That’s “Dr.” Glenn Beck, thanks to Liberty University

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Saturday morning in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University conveyed an honorary doctorate in humanities and scientists on Mormon conservative media heavyweight Glenn Beck.

Breaking into his trademark tears, Beck told the stadium of 8,000 Liberty University grads and 20,000 friends and family members, “as a man who was never able to go to college—I went for one semester but I couldn’t afford any more than that—I am humbled and honored.”

Beck immediately offered an apology of sorts for his Mormonism, saying that it was an act of “courage” for the fundamentalist Baptist Liberty University to invite him to speak and that he understood it was “not meant as an endorsement of my faith,”..

Beck concluded his thirty minute address with a bombastic pageant of scripture-scented aphorisms including “Life is hard then it gets harder then you die,” “always tithe,” and “shoot to kill.”

(such pearls of wisdom)

8 comments on “That’s “Dr.” Glenn Beck, thanks to Liberty University

  1. I remain convinced that no college or university should ever award an honorary degree that exceeds the actual level attained by the recipient.

    I, therefore, could receive an honorary bachelor’s degree. Go ahead and give my wife an honorary master’s. Doctorates should not be handed out to people whose highest educational level is high school diploma.

    After all, giving these things out to people who haven’t earned them tends to result in rank idiots running around calling themselves “doctor.” (Rush Limbaugh comes to mind.) Considering how anti-intellectual and anti-education Beck is, putting such an honor in his hands is beyond foolish.

    Good job, Liberty U.

  2. Wow, so Glenn Beck now has an honorary doctorate next to his name, that will ensure he gets into Heaven then?? sigh!

    I think I’ll just stick to the letters that fit after my own name thanks…..SOTLG!
    Servant of the Living God. There is no higher honour methinks. 😉

    • This obviously has nothing to do with “academic achievement”. Instead, its a really stark indication that Liberty U values political correctness over spiritual correctness. I almost suspect the day will come when they regret doing this. Knowing these people and what they profess to believe, I can’t believe their consciences have allowed them to go through with it. Its all tied together with Dominionism and Apostasy, subjects we have been discussing around here at length lately. But God is not mocked. These sorts of indiscretions will have a price. Don’t be surprised if bad things happen at Liberty U in the days ahead.

  3. Welcome to our world. Anyone who believes that all the good things that happen to people in this world are due to merit is seriously deluded. This whole world system operates on a basis of people using people and this principle extends deeply into the church. But hey, I thank God that He does not operate on a principle of merit either in His relationship with us. What we receive from Him is of exceedingly greater value than the paper than Glenn Beck, the Mormon, got from Liberty U. And that paper was not an expression of grace as is what God grants us as believers, but simply an expression of people using people. Liberty U perceives Glenn Beck as somebody on their side, so they provide him with a little temporal reward. A sort of “atta boy” to let people know that they value his services. Thats how life in this world works. Kinda makes you thirst for the Kingdom that is NOT of this world, doesn’t it? And that IS a good thing!

  4. ““as a man who was never able to go to college—I went for one semester but I couldn’t afford any more than that…”

    I’ve heard him say this a lot and have always found it to be…interesting. Glenn Beck is two years younger than me and yet I was able to get my bachelor’s degree in the early 80s. If I remember correctly, he has said that the fact that his father made too much money (owned a business) affected his ability to get student loans.

    I came from a lower income family and my father died after my senior year in high school, but I knew people from higher income families who had absolutely no problem getting student loans. After my first year in college I was awarded a three year Army ROTC scholarship that paid for tuition, fees, books and a small monthly stipend. I spent the final two years as a resident assitant in one of the dorms which paid housing, food and another small monthly stipend. Due to these two things I was able to graduate with a very small student loan debt.

    Two of my older sisters became LPNs (1 year program), another sister went back to school in her late twenties and got a bachelor’s degree and masters, another sister went back in her thirties went back and is in the process of finishing her bachelors degree this year (last two sisters had kids when they went back to school). And yet, Glenn couldn’t go to school because he couldn’t afford it. I have one brother who started school, quit and moved to California – he’s VERY successful due to his drive and intelligence…but he never claims he couldn’t afford to go to school…it just wasn’t for him.

    According to my research, he had his first child in 1988 at the age of 24 (past the age of graduation for “normal” college students). So, that’s probably wasn’t an issue…wasn’t for two of my sisters.

    I went to a small college in a small state, so my tuition was fairly low compared to, say
    University of Washington. But if a person can’t afford the tuition at a “big” school, they should find a smaller one to go to…if they truly want a degree.

    In the last thirty years, there have been ways to pay for college…it might take student loans, or a contract with the military, but it could be done. I’m going back to college now and have found no problems getting student loans…there are just people who want to go to school and not have to pay for it (I had a cousin in the 1970s who refused to go unless her dad paid for it…didn’t happen).

    Beck is just trying to make a play on people’s sympathy and people fall for it hook, line, and sinker. He couldn’t afford school? More likely that he wasn’t cut out for it or didn’t have a true desire to make it happen…nothing wrong with either of those scenarios – my brother did quite well.

    Just kind of irritates me when he’s being so disingenuous about it.

    • “If I remember correctly, he has said that the fact that his father made too much money (owned a business) affected his ability to get student loans.”

      Hmmm … I wonder how a statement like that could possibly fit into his political agenda? His father was “too wealthy” for him to be able to get a student loan, but not “wealthy enough” to be able to afford him an education. Those are the kinds of assertions that make people’s blood boil. Wonder if thats the point? I agree completely with Mark. There is something VERY disingenuous about this. Two year community colleges abound in our nation and they are very inexpensive and were far more inexpensive when Glenn Beck was in his student years. I rode a school bus 120 miles a day round trip in order to attend a public community college because my parents couldn’t afford anything more. BUT I WANTED TO GET AN EDUCATION. Its truly amazing what people believe when they really want to believe something.

  5. Yes, George, I am very thirsty for the Kingdom of God whose ways are so contrary and so opposite and so foolish to the ways of the world. Expedient alliances, “using” people, wanting a piece of the pie of this world’s influence structures, flattery to manipulate, and seeking honor of men should repulse those born from above. I think this may be contributing to the love of many growing cold especially toward one another. I am not exempt, but at least I am alarmed and grieved and seeking to return to a hot and tender affection toward Jesus and His kin.

  6. From a cursory look at the Liberty U web site, it seems that they are not even accredited to award REAL PhDs. I don’t believe that a school should be able to hand out honorary degrees that they cannot even bestow the real version of.

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