American Mary Group Unveils Design for World’s Tallest Monument

“(The) symbolism of goddess adoration is vital to understanding our society’s obsession with goddess worship and the occult in general. In our attempt as Christians to comprehend the roots of the New Age movement, we must be aware that Satan has tirelessly thrust the deities of ancient Egypt upon mankind for thousands of years. Ultimately though, it doesn’t really matter if “she” is called Isis, Diana, Virtus, Cybele, Rhea, or Mother Mary, the concept is always the same–the lifting up of a pagan goddess as a replacement for the true God” – Isis: “Queen of Heaven” by Carl Teichrib


The Association for the Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary today unveils new architectural plans for the pro-life shrine and great triumphal arch, at 700 feet tall to be the world’s tallest monument, which the Association was formed to build in 2001.

Mary’s Arch of Triumph will point towards the “fundamental transformation’ that America and the world truly need–a change of hearts and minds, more than of laws. It will sound a global signal call to repentance and conversion, renewed faith in God, and respect for human life from conception to natural death.

Originating with a dream, this great spiritual undertaking quickly gained worldwide support among Mary’s faithful, and has been approved by many Catholic pro-life leaders, including Fr. Frank Pavone, Fr. John Corapi, Mrs. Judie Brown, Dr. John Willke, and Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

The project evokes Mary’s revelations at Fatima on July 13, 1917, “God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart,” and that, “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph . . . and an era of peace will be granted to the world.”

This great arch hails this coming triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. It will be 700 feet tall because seven is the biblical number of perfection, and Mary represents the perfection of humanity because of her humble obedience to God.

The Association is raising funds (projected cost: $85 to $100,000,000) through its Web site www.archoftriumph.org and a mail campaign, and is searching for a site in the Diocese of Buffalo, NY where the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, entered America triumphantly on December 8, 1947 when “200,000 people lined the streets and welcomed Our Lady” see History page at http://www.pilgrimvirginstatue.com.

Mary’s gloroius Arch of Triumph of is destined quickly to become an international icon, boldly though silently proclaiming the dignity and sanctity of human life, born and unborn, and extolling the oft-neglected virtues of purity, faith and obedience to God.

8 comments on “American Mary Group Unveils Design for World’s Tallest Monument

  1. Many many years ago my husband and I were at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church when it struck us that there was this huge huge image of “Mary” in the church. We were thinking why was Mary so exalted above Jesus. Those were the beginning of our coming out days. What an incredible delusion we were under. That is until the Holy Spirit began to reveal truth to us as we began to read the bible. Also during our coming out stage, I remember going to a bookstore and looking at books about Marian apparitions, wanting to see what the apparitions were saying. I wanted to know if the apparitions that we were so deeply into were from God or not. I remember reading that one Mary apparition requested that a shrine be built in her honor. I knew enough of the bible at that point to discern that NO these apparitions were not from God because the request contradicted scripture. Another thing that led to my/our deliverance was when I/we read that the apparitions if Mary were proclaiming that all religions were good. We knew that wasn’t true. Little did we know then that we had only touched the tip of the iceberg …

  2. Good word Cathy.I too was delivered from these false teachings.One verse at a time,the knowledge of the truth sets us free.I can tell by your testimony that you would compare whatever you were taught to the light of God’s Word.That is true,biblical discernment.I wish more people would do the same.

  3. Being raised a Roman Catholic, a devoted altar boy & recruited for the priesthood, it is somewhat difficult for those outside such a faith tradition to identify with if raised in an American, Protestant Evangelical faith tradition. After all, being a ‘Protestant’ whether high or low one that professes a complete repudiation of Papal Roman authority, claims, theology, etc.

    I had a personal encounter with Jesus after a rather remarkable automobile accident, but when He revealed Himself to me it was strangely devoid of any religious context whether Catholic, Protestant or otherwise. My personal experience did include a Holy Spirit prompting one Sunday at Mass about 6 months later that called me out of the Catholic Church worship expression. But that call was personal, did not have anything to do with doctrines or traditions, & neither condemned nor affirmed Catholic/Protestant faith expressions. My maternal family almost all Catholic with many very devout & faithful believers. I was a dramatic exception since I ceased attending Catholic services & gravitated toward Protestant Charismatic Pentecostal Evangelical faith expressions. I consider myself “undenominational” though with no loyalties to any one set of doctrinal must believe lists. I care little for the doctrinal battles/posturing others seem to thrive on. My goal simply to be a disciple following Jesus & allowing His transformation to make me a blessing to more & more people I come into contact with on a daily basis. I am no apologist nor champion of theological themes. It is true though that by their fruit you will know them. And God will work in & thru any humble vessel regardless of faith tradition+expression.

