The Coalescing of the Christian Right with Apostolic Dominionism

A big thank you to kelli for pointing out this latest message posted at Herescope

This is an important topic folks. I say that simply because of what I have watched transpire over the last 9 years and the coming together of this merger, more quickly in the past 24 months: especially since November of 08. I pray you will not only read it but keep, for further reading, the links included at the end. More importantly my prayer and hope is your eyes will be opened to the truth. There is a strong delusion in this nation folks–one that has already captured the minds and hearts of many Christians.

It is not about FREEDOM, it is about DOMINION

“The NEW BREED of Christian is poised to take over the earth, precinct by precinct. God’s Army is rising up. It is time to put on the militant garb. The glint in the eye becomes fixed as the exhilaration of the hour sweeps through the masses. They can make a difference! The world has been waiting with bated breath for this LAST DAY GENERATION. False prophets in their midst are caught in sin, under discipline, yet their tapes sell to believers of their false prophecies. The call for unity is the common cause bringing them from every denomination. They are calling their unity “revival.” After all, when they have set up the Kingdom here on the earth – they will have fulfilled the mandate given to Adam to subdue the earth. A new sound is heard in the land. The music gets louder and the beat gets stronger (even bringing in rock, metal, and funk) but oddly enough the lyrics are always the same! – The choruses proclaiming the triumphant song of the conquerors!”
(“The Kingdomizers Have Arrived!” Discernment Newsletter, May/June 1992)

Note to Herescope readers: What follows may be the most important article ever published by Discernment Ministries in its 21 year history. The first edition of the Discernment Newsletter, published in May 1990 began chronicling the activities of a group of men calling themselves “prophets” and “apostles,” claiming to have extra-biblical revelation and calling to build an elite army to take over the Earth. This obscure cult infiltrated Pentecostal circles with its doctrines, but it wasn’t until these “Kansas City Prophets,” as they were called, connected with C. Peter Wagner from Fuller Theological Seminary, that they gained great momentum and helped to form the basis of what Wagner calls “The New Apostolic Reformation” (NAR). By 1991, in a little booklet titled Joel’s Army by Jewel Grewe, she warned about the extreme Dominionist doctrines of these men. The heresies of this movement continued to gain momentum, especially through the evangelical television media. Nevertheless, most of the leaders were not readily recognized in the mainstream evangelical world.This coming month all is about to change. These NAR leaders are having a great big “coming out party” on May Day in Washington, D.C. These New Order of the Latter Rain cult leaders are going to be standing prominently alongside Christian Right and Republican Right leaders in an great convergence that positions them front and center stage. Their esoteric Dominionist doctrines are rapidly becoming integrated into the entire purpose of this event, albeit cloaked in the rhetoric of “saving America” patriotism. And herein lies the problem. For under the guise of moral causes, these men intend to change more than the declining culture of America. They intend to build the Kingdom of God on Earth, “sphere” by “sphere,” nation by nation.

By Dr. Orrel Steinkamp

In the last Plumbline,[1] I detailed the vast pervasive reach of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and its myriads of affiliates around the globe. From that directory of affiliates we saw a voracious appetite for interlocking organizations. At some point C. Peter Wagner (Convening Apostle of the International Coalition of Apostles[2]) decided rapid church growth Dominion[3] over society could be accomplished inside a democratic process and without establishing a full blown theocracy. Wagner and Company decided to employ the infiltration of churches, denominations (behind the scenes), expansion of cell churches, etc.[4]

In addition Church Growth strategies employ the “reclaiming” of the 7 spheres of culture, now named by “revelation” The 7 Mountains of Culture, to take over business, government, media, arts, education family and religion.[5] In Wagner’s book The Church in the Marketplace, he points to the importance of hither-to-unknown Market Place Apostles.[6] Indications are that he is well along and has millionaire “apostles” in place. He calls for a gigantic wealth transfer from the unrighteous to the righteous to finance Kingdom advance.[7]

But Jesus left no doubt that “my kingdom is not of this world.”[8] Jesus alone can consummate the kingdom when He comes on the clouds in power and great glory. Until that time the kingdom grows in the hearts of men and women (wheat among tares).

