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More concerning Janet Porter

Seems her program was also dropped by Brannon Howse (Worldview Radio)


I’ve become concerned as I think we are parting company in the important area of theology and doctrine. So we had to pull the program.

A lot of this came to light after the May Day event that took place in Washington DC.

Those were some of the groups, I believe, that were represented at the May Day event – some folks who believe in Dominion theory, Kingdom theology and those who believe in extra-Biblical revelations. So, for that reason, I could not take part and the more I saw on the internet with some of the folks, the more I felt we needed to separate ourselves from that, particularly because it was confusing the public.

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One comment on “More concerning Janet Porter

  1. Well that is two media programmes now who have shown they possess christian integrity. May more and more have the courage to follow suit. God bless these broadcasters for being more concerned about truth than popularity.

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