In Stock: Bible that Mixes Religion & Politics

The title of this post is the exact title of an email I received from American Vision yesterday. Has the Church in America fallen so far into the depths of apostasy that to promote something like this is considered a ‘good thing’? Apparently so…

From the email (also posted online)

This is the most Revolutionary edition of the Bible ever produced because it mixes Religion and Politics… A proper reading and application of God’s Word prevents Tyranny and gives birth to Liberty.

This edition also includes the following historical documents, which are based upon Biblical principles:

*The Magna Carta
*The Mayflower Compact
*The Declaration of Independence
*The Articles of Confederation
*The Constitution of the United States
*Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
*Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior

The publication and promulgation of the 1599 Geneva Bible will help restore America’s rich Christian heritage and reclaim the culture for Christ.” – Dr. D. James Kennedy, Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

I sadly have nothing more to add…


Dominionists Taking Over Government

Rand Paul and the Influence of Christian Reconstructionism


5 comments on “In Stock: Bible that Mixes Religion & Politics

  1. I read somewhere that this sort of thing has happened before as was noted at the end.

    King James protested the use of the Geneva Bible for the same sort of reasons. The King James Bible did not come with “notes of explanation” or played up individual responsibility before God which was an apparent threat to King James and his perceived sovereign rule over his subjects, a form of the sin of the Nicolaitans. The Geneva Bible had common language notes and explanations of verses along the lines of Philip being used by the Holy Spirit to help the Ethiopian Eunuch understand what he was reading.

    Having not read any of this latest, most comprehensive Bible/Topical Political book, it seems we might just be coming around to the need to make the plain what the Bible teaches, again?

    However, if there are hooks in them there trees so that many are drawn away from True fellowship with God and the Holy Christian Church in these days, then beware.

    Sometimes we read things so as to come into a better understanding of what the Devil’s schemes really sound and feel like so as to stay away from the traps and pitfalls that come with the schemes.

  2. I’ve seen good things written about the Tolle Lege edition of the Geneva Bible. That said, “eeech!”, shame on American Vision, shame on Tolle Lege for this. There does not appear to be much of the real Pilgrim (in the Hebrews 11:13 sense) mindset.

    Following links around a bit, it looks like Gary DeMar is into the “Christian America” thing in a bigger way than I had thought. Nevertheless, I doubt he has anything to do with the NAR dominionistas.

    • I’m also subscribed to American Vision, and a lot of times I cringe hard when I see the political ideologies they are promoting, including (groan) World Net Daily articles. I would agree that Gary DeMar doesn’t seem to be aligned in any way with the NAR. In my opinion, it’s his postmillennial beliefs which have left him open to the idea that America can be Christianized as it allegedly once was (or nearly was, or whatever) in the past. These days, though, nationalism is really running rampant at American Vision.

      This is all very unfortunate because I’ve greatly appreciated certain articles and resources made available through American Vision. There have been some excellent treatments of dispensationalism (showing it to be false), and great teachings on the Olivet Discourse. I also remember one very good video PJ linked to in a post in which DeMar refuted the idea that there are two peoples of God (Israel and the Church) in this present age. It’s because of resources like these that I have retained my email subscription to American Vision.

  3. Isn’t DeMar obviously classic Reconstructionist/Christian Patriot? Of course he’s not NAR, but the underlying dominion mandate is basically the same, and distracts “christians” to the same emphasis on wordly power structures and means=entanglements with the world system. Dominionism either way–patriotic cessationist or NAR mystical–I believe is aberrent and will lead ultimately to the harlot church. Another dangerous thing about it is that, because the “cause” is so important, and the drive to fulfill the dominion mandate is so consuming, it always eventually leads to pragmatic unholy alliances.
    Dominionism is much more widespread than the NAR. pj has linked many times to the article by Sarah Leslie which I recommend you read, and the stuff by Al Dager. Beware: dominionism, christian patriot, reclaiming our nation or culture or country, the puritan “city on a hill” utopian dream, neo-calvinism “common grace” all are subtle distractions and error. Many very “nice” and sincere and good people in those streams, but I do not want to feed on their teachings. Please read the recent article on the merging of the christian right and NAR which pj linked here recently.

    • ….the article by Sarah Leslie…

      Believe you may be thinking of this one Vicki:

      Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism

      You’re right, i have linked to it a number of times. It’s one of the best articles i’ve come across concerning not only dominionism itself, but how the ‘dominionist mind-set’ is deeply ingrained in American beliefs.

      I hope everyone reads it 🙂

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