Neither does the Kingdom start and end with Uber-American patriotic Christian politics.

Having lived overseas for decades, I know that Christians in other countries often look at American Christian politics in bewilderment. The kingdom of God is not identified with political might and control even as Jesus came not to be a political messiah in this first advent. Only Jesus the King can rule after His return, resurrection of believers, the final judgment and a new heavens and a new earth.

The Great Tea Party Convergence

Forays by NAR Apostles into the political scene in America have been until recently sparse. But Lou Engle, the bobble head (ala Jews and the Wailing Wall) Apostle,[9] who has his own ministry to youth called “The Call,”[10] has been politically active in pro-life and homosexual issues.[11] Some months ago he was able to pray for Gingrich and Huckabee with the laying on of apostolic hands.[12]

But very recently the political stars seem to have come suddenly into alignment.

The American political landscape has suddenly changed. A tumult is appearing in the land with the passage of health care reform. The Christian Right, with its years of courting political influence, is now poised to merge with the new Tea Party Movement. In times of crisis, natural or caused, things seem to happen faster and opportunities, that would take years, seem to happen in months. There is the scent of rebellion in the air. Martial Arts and Christian actor Chuck Norris[13] has called for a Second American Revolution. Appearing on Mormon Glenn Beck’s radio program Norris promised, if things get any worse, he will run for president of the Sovereign state of Texas.[14] Surely this is only bluster, but it reveals the mood of many.

Some political conservatives are stoking a political upheaval, and they need recruits. Christian Right people have for years worked the political Right. Now the time seems right (pun intended). The New Apostolic Reformation, which has been called the largest protestant movement you have never heard of,[15] apparently is ready for a “mating dance” with the Christian Right and by extension the Political Right. Surely, the NAR must see this as a match made in heaven which they hope could eventually lead to Dominion.[16]

This “engagement party” will be held on the steps of the Lincoln monument: MAY DAY 2010: A Cry To God For A Nation In Distress, May 1, 2010.[17] Janet Porter, a long time Christian shock radio personality with a turbo powered presentation and longtime political right contacts, is openly promoting Dominion.[18] She has been quoted as saying: “our goal is to take dominion in every area and occupy until Jesus comes.”[19] She has not been bashful, and has consigned Christians, who voted for Obama, to Hell.[20] I am sure glad I didn’t vote for Obama.

Porter apparently is the matchmaker. She is the organizer of the MAY DAY event. For her years in the pro life struggle we can only commend her. But now she has assumed a role much greater than herself and the Kingdom of God, unless of course you see the Kingdom of God as a political kingdom. Janet Porter has taken the initiative to organize the May Day event. She has coaxed James Dobson to come out of semi retirement. A bevy of traditional evangelical[21] leaders will now include three of the most prominent NAR Leadership: Chuck Pierce heir apparent (see the last Plumbline[22]), Dutch Sheets who appears to be third in line to the throne (if no palace intrigue occurs), and Cindy Jacobs, (the most prominent of all the prophets and prophetess (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders[23]).[24] At the rally on the Lincoln monument the 7 Mountains Scheme of Dominion will be publicly prayed.[25]

How was this all arranged? It appears that Janet Porter herself had the leading role. It took place at Cindy Jacobs “Convergence 2010: A Cry To Awaken A Nation.”[26] All the NAR heavies were there[27], including Peter Wagner, Lance Wallnau (who only lectures on 7 Mountains Dominionism), Ed Silvoso, and Jim Garlow[28] (recently appointed to Newt Gingrich’s Renewing American Leadership (ReAL) organization[29]). During the conference Porter prayed publicly[30] that God would grant control of the media. She suggested taking over CBS and renaming it the Christian Broadcasting System. It appears that the media is the first of the Seven Mountains to be conquered for the kingdom. Where will this leave CBN, TNN and God TV which now reaches 212 countries? In passing, Cindy Jacobs did not disappoint the conference thrill seekers. She told of the Seraphim coming into her room and catching it on fire.[31]

