. That authority has been given to you.

The Spirit of God says, I will raise up a President from this State. A President who has been informed, a President that has been enlightened, a President who has had a taste of the good things that are to come in the Kingdom of God, a President who will pray silently every night and every morning just like Daniel did. I speak the name Daniel to you.

For God says a President shall come to you from this State again and this President shall rule with righteousness, he shall not be one who will stand back.

Once again God says, Texas I thank you for what you have given to Me.

I will take again from your hands and I will bless this Nation and the Nations of the earth with a President that shall rule and be Spirit filled and shall love the Lord God Most High says the Lord.

Prophecy to Benny Hinn 3/1/2010

The Spirit of the Lord tells me to tell you that this that you have received, this that you have dispersed to others over the years and over the decades, everything will be accumulated into one moment in time which starts in March.

And this eruption will happen through you and a few others that I’ve chosen.

God said it is a responsibility because the enemy will come and he will fine tune it because he will say “I must focus on him.” But God said as he attacks you I will give you more access, more access into the world, the Middle Eastern world where they will come and they will say “will you come and will you be the prophet to us because you understand our culture, you understand who we are and you are able to speak our language.”

And the Spirit of the Lord tells me to tell you I have spoken about the fact that young men and young women in the Middle East are dying for God’s word. They will literally die and you will present them with Christ but in a fashion that only you can do it. They won’t be able to do it. The people of the West cannot do it, they don’t understand, they abhor them. They will not listen to them. But God said I’ve anointed you and I will give you words.

Even though thousands may surround you and you will say these words to your servants “Can you not see those who are with us are greater than those who are against us?” You will have visions and insight before meet with these sheiks and these great men and God says I will raise up – it will be the youth that respond to you. The youth will cry out and say “Let us go to this man that speaks so powerfully and when he speaks something happens to our skin, something happens to our innermost being.”

These young men will be raised up and Christ shall be given to them. They will come out and they will join with the West, some of these young people, and music will be created that will be a combination of Western and Middle Eastern music. And even the artwork will change, God said. And because you have been obedient understand that the miraculous that shall be taken from this nation through you to them will raise up a generation that shall say “We believe Christ is the One. We believe that He is.”

And they will not be able to stop them for it is an army, says the Lord, that will come because you will prophesy to dead bones, says the Spirit of the Lord!


4 comments on “Kim Clement’s latest…

  1. Kim C., is a big yawn. He is so apostate with his nonsense that he is laughable.
    I laugh at him and I laugh at his prophecies. His record for accuracy is in the minus category. According to the Word of God, if Kim C., was living in the O.T. times and he spewed this gibberish, he would be under a rock pile by now.
    He plays with the Word of God and utters pure nonsense but regrettably, foolish
    Christians follow his mess to her own hurt and harm.
    My advice: When you see Kim C., laugh at him and keep on walking. He is a fakir of the first order.
    Kim C., is so deluded about his words that his conscience is seared to the truth.
    I do not understand why anyone with two operating brain cells would invite him to speak about anything. He is a false prophet. false…false…false. Did I say
    false? People of God…flee from this pretender. He is in love with his own
    visions and dreams and vanities.

    • Yes i agree, his prophetic words are basically laughable 🙂

      Though i’m always intrigued when he sticks in little things like,

      I would suggest to you tonight by the Holy Spirit that we are alive on this earth no matter what position we have attained, no matter what authority we have attained for one purpose and one purpose only – to bring something for a generation, to birth something. We know it’s not a something it’s a someone.

  2. Call me traditional or even a cesassionist, but i really don’t get the whole prophecy thing, let alone the Kim Clement rabble babble, what is he doing prophesying over Benny Hinn any way?.When it come to a prophetic word ,God has been gracious enough to reveal in His word just enough for us to have confidence in Him,I’d read Revelation any day and know that when Christ returns , the enemy will have been vanquished, on the other hand, try and follow what what Kim Clement is saying , and you soon realise he is prophesying to the enemy.

  3. Heck I remember back in the 90’s this apostate assembly my wife attended, they were just gaga over this false prophet. Reading this dribble the only thing that would come to mine was,..2 TIMOTHY 3:6,.. FOR OF THIS SORT ARE THEY THAT CREEP INTO HOUSES, AND LEAD CAPTIVE SILLY WOMEN LADEN WITH SINS,LED AWAY WITH DIVERS LUST, Read your bible, the time of the Lord is at hand, it is of no private interpretation. Let the Lord be true, and every man a liar. Look up saints,. because your redemption draws nigh. Praise be the most high God our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, the Holy lamb of God.

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