    • Joseph, The problem with would you are practicing becomes that without a doctrinal framework, you have no way to tell which teachings or practices are coming from God and which are coming from demons. The scripture instructs us to “test the spirits”, but how can we “test the spirits” without some sort of theological framework? Without doctrine, what would keep one from drifting right out of Christianity itself and into Buddhism or some other form of religious expression? The Bible itself repeatedly emphasizes the importance of doctrine in scripture after scripture. In light of that, how can you claim it is not important and still profess to be a Christian?

  4. As early as 200AD, the Roman church was beginning its decent into papism and paganistic mythology. In 199AD, Tertullian, a pillar of doctrinal orthodoxy within the Roman church, defected to the Montanist cult, and in the wake of that event the Roman church began its drift to where it finds itself today. Interestingly to me, Tertullian’s departure from the church of Rome involved in part his discomfort with the path that Rome was already taking. The following is a quote from Tertullian before he joined forces with the Montanists. NOTE the way he treats Mary in this excerpt. He does not elevate her in any special way other than as a fellow faithful believer. This was almost certainly the prevailing view within the Roman church at the time it was written by Turtullian. But the Roman heirarchs of that day were almost certainly already bent on introducing new, novel and heretical doctrines to the Roman church. This “great and glorious” statue of Mary is the fruit of this doctrinal corruption.

    “For it was while Eve was yet a virgin, that the ensnaring word had crept into her ear which was to build the edifice of death. Into a virgin’s soul, in like manner, must be introduced that Word of God which was to raise the fabric of life; so that what had been reduced to ruin by this sex, might by the selfsame sex be recovered to salvation. As Eve had believed the serpent, so Mary believed the angel. The delinquency which the one occasioned by believing, the other by believing effaced.  But (it will be said) Eve did not at the devil’s word conceive in her womb. Well, she at all events conceived; for the devil’s word afterwards became as seed to her that she should conceive as an outcast, and bring forth in sorrow.  Indeed she gave birth to a fratricidal devil; whilst Mary, on the contrary, bare one who was one day to secure salvation to Israel, His own brother after the flesh, and the murderer of Himself. God therefore sent down into the virgin’s womb His Word, as the good Brother, who should blot out the memory of the evil brother. Hence it was necessary that Christ should come forth for the salvation of man, in that condition of flesh into which man had entered ever since his condemnation.” – Tertullian

  5. George: one of the major implications regarding your statement is how you couch the concept of teachings from God vs. demons. No where did you mention the teachings of men which Jesus addressed on more than one occasion. Scripture, along with theological constructs & doctrinal statements, subject to abuse as much as any degree of disbelief or even misguided conviction. There is no danger of drifting from Christianity to Buddhism as they are as different as apples & oranges. What you seem more concerned about from your posting is the different apple varieties of Christianity. You may indeed be convinced your apple variety far superior to those other heirloom varieties. But your apple variety simply a cloned one that has been passed down from some historical bud sport. You may champion it, enjoy its unique characteristics, but really, all those other apple varieties still feeding those that eat from their particular faith expression tree. I am sure the Good Lord much more interested in our behavior than our theological technical issues, or as Jesus put it, “…not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen…” minutiae. I think there is more fear bred & promulgated about right doctrinal stances than Jesus ever intended. Just my own conclusion after ~36 years of being a disciple. I believe the unfortunate condition of those “teachers of the law” the same today as in Jesus’ day. Christians still miss Him as they dissect ever finer elements of exegesis, even to the point of making Him into an idol of their own making. Intellectual adherence to a set of doctrinal issues not the measure of a true disciple. And really, if your life is not a living epistle to those unaware of the doctrinal wrangling in the Master Gardener’s Apple Orchard, then your so-called doctrinal purity of no earthly good. If your personal conviction does inspire you to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, invite in strangers, clothe the naked, visit the sick & imprisoned, to look after orphans & widows in their distress & you keep yourself from being polluted by the world, you are to be commended. All those other doctrinal issues will not get you a pat on the back by Jesus when you finally get to see Him face-to-face…

    • Ahh! Joseph … So you DO believe in doctrine, just not the “doctrines of men”! Good for you! I AGREE with you. It IS important to distinguish between the two. My concern with your earlier post was that it seemed like you were dissing doctrine (teaching) all together. Now that you have clarified things I think we are really pretty close to being on the same track. I also agree that the purpose of doctrine is for correction IN LOVE AND HUMILITY, not for use as a stick to abuse people with. AND I also agree with you that even perfected doctrine that is not lived out in our lives is equivalent to the “faith that is dead” that James points out. God bless you brother! Thanks for setting me straight! – George

  6. George: not at all dissing doctrine for the sake of helping with theological definitions & such. I simply abhor the unfortunate habit of some overly zealous types that point out those doctrinal motes in other believer’s eyes & using such measurements as their standard of who is in the Christian Club & who is out…

    We are not in disagreement over anything regarding doctrine. But doctrine is not a substitute for faith or the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer as transformation+fruitfulness trumps doctrinal must-believe-this-way lists. I think the Lord’s working in the lives of people broader than the narrowest of doctrinal points, but that is my opinion & not gospel… 😉

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