But, before the MAY DAY 2010 conference, a Freedom Federation Summit is scheduled for April 15, National Tax Day and hosted by Liberty University.[32] This will be a more overtly political event. Many political operatives will be there, including our own Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (Republican candidate wannabe), Governor Perry of Texas, the newly elected Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli (Virginia Attorney General attempting to block health care reform), Newt Gingrich, Gary Bauer, Neocon Frank Gaffney, Ann Graham Lotz, and of course Jonathan Falwell. But significantly in the list of dignitaries invited for the very first time are Lou Engle[33], Rick Joyner,[34] and Lance Wallnau, an “apostle” promoting the 7 Mountains Dominion teaching.[35] Also listed are Cindy Jacobs, Bishop Harry Jackson (touted as a “modern day Martin Luther King”[36]), and Samuel Rodriguez[37], all NAR Apostles. Sarah Palin, having been prayed for by an Apostle named Thomas Muthee in Alaska regarding the 7 Mountains scheme, will be there in spirit.[38]

All of this will give the NAR a respected place in Christian Right and national politics. But the agenda of NAR goes beyond social values and politics. This agenda is to infiltrate, to dominate. Samuel Rodriguez is an apostle who is also a passionate speaker/orator. He heads Wagner’s National Christian Hispanic Leadership Council and has also been invited to the Freedom Federation Summit at Liberty University April 15. Speaking earlier at a Rick Joyner’s Oak Initiative gathering at Fort Mill, with great emphasis, Rodriguez rallied the crowd asserting that the Oak Initiative, Joyner’s political action group, is “the New Jerusalem and also Washington DC. We will mobilize for cultural reformation, not just engagement. We will not be held hostage by a donkey or an elephant.” How better to express the Dominion Mandate.[39]

Rachel Tabachnick commented:

“Imagine for a moment that a very large block of the evangelical world decided to reorganize into a hierarchy somewhat like the Roman Catholic Church with leaders (Apostles) in authority over each nation, region and city….

Peter Wagner has streamlined this ideology and named it the NAR. Wagner is the presiding apostle of the ICA which includes 40 nations and prayer warrior community networks in all 50 states and worldwide.”[40]

The merging of Christian Right Politics and Apostolic/Prophetic Dominionism is a giant leap forward for the Dominion Mandate they espouse. “Apostle”

Jim Laffoon has written:

“Have you ever wondered why we have spent two thousand years reaching the the same nations OVER and OVER and OVER again? It’s because we’ve only set the goal of reaching them, and not understanding what it is to rule them… Before it is all done, God will give us hundreds of Apostles and Prophets… for they will equip the greatest army of professionals… the world has ever seen…. We believe that the Kingdom of God can come upon the earth as it is in heaven… We believe we will produce a generation that will not only reach but rule. We are called to change history. We are called to produce a generation that will rule. I believe one day we will leave our children Nations and Regions and Continents.”[41]

The Truth:

“A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” (Jeremiah 5:30-31)

*See, The Coalescing of the Christian Right with Apostolic Dominionism, for a list of references and links which are invaluable to this topic.

13 comments on “The Coalescing of the Christian Right with Apostolic Dominionism

  1. Thank You for posting this article, PJ. 🙂

  2. I will have to read this closely.

    The recent “Covenant of Civility”, last week’s hot air — I actually located it, read it and looked over it’s list of signers. Most of the signers were “the usual suspects”, but one name stuck out for me. If he’s who I think he is, he’s a local (sort of, next city over) guy. My wife was involved with his church for a while. He’s one of C. Peter Wagner’s list of apostles (“honorary life member” — I didn’t know the office of apostle was something you could leave or retire from), per my wife, does not believe in original sin, and is now somehow involved with the NAE.


  3. […] / Sola Dei Gloria – The Coalescing of the Christian Right with Apostolic Dominionism – Someone has finally recognize the lethal strange fire mixture of the Christian Right to the […]

  4. Wow! It seems like a lot of Christians have put their faith in America. When Obama came into office alot of Christians are coming out of the woodwork showing their true colors. I hope that God will open their eyes to see that Jesus brings the change. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me. He brings joy, peace, love and happiness amidst all trials. I can not comprehend why christians are caught up in hate and politics.

    Indira – 1/2 Cheyenne Indian 🙂

  5. In 1 John 2:15-17 John commands the believers to not love the world nor the things in the world. In 1 John 2:18 he gives the reason why: the world is governed and energized by the spirit of antichrist. In 1 John 2:19, John shows that those of the spirit of antichrist have come from within the Church. Two very powerful verses for the Church today.


  6. I’m so glad to see this subject addressed. There is so obviously a satanic agenda in the theology behind Dominionism. Those behind this movement have to twist scripture in order to make it work for them.
    In John 18:36 Jesus said “…My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would have fought that I might not be delivered up to the Jews. But now My kingdom is not from here.”
    We who are pilgrims and sojourners, as was Abraham, understand that this world is not our home, Hebrews 11:8-10.
    Jesus said He will build His Church. This is an unseen nation which is scattered world-wide, soon to be called up to Him in the Rapture when the Body of Christ is complete, the last person to be added to His Body.
    Those involved with Dominionism are building on the wrong foundation as defined in Matthew 7.

  7. Great Article, PJ. I agree with Indira too many people are putting their faith in America, politics and power. I love America and still believe it is a great country but we must be careful not to make America an idol.There are to be no idols before God, that includes things that we hold close to our hearts like family, possessions and even our coutry.

  8. Just wanted to add another “amen” to this fantastic post!

    I see a few have expressed one of my “isms”…. You neither have to be an American to be a Christian, nor a Christian to be an American.

    Galatians 3:27-29
    27for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    Grace and peace be with you.

  9. Last night while surfing the news channels i was surprised to come upon a segment on one of the meetings mentioned in the article,

    But, before the MAY DAY 2010 conference, a Freedom Federation Summit is scheduled for April 15, National Tax Day and hosted by Liberty University.[32] This will be a more overtly political event. Many political operatives will be there, including our own Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (Republican candidate wannabe), Governor Perry of Texas, the newly elected Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli (Virginia Attorney General attempting to block health care reform), Newt Gingrich, Gary Bauer, Neocon Frank Gaffney, Ann Graham Lotz, and of course Jonathan Falwell. But significantly in the list of dignitaries invited for the very first time are Lou Engle[33], Rick Joyner,[34] and Lance Wallnau, an “apostle” promoting the 7 Mountains Dominion teaching.[35]

    Also listed are Cindy Jacobs….

    Remember this clip is from a secular news show, but what was interesting [to me] was the fact that Cindy Jacob’s and Lou Engel presence with “Many political operatives” was deemed “interesting news” or news-worthy.

    What i mean is it should make us pause and think when secular news sources see things that the majority of those inside the Church don’t!

    (again, this is from a secular cable news program, so don’t expect it to be “Christ centered”)

    *Its starts about 2 1/2 -3 minutes into the clip

  10. PJ thank you for posting this info.

    Whoa!!. This is one piece of very disturbing news. I support “in principle”, Liberty Counsel’s stand to oppose Health Care Reform on the grounds of it being Constitutional (coerced health care and the threat of fines for “non-compliance”). I can’t however, “get” with the extra curricular “theo-political” motives and maneuvering.

    On a side note: Does anyone else get the sense that Rachel Maddow is a feminized “clone” of Keith Olbermann? 😉

    Thank God for His grace,Word, and measure of faith given that I might rely upon Him rather than men.

    Again my gratitude for you sharing this story and as always…

    Grace and peace be with you.

  11. […] The Coalescing of the Christian Right with Apostolic Dominionism […]

  12. Excellent! I am also researching the New Apostolic Reformation and their ties to Gov. Perry and Rep. Bachmann. Their agenda is wide ranging and dangerous. I find it sobering and yet concerning that the major media oultets aren’t seriously pursuing these people. Also, what is the significance of the Book of Joel? I will be checking it out soon.

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